The secret to Joe Biden’s failure. Every decision is political even if he opposes the result. Biden is deathly afraid of Trump and the Right-Wing Media. A wonderful example of spinelessness is his adherence to Trump Tariffs. Not only has he not eliminated them, but the exemptions have also now sunsetted. This makes the Trump Tariffs even worse for US businesses and farmers. Yet Biden has lots of political cover. Farm-state republicans and over 30 National Business organizations have written to Biden to stop the Tariffs. In spite of a landslide of Economist screaming to end the Tariffs, Biden applied Steel and Aluminum tariffs against Canada and others. 

When Biden was running for the Presidency, he knew Michigan and Wisconsin wanted Trump Tariffs stopped. Biden gave a statement that Tariffs were harming the US Businesses and the Economy. HIS HANDLERS IMMEDIATELY WALKED THAT STATEMENT BACK INEXPLICABLY. Now there is runaway inflation, the supply chain in shambles, and Biden is frozen in inaction. 

Then Came Afghanistan, another TRUMP idea. 

Instead of performing an intelligent analysis of how to advance the evacuation of Afghanistan, Biden went forward blindly, and the evacuation went south. As of today, 13 US Soldiers have lost their lives at the inaction of Biden. Worse the press has been all over Biden claiming the evacuation was haphazardly conducted and risky. Then yesterday ISIS struck with gorilla bombs targeting US Soldiers. 

The Press Conferences and Biden Hid’in.

Now it’s the maundering Biden, his close eyeset, squinting eye, and mouth agape. He gives the impression he exists in a faraway place; far from reality. This has been evident with the direct media questions on his fumbling Afghanistan exit. Even under safe questioning one on one, he said Beau served in the Navy in Afghanistan. His son served in the Army in Iraq. The rest of the time Biden has been Hid’in and never answers direct questions. The concealment strategy is over. 

Today with 13 Dead US Soldiers at Kabul Airport, the incompetence of Biden has taken a dark turn. 

It is not just Biden. It is the incompetent people he brought into his Administration. Everyone thought Trump was the low bar in this regard but Biden’s appointments were based nearly universally on diversity and nearly void of any kind of reasonable resume. He doesn’t have a single economist in his administration. His trade people have no experience in Trade. His Secretary of State has malfunctioned so far on every occasion. 

Biden’s Secretary of Defense is retired military. The post is expressly for civilians. So this militarizing of the post creates a situation of conflict of interests. 

Lloyd Austin by every outward measure is a decent man. The problem is that he is not independent. So he is less skeptical of the Joint Chiefs when he should be very skeptical. The lack of intelligence in Afghanistan is mind wrecking. Austin said nothing and showed no opposition to this major military screwup.

The Taliban took the country almost overnight. Surprise! Austin said nothing.  And today 13 GIs were killed in explosions because of yet more failed military intelligence. Austin should have pressed the Joint Chiefs to provide a measure of safety for US Soldiers assisting in the evacuation after the first major INTEL failure. But that has not happened. 

Austin should resign. His failure cost lives. He’s terrible at this job. He was picked by Biden for his Blackness. Oh but but but he’s the first Black Secretary of Defense. Oh, but when Austin retired from the Military a few years ago, he did manage to find his way on the Boards of Directors of several major Defense Contractors. THAT IS A CONFLICT OF INTEREST!

The sad US Foreign Policy based on bullying and fear-mongering has failed. Radicals in Afghanistan have zero fear of the United States. Some of this is Trump’s blowhard of threats to everyone in every direction. The world and the radicals of the world adopted gorilla warfare techniques. They are chewing the US bully apart in every direction. The US has more enemies thanks to Trump than at any time in history. Endless blowhard. Trump claimed to have destroyed ISIS. Really? ISIS just took credit for destroying the lives of 13 US Soldiers.

Biden earned the Insanity of Trump commandeering the Fox Media.

When asked early on by the press about the lack of planning of the Afghanistan exodus, Biden responded that he was “handcuffed by Trump.” Reminiscent of the day George Romney claimed he was “Brainwashed in Vietnam.”

Biden tried to spin his Handcuffing answer by saying the US had to leave Afghanistan because Biden was not going to pass that war to another president. 

Meanwhile, unlike any former president in history, Trump is attacking Biden with every Fox News one on one interview. One could argue that Biden opened the door to this when he claimed he was handcuffed by Trump and was suffering from a deal made by his predecessor. If Joe was Handcuffed how did he manage to change the dates of the Afghanistan evacuations, not just once but twice? 

Of all the things of the world that are predictable, didn’t Biden have some notion that Trump would attack back with his usual tirade of doublespeak and ad hominem attacks?

The reality was that Biden was getting political blowback when he extended the time frame twice.  Biden and his handlers were handcuffing Biden. 

Biden did the same thing with Trump’s moronic Executive Order Delisting  Chinese Stocks. After losing two Federal cases to Chinese Companies that won injunctions against the Biden Department of Defense, Biden extended the deadline and pushed an even more moronic Executive Order.

By pushing the date forward, Biden avoided more immediate losses in the Court from Chinese Companies now filling the dockets. Biden was afraid the Right Wing press would portray Biden as “Soft on China.” So Biden chose Right Wing political appeasement rather than avoiding meddling in US Markets and Exchanges. This intervention has essentially destroyed the integrity of US Markets and Exchanges making them vulnerable to crazy politician executive orders. What’s next? Will AOC ban stock trading companies that make handguns or tobacco? There is no cognizable limit to the potential harm to markets and businesses by this Biden action. 

Biden was applauded by the Xenophobic Republicans like Tommy Tuberville from Alabama, a Trump endorsee and conman.

Tuberville owned Alibaba stock and was selling calls and buying puts in the options markets. Biden’s Executive Order helped depress Chinese stocks in the market, helping insider Trader Tuberville to make a windfall which he failed to report to congress. He claimed he didn’t know the insider trader reporting rules. Can you even imagine this?  Xenophobe and China Critic by day and Chinese insider stock trading behind closed doors. And this loser is new to Congress! Already insider trading. Biden fell into another Trump political trap. 

Joe Biden relies on indecision delays.

The reason cited by Biden Handlers as to why these destructive Trump Tariffs remain in place is the claim that Biden has not yet formulated a comprehensive Trade deal with China. I suppose that also includes Canada where Biden laid Aluminum and Steel Tariffs yet again. No Problem, the Ford Truck plant has moved to Mexico where steel is 300% cheaper and no Biden unions. 

In each instance of Steel Tariffs, tried by Bush II, and Trump, US manufacturers have gone out of business and steel demand has plunged along with rising prices. US Companies leave the US. TARIFFs DON’T WORK and they never have. 

Now in the eight-month of Joe Trump’s first year, shipping and the supply chain, is in shambles. Inflation is roaring and Biden has done nothing while the situation gets worse. 

Kamala Harris, Biden’s horrific VP choice that isn’t popular with members of either party has suggested Americans should buy Christmas presents now to avoid delays. What Delays? The BIDEN DELAYS of course. 

It is worth mentioning that the US Supreme Court struck Biden’s CDC foreclosure blocking moratorium two days ago. This had been running for over a year from Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress but the CARES Act eviction moratorium sunsetted.

After the law moratorium expired, the CDC issued an order of its own as a workaround by shortcut specialist Donald Trump. Landlords brought their case to the Supreme Court but the Trump Court took no action until Biden did the same thing at the end of July. Then the Trump Supreme Court appointees scuttled Biden’s attempt to skirt the law. 

This is just another example of how Biden got trapped again by Trump.

Biden claims he is a lawyer though he has never practiced a day of law in his life. He was almost removed from law school for Plagiarism which he repeated later in one of his failed presidential campaigns.

But there is something obscene about the Government blocking landlords from evicting deadbeats squatting on private property after more than a year of free rent. Liberals on the court cited Congress’s 46 Billion allocation to help landlords. None of this money has ever seen its way to the small scale landlords. Might want to look at how much money went to Trump organization and Congressman with rental properties. 

Biden is fumbling in every direction as he attempts political appeasement over common sense. 

The US is in a dangerous predicament in every country where the US Foreign Policy antagonizes and threatens.

The US sends warships to the South China Seas as if they own the earth. Zero respect for the Chinese. And that is the story of every US warmongering failure. No respect for the Taliban. No respect for anyone. Just bully your way around until you get hit. The US is getting hit now and it’s spreading. 

Look at the Vietnam War. 

The US had a half-cocked idea that they were the guardians of the world and were going to stop Communism. They even invented a Domino Theory to support their bullying. The US was destroyed in Vietnam by the barefooted Army from the North. Worse, the US started that war with the false flag in the Gulf of Tonkin and they lost that war. The scenes of leaving Saigon were chaotic as Afghanistan. 

And there is always a contingent in America that just can’t accept defeat.

These are the xenophobes that just can’t accept the fact that the small-statured soldier in Vietnam could defeat the giant US GI. Or the unsophisticated lean Middle Easterner; surviving on next to nothing and bowing to Mecca five times a day can beat the gargantuan cornfed, pork fed, steak fed, US GI. 

So what is Biden’s response to the 13 GI’s killed because of Biden’s Administration’s incompetence?

Biden snarls that he is going to hunt down those responsible. Oh really? More tough guy bull crap. He thinks that is what Americans want to hear. They want REVENGE is what he thinks. And Biden is giving them the cheap REVENGE speech. This is a far cry from Reagan resolving the tragedy of Marines killed in Beirut by recognizing the futility of the moment. Biden has no philosophical or moral compass. He anticipates nothing. Biden’s dross crumbling presidency. 

It is not as if Biden can’t make excuses. He has plenty of those. 

Joe claims he was “handcuffed” by Trump. These Biden excuses are of course lame. The press is now in a feeding frenzy. And this includes the liberal press, not just Fox News. Nothing the press enjoys better than another “I was Brainwashed” political moment. George Romney made the comment upon a return trip from Vietnam during the war. “I was handcuffed” has a similar connotation. Rolled in an alley like a drunk. Nothing is Biden or Trump’s fault. Always somebody else caused the mess. 

In the past, the liberal media made excuses for Biden. But now it’s clear that the Woke left wing of the party is taking full advantage. Passing a crazy infrastructure package which includes forcing carmakers to install Breathalyzers in all new US vehicles. How utterly insane.

Republicans did the same with Trump. Mitch McConnell often quipped, “Put anything in front of Trump and he signs it.”

The media is not after Biden over Afghanistan. They are after him because he suddenly appears unfit for the office. He appears nearly mindless. He confabulates when the media wants direct answers. This has the media highly concerned. Biden can’t function under pressure. In fact, he appears to be imploding. Hours ago another explosion at Kabul took the lives of nearly 200 Afghans. Biden muttered something about a “Worthy Mission.”

This is by no means a comparison to mentally ill Trump. Trump has the attention span of a gnat and the mind of a goldfish. Trump is old news aside from his screaming for attention in the wings. So the media must deal with the here and now and that is Joe Biden’s questionable capacity.

Biden is now trying to change the subject:

“Get Vaccinated,” is all Biden can say. But it’s clear that Covid DELTA caught the Biden Administration by surprise too. Once again, China has applied draconian means to stamp out Delta, while Florida set the all-time COVID day death record of 901 yesterday.   

Biden claims this Pork O Rama Bill will revitalize the US economy when in fact it would not grow warts on a toad. 

90% of the bill is Marxist Protectionism which always fails.

Biden is leading a train wreck.


Joe and Dr. Jill Biden attend photo-op for bodies of dead soldiers returned to the USA from Kabal’s disastrous terrorist attack. “James Earl Jones” Austin was in attendance. I suppose as a reminder of Austin’s gross negligence. Face it, Biden doesn’t know anything but he does, I suppose rely on his Cabinet for Intel and advice. Austin should resign.

This photo-op was supposedly to show respect for the fallen soldiers. Why then did they need a big lineup photo of those in Biden’s Administration that were present. It is these kinds of transparent spin scapes that actually reek with disrespect. 

This AM we find out that from Biden’s Drone Revenge, the US Military managed to kill a slew of Afghan civilians. This Trump Biden operation just goes from bad to worse. 


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