File this one under “FAT MAN FALLING!” Uh Oh. IVONKA and Kushna don’t like BANNON. Bannon called Kushna a “CUCK” meaning sell out Conservative or “cuckservative.” He also called Kushna a globalist. This is reminiscent of the last days of Corey Lewandowski. You remember the chap that knocked cub reporter Michelle Fields to the ground! Well in her mind anyway. Today Trump kicked Bannon off the National Security Counsel apparently under the advisement of IVONKA and KUSHNA. Bannon was seen walking around like an angry Orson Welles playing King Leer, having threatened to quit on the spot. IVANKA KUSHNA PUSH BANNON TOWARD TRUMP TOWER ELEVATOR SHAFT BUSH GENERAL SEIZES NSC CONTROL.


“When we are born, we cry that we are come to this great stage of fools.” King Leer


IVONKA and KUSHNA blame BANNON for TRUMP’s decision to go after healthcare. Of course they don’t mention that the old Grifter said he loved the Paul Ryan RINOCARE BILL! Undoubtedly that list of legislative failure will grow. Somebody has to take the blame because TRUMP can’t. What a crew.

Meanwhile H.R. Haldaman McMaster is taking control of the NSC. Always great to have a guy that wrote his Doctoral Thesis on the complaint that the US Joint Chief’s were not more willing to take control of Vietnam. Of course he doesn’t mention that it was a false flag war. Nooo… His conclusion is that we should have won that blasted war and if it were left to the military we would have. Ah… yowie. Can you say “7 Days in May?” That’s a page right out of the Walker Bush Memoirs. Apparently the Bush family and all these BUSH Commanders that are in the Trump Cabinet just feel we did not stick with Vietnam long enough. Another 15 years and we would have won that damn thing. Jesus where do these clowns come from? Brainwashing University!



McMaster’s Thesis deserves an F for FICTIONALIZED!



The Vietnam War was started on the false flag or false claim that the Vietnamese fired on the USS Maddox in the Gulf of Tonkin. Of course that never happened. That little admission was declassified in 2010. What I would like to know from all our Brass Hats is why they would conduct a war over an incident that they knew was completely fabricated by the CIA?  Why would they stand by and say nothing as 60,000 young good-natured American males were being ushered to eternity over a LIE? It takes a certain kind of cowardly prick to do that! Ah the mark of the Tin Soldiers. “I was just following orders… even though I knew the orders were based on a flat out lie and deceptions.” THAT’S CALLED COWARDLY! It is IMMORAL. It is EVIL!



Vietnam is not a matter of how we lost because we didn’t tell enough lies.

Vietnam is a matter of how the US Government could have murdered 60,000 decent young kids over a bald faced freak’in lie. That’s the part I want to know about. How morally bankrupt. We now have a guy in control at the NSC that believes we would have won in Vietnam if we had only listened to our Generals and bombed them into the stone age.



Maybe General McMaster we lost because God wasn’t on our side. What were these kids in Rice Paddies fighting for? Nothing. It was all a CIA game.

This is evil. Politicians intentionally started a CIA war in a country engaged in a Civil War. The simple fact is that we Americans don’t want a Military that doesn’t know right from wrong. We don’t want liars and grifters killing our youth. We don’t want the military command sitting far from the front line sending American youth frivolously into a War which has no relationship to the Defense of America. This phony game of military royalty and tin soldiers has to come to an end. America has been engaged in long distance protracted war for the better part of the last 100 years non-stop.



H.R. McMaster ARCIC 2014.jpg

“I can’t wait to spy on you…”

Look at the salad dressing on this guy’s uniform. The Tin Soldier yes man. Trump has packed his administration chock full of these former Bush Commanders. Pretending to chase down weapons of mass destruction knowing it was a pathetic CIA lie once again. Tin Soldiers just don’t know right from wrong. All they know how to do is get in line. Undoubtedly that’s why Trump surrounds himself with them.


Now as we speak we have wet behind the ears son-of-a-crook Kushna acting the the role of a military adviser in Iraq with the Joint Chiefs!


“More fools know Jack Fool than Jack Fool knows.”  King Lear


Apparently we are on the eve of Operation “Knock the Hell out of ISIS!” And there is no temporizing voice of common sense. I have said this before and will repeat this as it blows up into a near World War III.

The British learned nothing from their dealings with the IRA over the last 100 years. ISIS is virtually identical to the IRA. Attacking them will only lead to more random acts of terrorism on civilians. That is the only weapon they have. ISIS is fully infiltrated and homogenized which makes them invisible until they blow something up.

They could fly a Cessna fully loaded with fuel into a University Stadium. They could kill thousands at a night football game on national television. Trump is no student of history or anything else. He constantly overestimates his own capacity and underestimates everyone else. He doesn’t listen to any body but IVONKA and KUSHNA and collectively they don’t know jack…

BANNON has just discovered this and in three months OR LESS he will be out the door or head of the parking lot over in RINOLAND!


“Nothing can come of nothing.” King Lear

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