Talk about blowing a hole in the bottom of the US Economic raft… This was Joe Biden’s coming out party. His new world stage. He was going to start a new constructive working relationship with China. Instead of finding common apolitical economic goals, Stink’in Blinken goes “Uyghur” and America cringes and the Rust Belt has an aortic aneurysm.  

There is nobody in the world that doesn’t think this Stink’in Blinken show wasn’t an absolute disaster in every way. The USA was waterboarded and Americans were embarrassed. 

So Biden Runs for office on ending Tariffs and better relations with China and he morphs into JOE TRUMP, a screaming lunatic. Screaming over the Uyghurs.  There is a certain repugnance that comes with the NEW DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF VIRTUE Signalling, when in fact it was the Democratic Party that had its long history as the SLAVER Party in the USA and assassinating President Lincoln. It is not a party that should be virtue signalling. But that’s all they seem to do. 

Whatever happened to apolitical economics? TRADE WORKS screaming about Uyghur doesn’t work at all. Boycotting Uyghur cotton and Uyghur manufactured goods only harms the Uyghurs.

You think some rapper is going to boycott his Air Max Nikes after releasing his latest hit on the Lortab Lable, “I popped a cap in my doctor’s kidney?”

Xinjiang is home to China’s Uyghur population and the region that accounts for 85% of China’s cotton production and 20% of global cotton supply. And for Democrats, it’s basically back to Cotton. The Optics are not good on this for Democrats. “Oh, I wish I was in the land of Cotton… Ole times there were not forgotten… look away, look away, look away, Dixieland.” What next, is Joe Biden going to hose a minstrel show?

Talking Hair Plugs are claiming that the JOE TRUMP Bit is to thank Biden’s Rust Belt Constituents that voted for Biden over Trump.


Trump lost the Rust Belt because of his insane Tariffs, not because the Rust Belt wanted more tariffs. Joe Trump is actually just trying to resurrect the UNION CANCER that destroyed the Rust Belt in the first place. Joe fancies himself a UNION MAN!. Remember Joe’s “NO Milarkey” Bus tour? Don’t feel bad, nobody else remembers it. Joe coined a phrase from the 1930’s in his effort to attract Millennial voters.  And that’s NO MALARKEY! So this relic sends Stink’in Blinken to Alaska… to Torpedo Biden’s Midterm Election. That will be a good thing because the Nation needs Gridlock. 


It is astonishing that Joe thinks he has a mandate for his Wokeonomics. The only reason Joe got elected was that he ran against the Republican version of Hillary Clinton. By the time November came around, the Republican Party had self-destructed. That’s not a mandate. 

So here is this lifeless career politician suddenly possessed with the notion that he is going to “defeat China” at something.., end drilling in America, buy electric cars for everyone, reunite the allies of WWII against China, FDR styled infrastructure, may ban Bitcoin, ban tobacco and ban investment in firearms companies. All while spending trillions and destroying any potential for future generations. It is Joe Biden Wokeonomics and it’s a disaster. 

Look at the odds. How could the USA get four back to back Presidental economic morons? 

In the world of things that count, foreign purchases of US Treasuries have been on a steady decline since Bush II. With each successive explosion of Deficit spending, foreign governments have better places to invest than the US bottomless pit of debt.











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