JOE BIDEN’s WOKEONOMICS is crashing the US Economy. Wholesale prices up 8.3%, inflation 5.4%. Afghanistan in shambles. China talks DOA. JOBS in greatest demand Burger flippers, cooks and hotel domestics… the truly great “CAREERS.” Joe makes a desperate 911 call to Xi. As Xi hangs up, he says, “Thanks for the call. Call again some time.” Biden gets nothing. 

180 US Business groups are trying to find out why Biden continues Trump’s Trade War Disaster. Astonishingly 9 months out, Biden’s Administration has no economic plan at all. Other than ‘borrow and spend’ and denial. Inflation roaring from Trump Tariffs, the wrecked supply chain, food prices skyrocketing, Joe’s message is to give him 4.5 Trillion dollars and he will revolutionize the US economy.

Trump said the same kind of ridiculous things about his Tax Cuts for Billionaires.

Remember Companies from all over the world were going to fight to come to the USA. Thanks to Trump’s xenophobia, the exodus of International Businesses was the largest in US history. Foreign investment into the USA went to nil. Trump was terrible for business and the US economy and Biden looks like a Trump clone if not worse with unimaginable increased borrowing and spending.  

Steel prices in the USA are 300% higher now than in Mexico. And Joe is touting UNIONS of all things. 

Ford responded: They just moved their truck manufacturing to Mexico from the USA. While Joe is honouring labour unions, US manufacturers that can, are leaving the USA. The Trump Biden cancer spreads with no end in sight. Last week steel product makers and end-users, once again, told Biden to drop the Steel Tariffs that were harming US businesses and millions of manufacturing jobs. Biden goes tone-deaf. 

Biden claims UNIONS are the backbone of his BUILD BACK BETTER. Unions have destroyed virtually every US manufacturing sector in history, from Steel to Chemical to Textiles. Now Unions have infested public schools and government. Even FDR was opposed to Government Unions. If Joe Biden had his way 75% of Americans would be employed by the Federal Government and state governments and Union members.  This vision is insane. It is the vision of Greece, a failed state. 

BUILD BACK BETTER… What a lousy slogan. Sort of plagiarism of Melania Trump’s illiterate Be Better slogan. Not surprising Biden has a long history of Plagiarism. But this remains a lousy slogan. And UNION workers don’t build better. Less work, more pay is the UNION mantra. Unions destroy productivity. The tally is in. Automation builds better.

Look at welding alone. There is no welder in the world that is better than automated welding and laser welding devices. Yet Unions are the leading edge fighting automation. A prime example is US ports run by unions are in a giant Union slowdown. 44 ships are anchored off the Port of LA because Unions are deliberately slowing the port’s activity. These are Government Unions. The average port worker salary is $160,000 a year. Uneducated, unskilled, UNION protectionism and the taxpayers foot the bill. Shanghai moves 5X more freight than any US Port and they are fully automated. 

Joe is also hyped up on ‘Buy American’ which is just code for Protectionism, a pillar of Marxism. 

There have been hundreds of economists that have explained why this harms the private sector in the US and I will once again make the effort. 

When Gov mandates buying American, they often don’t know what is not even made in America. For example, Biden wants to give billions to the bottomless pit called AMTRAK. Railcar axle steel is not made in the USA. Biden has Steel Tariffs so the imported axle steel cost 25% more than it should. It garners no economic benefit at all to protect UNION STEELWORKERS but Biden’s Administration thinks it does because all Biden thinks about is the protectionist claims which he thinks are good politics.

His Trade Secretary said the Tariffs work. How do they work? Not one economist agrees. The US is not going to start making the steel to make axles for rail cars.

So what does this Buy American concept do? It just adds cost to the railcars. When Gov buys overpriced axles and $600 toilet seats and $300 hammers, on behalf of the Taxpayer with protectionism in mind, the taxpayer gets less value for their dollar. The crony benefits by ripping off the taxpayer.

This insane Joe Wokeonomics flies in the face of Adam Smith who explained the benefits of buying from the lowest-cost producer. With Joe Marx, and the gov spending on overpriced axles, the private sector has to pay more for axles. Reckless gov waste. For non-government railroad companies, this adds enormous cost to the companies when they buy replacement axles or try to expand with new railcars. That is why Buy America never grows the private sector, it always destroys it. 

Let’s remember that these Tariff are Trump’s tariffs which Biden claims are working. How are they working JOE? Trump claimed tariffs would reduce the trade deficit. China just reported record global trade for August in spite of Joe Biden’s non-automated UNION CONTROLLED US PORTS and their slowdown. The US Trade deficit expanded. 

Biden Administration is getting screamed at from every direction over its pathetic China Talks which have been utter failures. Instead of talking business, Biden is talking Uyghurs or global warming or some inane political idea dear to Democrats.

Needless to say, China is ignoring Biden.

John Kerry went to China and got Zoomed. Instead of meeting with anyone in person, he joined a Zoom conference and was then sent home empty-handed. China is not going to play this silly game. Biden’s adoption of Trump antagonism, delisting Chinese Stocks over Uyghurs, has just escalated tensions with China.

Biden’s 911 phone call to Xi. 

Biden is under political pressure. The US economy is failing from Trump policies. Hundreds of US business groups oppose Trump’s destructive tariffs. US businesses are failing. Afghanistan policy blew up in Biden’s face. 

A US missile-carrying destroyer breached Chinese waters last week and was swarmed by Chinese fighter aircraft. These provocative incidents are pushing China and the US closer to conflict. The US is a long way from home to be engaging in this kind of antagonism. Following the Afghanistan fiasco, US allies want a different approach. 

However, Xi did not appear optimistic. Chinese took the call believing that the Biden Administration had reached the end of their rope with Trump policies. Policies that have proven to be highly damaging to the US economy and US world prestige. Biden attempted to draw a distinction between competing and conflict. However, this did not translate well into Chinese. Antagonism and competition are mutually exclusive concepts. 

Chinese President Xi Jinping said “competition is for pursuing excellence, not killing off a rival.”

Meanwhile, Biden follows Trump Nancy Kerrigan Kneecapping strategy. Same old US failed policies.

Biden did reaffirm the US One-China Policy. 

Of course, the US sending military weapons to Taiwan is hardly an affirmation of that policy. It is antagonism. Propagated by Trump which will not be tolerated by China. Biden wants to end Trump but he is actually “normalizing” Trump’s insane trade war. Biden knows if he can’t find a way to end Trump Tariffs, he will lose in the midterms. For Biden, this is some kind of dance between Democratic Party Unions and the private sector. 

Wall Street is optimistic that the US and China are at least talking. Trump alt-right republicans want to see Biden fail on China. We think Biden’s failure is a given. For reasons unknown, Biden has let this relationship go out of control. Biden ran on a campaign of improved Chinese Relations and dumping Trump Tariffs but Slow Joe seems to let situations get out of hand. Just as happened in Afghanistan. Joe waited until he had to make the 911 call to Xi. China was less than enthusiastic but agreed to keep talking. 

Meanwhile, Biden is trying to get the US poodles to form a firewall to “stop China.” Never heard anything so ludicrous. Nobody even knows what that means. Least of all Biden.

Australia has lost its mind. It now wants a Nuclear Sub. For what? To engage in antagonism. The French are mad because Australia dropped the French ship makers without notice in favour of Biden’s nuke sub deal. The French say Biden “Stabbed them in the back.”

BTW, the nuclear sub does not include nuclear weapon launch capability. It’s just an overpriced toy that will cost Australians billions. And that doesn’t include maintenance and spare parts. Australia is 11 hours by air from China. Australia’s paranoid Defense Minister is trying to assure that Australia becomes a target for economic ruin. But who has time to be rational in Australia?

For those of you in America that can still read. Here is a link to an excellent Carnegie Article.

The U.S.-China Trade War Has Become a Cold War

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