But at least they get to fly around on the Presidential 747 like they own it. You pay for it of course. Way back in Spring when Ivanka Trump joined the Trump Administration in spite of nepotism laws forbidding it, she told TheTimes that she wanted to focus her efforts on paid family leave, the climate, and transgender rights. Does that sound Republican? Not unless John McCain is a Republican. He’s a brain tumored liberal. IVANKA KUSHNER GRIFTER COUPLE LOSES TRUMP SHINOLA.


Small hands: The better to pick your pockets…


Getting in touch with their inner CONFLICTS OF INTEREST: These two have no business in a Republican Administration or leading a phony US Delegation except perhaps to Shysterville, New York.

Meanwhile, while you were not looking, IVANKA pushed the Chinese for Chinese Trademarks for her so-called clothing line. LOL. She was sitting at the table with Xi Jinping and his wife. In fact it was Ivanka and Kushna’s kids that had to take the limelight. Xi and his wife a professional singer in China had to sit through a rendition of the Von Trump family singers.

And what was Kushna doing? He was trying to get the Chinese to bail out his Father the crook’s real estate empire in NYC. Does this smack of a conflict of interest? Sure but nobody has said anything about it.


IVANAK WILL LEAD US DELEGATION: code that you will be paying for this idiot’s trip for self-promotion.

Next Stop INDIA… great place for IVANKA to find new sweat shops. Here’s Daddy Grifter’s tweet…


.@IvankaTrump will lead the U.S. delegation to India this fall, supporting women’s entrepreneurship globally.@narendramodi

The Independent Sized it up perfectly:

An unnamed Indian diplomat told Bobby Ghosh, the editor-in-chief of the Hindustan Times: “We regard Ivanka Trump the way we do half-wit Saudi princes. It’s in our national interest to flatter them.”

The Kingdom of Shyster:

Ivanka Trump is part of the problem in the White House
He later added: “Yes, it is a shame that the US should be compared to a kingdom. But that is America’s shame, not Modi’s, or India’s.”


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