The good news is that COVID is over.  That’s propaganda that can kill you. The US Media has moved rapidly from Uyghurs at the Chinese Olympics to Joe Biden’s CRUSADE in Ukraine. All of it is propaganda. All of it is driven by the Internet and political media. Propaganda is misinformation. To avoid doing what every other media outlet does we will stick with reality and the reader can provide their own spin. 

What is this Ukraine War about?

We think it is about a few of Personalities that are rather disturbing. There is no idealism in this war. It is all personality. One belongs to Putin, one belongs to Zelensky and one belongs to Biden. The most disturbing personality is that of Biden. 

Ever since Trump came along, US foreign policy has been about blowharding and threatening other nations with economic sanctions. By the time Trump left office, 40% of the world population was under economic sanctions. Americans were paying for tariffs and US trade markets had all deteriorated. The results Trump got were exactly the opposite of those intended. The supply chain under Trump began to deteriorate when US Tariffs became permanent. Joe Biden, a political populist has only made Tariffs worse. 

SANCTIONS DON’T WORK, they have never worked

Obama is the first president to weaponize the US dollar Reserve. Off the top, the decades that have followed have seen the fall of the US dollar Reserve in favour of the Chinese Yuan, and the European EURO. Because China is the largest global trader, they prefer theYuan for most commodity purchases. Traditionally the largest global trader has controlled the Reserve Currency. Since Europe is a larger global trader than the USA, the Euro has grown market share from the Dollar as well. 

Obama imposed sanctions against Russia blocking grain trade in US dollars. This infuriated the US Farmer who was supposed to sacrifice their international grain markets for Obama politics. To show you how well these sanctions worked, Three years later, Russia was the largest grower and exporter of wheat. The US farmer was off the radar screen. 

As an aside, Russia and Ukraine produce roughly 25% of the global wheat supply. 

Trump sanctions against China, the largest global buyer of everything saw the destruction in two distinct areas. First, before Trump, the US largest agricultural export was Soybeans. Trump’s tariffs caused backlash Tariffs from China and China stopped buying US agricultural products.

Brazil followed by Argentina are now the largest growers and exporters of soy. 

Trump’s tweet claiming he would backstop Farmer soy commodity contract losses triggered FORCE MAJEURE and ALL 65 million metric tons of Chinese Soy contracts became VOIDABLE. Chinese buyers dumped them all. The US soy farmer went broke. Under Trump, Soy farmers went from a production of 109 MMT of soy to a mere 34 MMT this year. The US farmer numbers went from 300,000 to 100,000 presently. To think, the US Farmers built these overseas markets themselves without government assistance, only to be destroyed by stupid politicians. 

Trump initiated over $100 Billion in various forms of farm welfare forcing Taxpayers to suffer Trump’s brute stupidity.

Another Trump fiasco was shale oil. Shale is very different from Texas intermediary or heavy oil and needs to be blended with heavy oil before refining it. However, the Chinese set up a special Shale refinery and was buying most of the US shale which had no International market of its own. 

When Trump Tariffs were imposed, China stopped buying US shale. Another market killed by TRUMP TARIFFS, TRUMP SANCTIONS.


At one point Trump had three Carrier groups parked around North Korea. The US had sanctions against North Korea since the Korean War. Did any of this stop Kim Jong-un from developing nuclear weapons? No. The moment he did his nuclear test, however, the Carrier groups disappeared. 

That brings us to another startling conclusion which is that the US never attacks a nation with nuclear weapons. 

Did economic sanctions remove Nicolás Maduro from power in Venezuela? No. In fact, Biden is now chummy with Maduro in an attempt to replace Russian Oil purchases which Biden banned. Sanctions don’t work. Here is a sample of how one sanction destroys another sanction.

Then you have to ask what is the purpose of the Sanctions?

What was the purpose of the Biden Olympic Sanctions? What about Jimmy Carter’s US boycott of the 1980 Olympics? Did any of this work? Did FDR boycott the Olympics in Berlin showcased by Hitler? No, he sent Jessie Owens a Black Man, suffering discrimination in the USA to win 4 gold medals in the 1936 Olympics. Which decision was more memorable? Sanctions don’t work. 

Biden claims were he was standing up for human rights over the Uyghurs. Click here for our story on Uyghur virtue signalling. As for Jessie Owens when he returned from the Olympic Games, this college graduate from Ohio State could only find work as a gas station attendant.

The US had stripped him of his Amateur status for seeking endorsements after his astonishing Olympic triumph… The Governments used him as a political pawn claiming Owens had defeated Hitler’s superman philosophy, but then they treated him like dirt as they treated every Black in the USA. The US should not be virtue signalling to anyone. 

Once the Chinese Olympic Games were over the Biden Uyghur pawn vanished as did his COVID excuses for the supply chain and inflation, in favour of Joe Biden’s latest catch-all blame target PUTIN. 

Why won’t Biden’s Sanctions against RUSSIA work?

Aside from the fact that Sanctions never work, the Russian sanctions are superficial and meaningless. Consider the US purchases of Russian oil. Russia pumps 11 million barrels of oil a day. The US was buying 500,000 barrels a day. That is only 1/2 of 1%. That’s nothing. But Biden wants political hay so Congress acted in their populist way and now Biden is seeing oil moving to $130 a barrel with US Gas prices the highest in US history since Olympic Boycotter, Jimmy Carter set the record.

Brussels Populist Suicide

The most recent call by the US Populist is to have Europe Join in the US and British boycott of Russian Oil and Nat Gas. Can they be serious? Europe is 40% reliant on Russian Gas and 30% reliant on Russian oil. Europe will go broke trying to erase this dependence and it will cost them more in the end. Think of the irony. Britain fought to get out of the EU and are now calling for the EU to boycott Russian Oil and Nat Gas which the British don’t use. How insane. 

But that has not stopped Brussels from promoting the notion that stopping the flow of Russian oil and gas will stop PUTIN from continuing to attack Ukraine. Then what? A European Recession?

Also, recognize that BIDEN applied his SANCTIONS prior to Putin invading Ukraine. Did those SANCTIONS which Biden claimed are to prevent Russia from invading Ukraine work? No, because Sanctions don’t work. They never have worked. They only harm those that apply them. This is an economic tautology. 


Aside from seizing private property without due process, in another populist but simpleminded attack, Biden froze Oligarch’s foreign assets and snatched a few Yachts. Each of the Yachts is fully insured by Lloyds of London. Further, the Yachts are collateral for European Bank loans. More simply the yachts are debt bombs. Biden only harmed the British insurance industry and European Banks. Sanctions don’t work, they have never worked. Putin knows this.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is no Churchill

Zelensky ran for the Presidency of Ukraine based on the popularity of his TV Show ‘Servant of the People’. He named his political party after the TV show as well. The show was about a politician that was clean and fought corruption. Zelensky has turned out to be closer in description to the Shah of Iran.

Discovered as a player in the Pandora Papers Offshore Holdings, Zelensky has scraped Millions off the top of Ukraine coffers including IMF money. An offshore kingpin, he and his cronies and oligarch friends own billions in offshore assets including real estate in the United States and Britain. The New York Times reported that According to Transparency International, Ukraine remains the third-most-corrupt country in Europe, after Russia and Azerbaijan. Anti-corruption and law enforcement agencies are either stalling or run by loyalists appointed by the Zelensky.

Before the Russian invasion Zelensky’s popularity plunged and a majority of Ukrainians did not want him to run again.

Depicted by his own media as corrupt, Zelensky has the Donald Trump approach of lashing out at individual reporters. His roads programs were investigated as corrupt crony ventures in which his friends benefited and Ukraine paid twice the going rate of construction. Zelensky did the same thing with COVID in which protective gear for health care workers was provided by Chinese Firms through Zelensky’s crony pals at a price twice as high as suppliers from Europe.

Hunter Biden’s unsavoury appearance in Ukraine

Even if one assumes Hunter Biden did no wrong at all. The appearance of Hunter Biden joining the board of Burisma Holdings owned by Ukrainian oligarch Mykola Zlochevsky was reckless for VP Joe Biden and President Obama. Zlochevsky was facing money laundering charges in April 2014.  

Hunter Biden was an attorney with Boies Schiller Flexner in New York. Biden was retained by Bursima to sit on their Board. Additionally, Biden’s own consulting firm was also retained by Burisma. This is without a doubt a bar ethics violation based on an unsavoury appearance, regardless of any factual wrongdoing.

Christopher Heinz, also an attorney at BSF, opposed Hunter Biden joining the board of Burisma in 2014 citing an ethics risk to the law firm. Again we are talking about legal ethics which are concerned with the appearance of a conflict of interest and breaches of ethics etiquette.

Hunter Biden ignored the ethics issues and served on the board of Burisma until his term expired in April 2019. Biden was paid roughly $2.5 million for his services. 

Obama administration officials also objected to Hunter Biden foray into Bursima as a conflict of interest that undermined VP Joe Biden’s anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine.

Trump’s false allegations against Joe Biden, claiming Biden was bragging about removing a prosecutor investigating Hunter Biden only created more political polarization. Zelensky did not want to get involved in this dispute because he was told Trump was likely to lose the US election to Joe Biden. This Trump caper became known as Trump DIRT Bribe: Biden Dirt for Weapons. One of the many childish Trump ploys resulting in his ouster. 

Given the corruption of Zelensky, many now believe Biden is beholding to Zelensky. US aid in the billions is flowing into Ukraine before and after the Russian invasion.

Vladimir Putin is not a man to bully. Repeat that X 10.

I have no idea where Joe Biden got the impression that it was a good idea to crowd Putin with the threat of a NATO Ukraine. But it was a bad move. It was the final straw that broke the camel’s back. The US has applied Sanctions over decades against Russia and all it has done is antagonize Putin which is a very bad idea. Putin uses this US antagonism against Russia to assure he retains power. 

In 2014, former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev praised Vladimir Putin for trying to restore Russia’s great-power status. The simple fact is that Russians feel bullied by the United State and view Putin as a strong leader that will not bend to American intimidation. 

Biden’s Sanctions which won’t work and the silly, if not insane, US preoccupation with securing Yachts are akin to cheap antagonism sure to get a negative rise out of Putin. Again, who is advising Biden that this is somehow a good idea? In spite of rough sledging in Ukraine, Putin is just doubling down and attacks are getting more violent. It is as if Biden is pushing Putin to be more determined and more violent. 

Other nations including Israel are calling for Ukraine to surrender.

But Joe Biden supporters cling to the propaganda that Russia is somehow losing the war. Israel of any nation on earth, and has probably the best intelligence, understand what is actually going on in Ukraine. Ukraine has a large Jewish population which includes Zelensky. Israel has its ear to the ground. But who on earth has Joe Biden’s ear?

Joe Biden has the personality of a career politician. 

For his long years in the US Senate, he has essentially no legislative achievements. He has a string of plagiarized speeches dating back to his years in law school. It is as if he wants to be somebody else. 

When his first wife and daughter were killed in a car accident, he falsely and intentionally claimed in multiple political speeches that the Truck driver that hit the Biden car was drunk. That was completely false.

The Truck driver was not a drinker. Biden’s wife pulled out in front of the truck while she was trying to cross the road. It was a bright sunny day with perfect visibility. Yet the facts did not get in the way of Biden’s character assassination of the Truck Driver who was not at fault. What kind of a person does this? Joe Biden, and he did it for political gain. He plagiarized speeches for political gain. Everything he does is for political gain. 

His Russian sanctions are for political gain. Biden ran for election by saying he would end US Tariffs established by Trump. Thus, he won the rust belt vote. But once in office, Biden only extended the tariffs and make them worse. The US supply chain and Inflation have now decimated the marketplace. 

There is no question that Biden’s political threat of a NATO Ukraine pushed Putin to invade Ukraine. 

Biden’s attempts to claim his 7.9% inflation and $7 gal gasoline are due to Putin is meeting terse blunt denial from US Economists. Prior to the Ukraine invasion, Biden was blaming COVID. Biden appears to use any situation to claim as an excuse for his failures. His attacks on Putin have earned him the backwash as a weakling. 

Without a doubt, the Bush strain RINO Warmongers and the Necon Liberal Warmongers that brought such disasters as Afghanistan, Yemen, and even Vietnam before that, want to see US Troops in Ukraine. But that will never happen. If there is any reliable predictor of US involvement is it is this:

The United States never attacks any nation that has nuclear weapons. Russia has more nukes than the USA. 

Despite Gen Miley’s blowhard over-delivering stinger missiles to Ukraine forces, Ukraine is not winning. To understand this merely look at the map of the present battle. Don’t need to be a military genius to see that Putin controls the ports and has surrounded Kyiv. The idea of the US delivering lethal military aid to Ukraine appears to be a gesture only to extend the Ukrainian deaths. Israel views this as Ukrainian suicide. 


What attracts the eye of the media in the USA is the propaganda claiming Baby Milk factories were bombed, or a maternity hospital, a children’s hospice and most recently an old folks nursing care facility. 

Then Joe Biden will shake his liver-spotted fist in a political speech claiming PUTIN WILL PAY! And the audience loves it but falls short of outfitting their own kids in military garb and sending them off to fight for Zelensky. 

But the US Media never missed a good story like US Vets packing up and heading to Ukraine to join the underground along with Canadians and the British. Can you ever imagine such lunacy? Yet the Pentagon seems to go along with this suicidal nonsense. Joe Biden has political company at the Pentagon, clowns that can’t read military maps. 

Ukraine is a perfect storm. 

Ukraine is a corrupt nation. Zelensky is a corrupt self-dealer who ran on reform and became a parasite. Biden is a career politician that will run his mouth on every occasion even when he shouldn’t. His efforts to bully Putin and publicly humiliate Putin, even calling Putin a murderer, have now triggered Putin and continue to trigger Putin. 

And Putin is a man you don’t bully. His views of right and wrong are eliminated when he is crowded. In this conflict with the United States, Putin is not alone. Many nations support Putin, not for his actions but for standing up to the US bullying. 40% and up to 50% of the global population is presently under US dollar sanctions. 

US goads China and India. China and India want nothing to do with the Ukraine conflict and refuse to condemn Russia.

China’s and India’s one fervent wish is to keep out of this Ukraine insanity. Yet China views it as US provocation and meddling into the affairs of other nations. India is in the same boat but has stressed the importance of the UN to settle disputes.  

The US is engaged in a tech and Trade war with China and losing both. In the last several months while the US has focused on Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, China had a major breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence. China scientists managed to meld 3D logic and Dram together in one chip. This was not thought possible by US physicists. 

Why was China focused on this? US blocked the sale of Dutch-made EUV machines needed for 3 to 5mn narrow gated chips. These chips represent just 5% of the Semiconductor market. Chinese scientists focused on 95% of the market of larger chips and packaging when they discovered the method to meld logic to Dram. Another failed US Sanction. 

China is not going to attack Taiwan unless the US provokes them by further arming Taiwan or threatening a NATO Taiwan. 

Because the US NEVER attacks a nation with Nukes, China has doubled its nuclear arsenal. China knows it could attack Taiwan and the US would do nothing more than apply sanctions. However, a Mainland takeover of TSMC, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, would disable US military chip capacity overnight. 

Chinese Social media is now displaying fervent anger against Taiwan. Taiwan is watching Ukraine in the aftermath of Joe Biden’s Afghanistan failures and must be wondering if the US will abandon Taiwan, once the US fumbles their way to chip fabrication. Taiwan knows this and Mainland China knows this. Taiwan’s largest trading partner is Mainland China so, it well knows the long term outcome in this matter. 45% of the population of Taiwan identifies themselves as Mainlanders.

Finally US media Virtue Signaling over Russian tactics:

The history of the United States from the Genocide of Native Americans, stealing their lands and then kidnapping Africans as slaves to work those lands is incomprehensible.  This is then followed by the establishment of internment camps known as Indian Reservations.

It is also astonishing that the US is the only nation in history to use nuclear weapons against civilians not once but twice. 

The media should be focused on the damage Joe Biden is causing the US and European economies with his tough-guy grandstanding. 





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