Huawei, pronounced “Wah-Way” is one of China’s largest technology companies. They are the largest global producer of Teleco switching systems in the world. They employ more than 1000 PhDs. Additionally, they spend more on R&D than all the US tech companies in the same space combined. They also lead the world in 5G technology. For Low Tech Trump and Joe Trump, Huawei has become a giant political pileup. Trump has conjured his inner Tailgunner Joe McCarthy and blacklisted US companies from selling anything to Huawei. Now Joe Trump is in on the gig.

Sen. Charles Grassley the farm welfare pocket stuffing pretend apologist for free trade had this to say:

“I can’t pronounce it but it starts with an H and a U and ends with W-E-I. I don’t know what they do but they scare the hell out of me.”  Sen. Charles Grassley with another enlightened insight.  [“Wah-Way” Mr. Grassley. Can you say “Wah…. as in WahWah and Way as in Milkey Way?]

Welcome to Idiotsville…

Why is a farm welfare millionaire like Grassley so scared? In the 50’s he was scared of Nuclear War and Flying Saucers.

It all started with the NSA claiming, without a scrap of proof that Huawei Smartphones were sending phone calls to China. Later that was modified to say that Huawei “could be used to send calls to China.”

In spite of Huawei’s approbations otherwise and no evidence of spying or tainted equipment ever found, 85-year-old Grassley is scared to death. It’s doubtful Grassley even knows what an app is or Android. Life in the dark ages can be scary. What is really scary is the intellectual bottom is controlling technology to which they are clueless.

Further Hauwei warrants all its products with a “Spy Free” warantee. Apple and Samsung offer no such guarantees. 

Summary of US Legal Action Against Huawei:

  1. US Security Act section 889 singled out Huawei banning the company from servicing existing contracts and selling various equipment in the USA to the US  Gov.
  2. Commerce Department under the Short Seller Wilbur Ross who is still trading equities in the Stock markets with impunity. The Self Dealer banned Huawei from engaging in business in the USA without first getting gov permission. This means getting Wilbur to approve it. Remarkable duplicity.
  3. Trump Executive order banning all foreign companies from selling Telco Equipment in the USA that poses a security risk. No proof is necessary of course just the vague McCarthy styled innuendo.

Immediately the Trump firewall against Huawei deteriorated. Huawei customers, many rural internet service providers lit up the phones to their Republican Congressman. Wilbur Ross trotted out a 90-day license, on the same day he blacklisted Huawei.

Trump’s Executive Order suffered the same 90 days delay.

The US Security Act section 889 singled out Huawei depriving the company of servicing existing contracts and selling various equipment in the USA and to the US Gov. This was all under the thin veneer of “could possibly be used for spying.”

Huawei sued the US Gov out of the Texas District where Huawei USA is located saying Section 889 is an unconstitutional Bill of Attainder. 

The Constitution forbids legislative bills of attainder: in federal law under Article I, Section 9, and in state law under Article I, Section 10. This is one of the few Constitutional provisions that forbid both FEDERAL and State Bills of Attainder.

Huawei moved for a “Summary Judgment as a matter of law.”

What a Bill of Attainder does is singles out a person, or business and removes their rights without due process. Understand that no Court has ever removed any of Huawei’s rights to conduct their business, but the Congress has done this through their reckless section 889 in which they expressly name Huawei. Huawei USA is a lawful American business.

Will Huawei prevail in court?

It’s difficult to say.  Now that the United States is under the taint of the Patriot Act. Political Courts have in several Russian software cases upheld legislation clearly qualifying a Bill of Attainder, under the guise of National Security.

Our view is the USA is a desparate country in decline and NO 5G PERIOD.

In the case of Panasonic and Hitachi, both companies will abide the USA ban by removing any an all US made components from their products going to Huawei. That is worth noting.

In the long run, Global technology firms will stop buying US components and tech products. In a speech last week when Russia signed up for the Huawei 5G network, Xi used the word “RELIABLE” to describe Russia commitment as a trading partner.

Trump’s focus on Huawei cell phones is laughably moronic.

The crown jewels of Huawei is its patent portfolio over 5G networks, not smartphones that are able to access such networks.  The reality is the US has no entry in the 5G network space. Intel flagged out of the 5G space a year ago.

With the exception of FLEX, Broadcom and Qualcomm who are relatively small suppliers, the vast majority of Huawei’s supply chain are Chinese firms.

China will not lose 5G

5G networks require a tower density of over 40 times the present cell tower density in the USA. This is an insurmountable lead in 5G.

The importance of 5G is the Network Capacity. The backbone of the 5G network are supercomputers that can analyze an enormous amount of real-time data enabling such technologies as self-driving cars, AI, Blockchain and drone package delivery. None of this technology is possible without a 5G network.

The United States is more dependent on Huawei than Huawei is dependent on US suppliers. Without 5G, US technology falls far behind.

The bottom line here is that the World is Watching and businesses will think twice if not thrice about removing any dependency on US Products of any kind.  Trump and Joe Trump’s market meddling will have long-standing lethal consequences to US suppliers.

5G is a technology race which the US has already lost.

It is in fact the next industrial revolution. The US bully thinks it can stop China by Nancy Kerrigan Kneecapping thuggery. China already has driverless cars and trucks and drone delivery services. Huawei doesn’t need the USA. 

This was some lunatic’s idea in the Trump Administration that the US should try to stop 5G because they don’t have any 5G. Everyone knows Trump and Biden are as low tech as it gets. So naturally, they are making the decisions for US technology for the next 50 years.  Astonishing.

5G E Isn’t Real 5G. It’s USA marketing snow job time and it’s no faster than 4G because that’s exactly what it is 4G!

U.S. vs. China in 5G: The Battle Isn’t Even Close
China is leading the way in the size and consistency of its 5G network



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