UPDATED: The good news is that John McCain has great insurance.  He has the Lavish PPO that congress took for themselves while sticking you with Obamacare. If you proletariat got this tumor, your Obamacare Death Panels would kick in. With McCain he has an unlimited free PPO and he can go for treatment anywhere. You would be going to Hospice or signing up for euthanasia services. Obamacare will pay to off you. JOHN MCCAIN GLIOBLASTOMA MULTIFORME BRAIN TUMOR LAST MEAN DAYS.

Similar in a way to Rand Paul, I’m a physician surgeon. Unlike Paul, I study the genetics of cancer. If you are faint of heart of spineless better skip this article.



There is no point in McCain clinging to power. His thinking may become irrational and he could and will suffer confusion. He needs to call it quits and put his life affairs in final order. To a great extent because of John McCain and politicians at large, we have no cure for his cancer. He is terminal. 


John McCain was into funding CIA WARS not medical research:

36 Year in the senate and McCain has done little else than kill people. I would suggest this was pretty short sighted.  Bush didn’t help either by pouring cold water on the study of stem cells.  He did that because he wanted the religious right vote. Cancers for your information Johnny boy and George are  stems cells. Bush really slowed us down with this moronic stem cell policy and Johnny voted right along with him.


I am not talking about Government Research when I say fund research.

I am talking about contracting and funding private research. Government’s trillion dollar labs have never cured a single disease or invented a single medicine. Look at how slow they were with the Human Genome Project. If left to government it would never have been completed. Instead it was completed in a matter of several years because private enterprises with new ideas figured out how to speed up the process and complete the project in record time and at a fraction of the cost claimed by government. Then again Johnny Boy loves Big Government solutions especially CIA wars.


Imagine a smarter America not the dumb American politician America we live in now:

What America should have been doing all these years instead of spending Trillions in Iraq and burning down the Middle East, was to spend a messily 5 Billion to develop and use a technique call RNA interference (RNAi) to discover cancer cells genetic vulnerabilities. RNAi  as a mechanism to suppress gene expression in an effort to discover cancer genome vulnerabilities.

You see in cancer the kill switch is turned off by mutation. Normal cells are all programmed to die. This is apoptosis.  Cancer cell mutations turn off the kill switch code and those mutations become immortal. With RNAi we attempt to click on and click off various gene expressions that might kill those cells selectively.


Pfizer and a few other organizations are working on this on their own without government funding. Its very slow progress. Millions  of coded segments need to be analyzed.

Then again it was that White House genius Trump that complained that price controls should be placed on Pharmaceutical firms. That was a McCain policy as well. Hillary Clinton thought the same. Yeah that’s right let’s kill their research by turning them into Government controlled entities.  Let’s kill the brainpower of private enterprise in favor of AMTRAK Government controlled pharmaceutical companies. That is how all these nitwits think. Yet medicines have always been the most cost effective way to treat diseases.

But Politicians only see the contingent screaming masses that want something for nothing. Thus the end user not the creators of those medicine miracles are praised and rewarded by politicians. Politicians praise those that distribute food to the poor but punish the farmer who grows the food. Yet there could be no liberal gifts of food without that Capitalist independent farmer that grows it. Yet each year Politicians ban fungicides like Methyl Bromide and pesticides like DDT that allowed those farms to create their abundance.

The Federal government is now shooting ranchers banning irrigation and directly damaging the family farms in America as if these people are criminals. It is sickening that some green zealot living in Chicago or SFO claims to  know more about the stewardship of the land and seas than the Farmer and Fisherman that have dedicated their lives to the production of America’s abundance.


The same is True with medicine.

Since Obamacare 75% of all private doctors offices have closed. There is no more Marcus Welby. Government ran them out of business with their insurance company monopolies.  Stark Laws stopped all doctors from expanding service to their patients such as X-rays and in-house labs and local surgical centers. In states like Florida and Virginia, they tax doctor licenses on behalf of INSURANCE COMPANIES who enjoy the windfall. Malpractice insurance rates have never declined. Jeb Bush’s largest contributors were Insurance Companies.


Now with the new Government war on Opioids, it is almost impossible for doctors to prescribe adequate pain medicines to patients. Some government bureaucrat decides and punishes doctors that don’t comply.

Each year now doctors have to take worthless government sponsored classes in learning the new laws prohibiting the writing of pain medications put together by some bureaucrat that never treated a patient in their lives.  States like Florida are making non-scheduled Federal drugs into scheduled drugs in the state. I point to Esgic as one such drug. Esgic has no known association with any harm to a single patient. The Federal and State governments are smothering these doctors.

Thanks to Obamacare, Hospitals now distribute primary care services as a commodity. This is just the first step in the depersonalized single payer socialist nightmare. Hospitals get better reimbursements than independent doctors. Hospitals can self refer through their employee doctors. Doctors are prohibited from this in private practice. I is the politicians war on Doctors. Since Obamacare, life expectancy in America has declined for the first time in US History.


How RNAi works:

What we do with RNAi Mr. McCain is scour the cancer genome in an attempt to find cancer vulnerabilities. If we had a government with a brain instead of The Bush Family, Clinton and Obama, and now Trump, we could have likely defeated metastatic cancer by now. Instead we are no better at stage 4 cancer then we were in the 1970’s.  Stopping metastatic cancer would have cured 90% of all cancers. But we had to spend $6 trillion in Iraq. How insane. And you Mr. McCain wanted the USA in there for 100 years or more. 36 years in office as a US Senator and you never thought once about the plight of others facing cancer. But you never met a war you didn’t love.


CRISPR is a gene splicing technique. It was invented in the USA but CHINA is now leading and is already using it on human cancer subjects. Click here for our story on this.

The US delay was to seek US Government Regulatory Approval.  There you go again. The government bureaucrat had to approve the approach. A group of bureaucrats that could not and did not conceive of this technology were given the final word on its approval.  That is like asking idiots to approve what you put into your sandwich. Though Mrs. Obama was doing that as I recall. And she was way the hell off base scientifically and every other way. I am sicker of stupid politicians than Jamie Dimon who exploded last week with his own rant on how they destroy the economy.


The University of Pennsylvania Ah Wharton where the really really smart guy went… plans to genetically alter a patient’s immune system to target genetically marked cancer cells. China is already using CRISPR technology on patients.


Thanks to Obamacare the entire semiconductor industry left for China and they took R&D with them. They won’t be back Trump! GE and Siemens took their medical imaging businesses to China along with R&D. Obamacare taxed medical devices. What morons we have in government.


Back to McCain’s Glioblastoma.

The problem with the Glioblastoma is that it is isolated behind the blood brain barrier. Glios don’t metastasize they just grow wildly in a closed space. They are like an octopus that digs in deep testicles and it grows in a closed space destroying the brain with pressure.


McCain needs to resign, get his affairs in order and see if he can move the regulatory idiots to allowing him an experimental treatment if he qualifies.


McCain’s brain tumor is terminal.

It is similar to the Teddy Kennedy tumor. If McCain has a Bcl2Like12 gene expression in his tumor which is highly likely, he might consider an experimental treatment. McCain likely has at most five to six months but probably less.

Alexander H. Stegh of Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine teamed with nano-engineer Chad Mirkin, a chemistry professor in the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences at Northwestern and created a novel treatment for Glioblastoma. I have news for you, Northwestern is not the center of the genetic cancer universe but sometimes the brightest ideas come from off the beaten path. Why? Because natural genius doesn’t gravitate to the realm of big Government bureaucracies. Smart people follow their own pathways.


Stegh noticed that 90% of Glio tumors expressed the Bcl2Like12 gene.

He wanted to use RNAi to kill the gene’s expression. But the problem was getting the RNAi through the blood brain barrier. That is where Mirkin came in and packaged the RNA in small spheres around a charged gold nanoparticle. This particle was small enough to pass the blood brain barrier into the brain and react with the Glioblastoma Multiforme cells interfering with their gene expression. He couldn’t reach all the cells which is a mathematical problem of kill rate which can be solved eventually.


Mirkin named his nanotechnology RNA si the “s” is for small.

I love collaborations of this kind. It shows that home grown genius is everywhere. But government has continued to undermine and destroy forward progress on important things in favor of wars that seemingly never end. It is ironic that John McCain big government war monger who directed trillion of dollars to be spent on war, was so stupid he neglected the generic research into cancer stem cells. Now those cells are going to take his life.

This RNA si treatment did in fact kill tumor cells that it penetrated. The question then becomes kill rate and stopping upregulators. My interest is in stopping upregulators. I think that can be done with interval dosing. However I imagine that not all Glio cells express this gene vulnerability since this is Multiforme so chemo and radiation would likely also be necessary to kill other cells in the tumor matrix.


Stegh and Mirkin deserve an enormous amount of credit for their imagination and clear thinking. I will never give Trump or any politician the same credit. Pioneers and genius build the country up and Politicians destroy it. 


Look at the great TRUMP!

Trump Fired his Surgeon General because he didn’t “like him.”

Another thing… Trump knows nothing about is Medicine. Trumpcrapcare proves that in spades. Every time he opens his mouth about it, stupid flows out. He’s trying to finish off the Medical Profession that Obamacare obliterated. Doctors have been hanging on by a thread in the hopes that Trump would have ended this Obamacare government controlled nightmae. Instead TrumpCrapcare makes it even worse because it gives Government that brought you Amtrak and the Postal Service complete control over medicine in America forever. Medicine will never recover. It is game over for the Doctors. Trump has failed America because he’s stupid.


Insurance companies are in the business of betting against you.

That is how they make money. Yet the Government politicians like Obama and Trump empower and bail out insurance companies while limiting care to the taxpayers who pay for all of it. And then there is the matter of Congress and their lavish free all expenses covered unlimited PPO for life. John McCain has the best insurance taxpayer’s money can buy.

That big government planner Paul Ryan the guy that claims to know everything has plunged the GOP into the present healthcare  mess. The plain truth is that Obamacare and Romneycare were essentially identical. Both intended to kill private sector medicine. They thought doctors who studied for 15 years or more were too highly paid.


I am not sugar coating any of this. McCain is not a nice guy. It is a tough break for him but that’s math. He has done nothing useful in the senate after 36 years. He wanted war now he has a real war on his hands. Be careful what you wish for. The Fates are listening.

God I can’t stand the Trump Kids:

To me this is a great example of waste.  Trump Kids could have gone to any school in the world. Doors would have flown opened.  It took me years to pay off Student loans. Trump kids all had a free ride. They could have done anything. But what have they done with their lives? Nothing. Trump is the same way. He should be an intellectual giant. Instead he has the vocabulary of a Middle schooler. Rich kid syndrome; big mouth; small brain; bully.

Look at Trump’s infrastructure plans. This idiot wants trillions to fill potholes.

The future is not in airports and more roads and bridges. The future is in gigabit and 100 gigabit internet. It is in decentralizing research. It is in letting genius thrive. Trump could have digitized the library of congress and mirrored it globally for all citizens. But that idiot has never read a single book and he’s proud of that fact.

My books were so heavy that I broke the rear springs on my Chevy and burned out the rear pumpkin. But with books in the trunk and covering the back and front seats, nobody ever broke into my car to steal a single book and I often parked in the worst neighborhoods in hellhole America.


Trump doesn’t read so nobody else should read either.

The anti-intellectual Trump shtick is tedious. I never met anyone with a big mouth that had any brains. Look at what he is doing to Medicine in America. You are suffocating doctors for what? For 1% of the population that costs 30% of the healthcare dollar.  You are killing the innovation that fed all global medicine.

Look at all the Socialist Countries that provide medical care to their citizens. Where did they get the medicines. Where did they get the surgical procedures and the machinery of medicine? They got it all from America the only country that had a capitalist system of medicine and free market incentives.

Medicare and Medicaid killed all that greatness. Stark laws destroyed Doctors competing and innovating.  It infused the idiocy of government into medicine. Politicians, the intellectual bottom rung took over.

Government has created a mini dark ages.  Trump is the final destroyer of medicine. He’s no better than Obama.


Meanwhile back with TRUMPCRAPCARE III…

RINOs have stripped out he Cruz Amendment and TRUMPCRAPCARE III is now more OBAMACARE THAN EVER! Trump is trying to push this phony repeal and replace before John McCain drops dead. Trump’s an illiterate moron.


John McCain is in a fix right now.

He had 36 years to comprehend a better America and instead he squandered it all with his endless warmongering which has lead to nothing but more war.  Ross Perot called John McCain one of the most callus persons he ever met.

The streets of New York didn’t become clean by passing laws to clean the streets. They became clean because Henry Ford made cars and trucks affordable and horses stopped crapping in the street because vehicles replaced them. Technology and advancement have lifted up man and given him longer life expectancy. Government has only supplied impediments to growth. Since 1913 under Fed control the dollar has lost 97% of its buying power in 2017! Everything politicians touch they destroy. They are a pandering pickpocketing lot of blithering idiots.


John McCain… the end is near. At best you will have six months at worst three or less.

You and your stupid politics; your pandering to liberal causes has set you up for this final scene. A moronic non-scientist that pushed the insanity of global warming. $5 Billion is all it would have taken to deploy RNA i to the genome of most cancer stem cells. Instead you and your idiot warmongers spend 6 Trillion on Iraq destroying human life that was no threat to any American while killing our own. That was the false flag of weapons of mass destruction. You knew it was a fake. But that doesn’t surprise me.

Remember the false flag Vietnam War another CIA disaster.  Your daddy knew first hand that the Maddox was never fired upon. Yet he kept stoic and silent while 60,000 Americans were butchered in a worthless Civil war. Such evil exists and it is not called heroism.


Finally I will say this without apology.

McCain, you and your RINOs and liberals have turned this country into a warmongering socialist police state. Americas largest export product is weapons that kill people. The bulk of all taxpayer money squandered during your tenure was pushed through the Pentagon to those Nationalized Defense Companies.

Taxpayers paid for the R&D, the cost overrides, the four hundred dollar hammers and all the rest of it. Yet the taxpayer gets none of the Lockheed profits or the Boeing profits on the sale of those weapons to other countries.


What do taxpayers have to show for all of it?

More debt, more recessions. Low pay jobs. Loss of manufacturing and a Congress that writes themselves a lavish all expenses paid PPO for life while you stiff them with government insurance company controlled medical care.  The hand of fate often moves with the wisdom of irony.

Johnny, I will not be seeing you or hearing from you much longer. And I won’t be seeing you in the afterlife. A lot of the anti-stem cell Fundamentalist Christians think Heaven is a 1970’s styled Retirement community. Those who  study stem cells and just wouldn’t be welcome.  I pass. I am afraid that I already have my ticked to Dog Heaven booked.  Thank God I will never have to lay eyes on a deceitful politician ever again. Why? They just wouldn’t be welcome in Dog Heaven.


Finally spare me the hero crap.

I don’t value the McCain family’s service to the country. McCain was at the bottom of his class he never earned flight training. He was a screw-up who was tolerated because of his father and grandfather.

As I mentioned above McCain’s father KNEW that Vietnam was started on a false flag. McCain’s father was in charge of the entire theater of war.  He knew first hand the Maddox was never fired on and kept his cowardly mouth shut. He was a moral misfit. It wasn’t until 2010 that the Government acknowledged that the Maddox was not fired on by the North Vietnamese. WE started that war and North Vietnam finished it. It was a corrupt CIA war.  It was a change in status as the first war in US history where we were the aggressors and started a war falsely.

When John McCain became a senator it became his mission to stop Americans from looking for our Missing in Action in Vietnam. He wanted that book closed on Vietnam. Do not fool yourself about the morality of this man or his father.

This article will not get wide distribution. Google will see to that. But there is irony in that too because this article is the only one that gives McCain any potential to extend his life.

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