UPDATE: Global Warmists will be very sad. IRMA is a CAT 2 nearing TAMPA and possibly moving offshore in the Gulf missing most direct contact with Florida! BE AWARE THE MEDIA and Politicians have lost their MINDS! Bureaucrats should not be patting themselves on the back this morning as IRMA continues to move away from Miami and Palm Beach. Nearly 6 million Floridians have been evacuated, most unnecessarily. The highways are packed and out of gasoline. Many of these people are now in more Jeopardy than their homes in Southeast Florida which are no longer in the NOAA cone. Locals officials as far north and east as Jacksonville have completely overreacted with unnecessary evacuations and mass hysteria. The Hitler Cake goes to Volusia County that declared an overnight curfew tonight. “Deputies will decide if your excuse for being out is acceptable.” Oh really? Take me before the magistrate MORON! Volusia County isn’t in the Cone or harms way. IRMA TAKES HARD LEFT TRUMP STYLE WINDBAG CAT 2 WEAKENING TOWARD TAMPA.



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Storm continues to slow as it approaches Cape Coral. It is 120 MPH and dropping. We expect it may drop to CAT 2 by the time it nears Tampa. It is dropping water but that has been manageable thus far. Winds while strong near the landfall areas are lower on the East Coast. Miami and Ft. Lauderdale are 50 MPH sustained as the storm parallels Naples.

Homes in various Keys fared decently. New construction standard building have held up well. Older wood homes and trailers did not fare as well. That is to be expected.

Large residential building complexes in Naples receiving full brunt winds of 76 MPH at the eye wall did nicely. Power remained on. On the opposite Coast Boca Raton was 21 MPH winds. Government Hype can’t be understated. It is incomprehensible that Southeast Florida was evacuated so prematurely. Miami has some street flooding which is expected but no reports of major structural damage.

Yes but they kept you safe…. Did they? NO! They stupidly jumped the gun and put citizens at risk on the highways!

Did the Bureaucrat keep you safe? 6 million Floridians evacuated and many took to the highways with their trunks full of snack foods and bottled water. Many were told to head to Alabama where they would be “SAFE.” Well the storm is now tracking to Birmingham. Do you feel safe sitting on the side of some obscure Alabama county road out of gas? Plus the Alabama Cops target “Them Thar Florida Plates” for revenue.

IRMA has SLOWED down to about 125 MPH [5 mph into CAT 4] as it chews into the northeast central coast of Cuba. NOAA had predicted that IRMA would not make landfall in CUBA. WRONG! All eyes are on the west coast of Florida and Tampa based on the NOAA Phony Cone. Models continue to pull into the Gulf but the NOAA model is aimed at TAMPA.


As of  5PM  NOAA released most phony of the phony cones to date.

Rather than show where the storm is actually headed which is into the Gulf Of Mexico they are clinging death to the unfounded Idea that IRMA will turn hard north to Tampa and follow the contours of the coast line bending backward to Tampa. Meanwhile MIAMI, PALM BEACH and even Lake Okeechobee are now out of the CONE!


11 AM Phony Cone has not change other than the cone getting more narrow at 5PM and freeing Southeast Florida from the tyranny of the CONE!

So what’s wrong here? Look at the course of IRMA according to NOAA once it hits the Keys. Suddenly and for no reason it becomes a serpentine snake following the coast of Florida. Our projection is that this goes to the Gulf.  When it is in closer range we will have US Radar on it and won’t have to be reliant on the NOAA Global Warmest politically motivated cone data. It’s a sorry day to have an outfit like NOAA exclusively in charge of the hurricane data.

Note that Miami and Palm Beach are no longer in the CONE! But Thank the Bureaucrat that citizens from Miami and Palm Beach have already been evacuated by the millions! NICE.


Be aware that IRMA is now a CAT 3 in CUBA and weakening. If it hits the Keys it will be a CAT 3. 


Of course a Cat 3 is a real storm but NOAA course was not predicting a Cuban landfall. So it is a big fat surprise to NOAA. But they so wanted the US landfall to be a CAT 5. Ah the dreams of the global warmists. They want people to get hurt to prove their apocalyptic moronic climate change religion. They failed again big time. Their weather god is no more than a pharting golden calf.

Rick Scott Governor of Florida is a mindless wimp. But but but if you don’t get out NOW… Government can’t save you. Good that’s the best news I have heard today. Two days before the hurricane even arrives and half of Florida is not even in the cone. But these knot head politicians scared 6 million people from there homes five days ago. Their overreaction has cost lives in the form of unnecessary highway deaths. Now Scott is at it again trying to evacuate Tampa. Governor baby rattle.


NOAA will have some Splaining to do if this storm pushes through to the Gulf of Mexico.

They were so focused and intent on producing a Miami direct hit that they took their focus off changing conditions and reality. They seemed to be trying to aim this hurricane at all Florida Cities instead of contemplating a very simple idea… to be accurate.  What if IRMA doesn’t turn north and instead continues west and follows the very warm water into the Gulf of Mexico. Cape Hurricanes are notorious for having high wind speeds and that causes inertia. Such systems do not turn easily nor do they turn on a dime. Global Warmists are often not very objective and their physics’ educations are defective if not non-existent.


Unlike the Warmists we do not want to see property damage or loss of life and limb.

Last year Matthew was predicted to destroy the whole Florida East Cost. Frantic Florida Governor Rick Scott called it a “KILLER STORM!” It never made landfall. They over-amped the storm. This is what you get with a Government monopoly. This year RICK SCOTT told the people of all of South Florida to Evacuate because “We are at the point were we [Government] can’t save you.” Oh the Humanity of it!

Bottom line… look for this storm to move offshore into the Gulf of Mexico. It will cause some problems to the Florida West Coast But For CRAP sake quit overreacting on the Central and East Coast. Bureaucrats might want to cool-it on the east coast because you are really pissing off the Native Floridians and they vote. This ain’t Cuba at least not yet!



Apparently Trump got some Religion Al Gore and Chuck Schumer style.

As IRMA was bearing down on Mar-a-lago, and the Debt Ceiling went to the moon, Trump finally got in touch with his inner lefty. Not only did Trump make amends with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, they all agreed that when it comes to spending, the Federal Government under liberal rule should never be made accountable. Within minutes Weather God Al Gore answered Trump’s plea and the course of Irma turned left with Trump and Mar-a-lago was spared certain destruction. Now the only thing being destroyed is the Country and the Republican Party! IRMA WOBBLES LEFTY JUST LIKE TRUMP NOAA PHONY CONE AVOIDS KATRINAVILLE KITTY LITTER SANDBAGS.

King of the Kitty Litter Phony Cones…

Can’t wait to find out from Michael Savage who’s to blame this time for Trumps vacating all Republican principles and going Lefty!


It all started last week with another Trump Scam. This was the FAKE Dreamer Scam.

Trump said he was going to put an end to Chairman Obama’s DACA Dreamer’s program. “Oh how horrible!” Actually it is horrible. While you were not looking Trump gave amnesty to 100,000 Dreamers with another 900,000 in the wings who should have been deported. But Trump Immediately told Congress to “do it’s job!” and give amnesty to one and all. This is the Trump lefty shuffle.


He says one thing then does the opposite. Remember THE WALL?

Trump said he was going to build a Wall. But there is no wall. Trump doesn’t need congress to build a wall. He can order it and use the departments of government resources to build it. But  instead there is no Wall and no Government funding for a Wall. Bottom line NO WALL!

Then there was TRUMPCRAPCARE. It was more socialist than Obamacare. Trump said he was going to make insurance cheaper and provide better care. You got higher premiums, less competition and worse care. In fact for the first time in US history the life expectancy has plunged. Bottom line you got Obamacare forever. Republicans now want to restore the mandatory taxes of Obamacare.


Trump was going to drain the swamp REMEMBER?

Instead he is the swamp. He is bilking the taxpayer. His trips to those Marginal Trump resorts, fill the rooms with Secret Service and West Wingers. None of this goes out to bid. All of it is paid at full fare and then some. At Mar-a-lago, the Chocolate Cake billed for President Xi Jimping’s visit was $1000 for a slice of chocolate cake. Trump made a public statement about how good the chocolate cake was. It was his inside joke as he was laughing at Taxpayers as he fills the Trump Organization coffers.


All along since TrumpCrapCare we have been saying Trump was RINO.

He has amply proven himself. Not only is he RINO, he is a Chuck Schumer RINO! What’s next an appointment of Hillary Clinton to the Supreme Court? Don’t mind Trump… he’s just getting in touch with his inner Grifter.


Irma is going Lefty too. Right along with Trump.

As IRMA shifts left it is becoming more apparent this storm can’t stop itself or turn right. That is the story of every Republican sent to congress in the last decade. But what it does mean for Florida is that low lying TAMPA is back in play and possibly everybody’s favorite hurricane town New Orleans!


If she don’t stop soon… she ain’t stopping til Katrinaville!” Mitch the Jerk



We maintained that once an evacuation of Miami was declared in Spanish by the Mayor of Miami, NOAA would never move the cone off Miami. That appears to be happening.

Have you ever seen a Cone Bend over backwards going left? The focus of this cone should not be the top of the cone but the bottom. There is no reason for this storm to be shown roaring up Florida when the whole cone should be shifted left into the Gulf of Mexico. What seems pretty certain here is that this storm may not turn up at Florida. It is much more likely to jump past the Keys and into the Gulf. IRMA has thus far avoided any large land masses.

More simply we don’t think this storm is going to hit Miami. We think it makes landfall in Cuba and the Florida Keys. In fact we think this storm is moving more westerly like the top of the cone but why is the bottom suddenly stationary at the base of Florida? It hasn’t budged even as the top bends over backward to the left like Trump!


Why would a Storm like this choose to run the length of Florida when it would remain much stronger in the Gulf of Mexico?

Hurricanes steer toward warmer water often avoiding large land masses that diminish their strength. If this Hurricane runs up through the middle of Florida through the low population areas, it will be converted quickly into a 50 MPH storm. This will break the spirit of the Global Warmists though they have enjoyed instilling fear in South Florida.


Only NOAA has the directional data!

That’s the beauty of your Government. Just as only the Government knew the USS Maddox was never fired upon in Vietnam and Weapons of Mass destruction never existed in Iraq. The Government is not new to lying intentionally. Oh but but but they are lying to keep you safe from Communism!


But but but NOAA is only half lying! Oh that’s a relief…

That’s right. Note IRMA is moving more westerly toward CUBA. The previous cones showed it missing Chairman Obama’s Castro Utopia and abruptly turning north to Miami. In fact the cones all showed it as a direct hit on Miami. That’s not happening now. Miami will not get a direct hit. Meanwhile look at the cone bending over backwards in a lefty or westerly direction just so it can maintain the rationale for the Miami Evacuation. One bureaucracy helping another? Meanwhile there are possibly millions of non-English speaking “Zitizens” screaming northward along I-95 and I-75 in their buzzbomb cars. Florida is now out of gasoline.


What happens if IRMA goes Katrinaville? Uh Oh!

Quick open up the Super Dome! Establish anarchy. The NOAA PHONY CONE may have set up a potential nightmare if IRMA doesn’t turn and just heads across the Straight of Florida to the Gulf and New Orleans. But but but, models that get their directional date from the Ministry of Information NOAA are still maintaining the “NORTH TURN” Scenario. As proof positive the models agree. Sure they do. They have the same data from NOAA that only NOAA has. To work at NOAA you best be a believer not a DENIER if you know what I mean!


If NOAA can bend that cone over far enough to hit Arkansas then they will have an excuse when this storm heads for Katrinaville. 


Drudge is making a damn fool out of himself.

Last year Drudge questioned the Monopoly weather but this year he’s running with it and pushing out fear just like the Drive-bys or one of the elite from the ministry of information Global Warming Division. That’s the SS of Global Warming. Guess he didn’t want to be accused of obstructing the evacuation process. Why obstruct when you can sell the fear click bait?


Meanwhile Florida has turned into more or less a state of Marshal Law.

Pinellas County issued Hurricane Irma evacuation orders yesterday. This is the West Coastal area near St. Petersburg. They ran out of sandbags and are now using Cat Litter bags to hold back the tides. You can’t make this crap up. It is illegal to use beach sand for sandbags. Welcome to Kitty Litter Beach!

I-95 is packed and so is I-75 as the fearful hordes flee Florida with their trunks filled with snack foods and bottled water. Miami evacuations were ordered three days ago and if this Left Cone trend continues then Miami won’t get hit. You gotta love this. This is Government AMTRAK Monopoly Weather controlling Government Bureaucrats to do the most nothing as possible to keep cradle to grave safety for everyone. So they send you out on the crowded highways packed with cars frantically leaving the state. Yeah you’ll be much safer out on the highways when you run out of gas at night.


In the name of keeping you safe…

Trump released the Petroleum reserves. Only one minor problems with that idiotic idea… all the refineries are shut down so they can’t process the oil anyhow. There was no shortage of oil. The shortage is in gasoline produced by the refiners that are shut from the storm. Always nice to see Trump showing his strategic expertise at nothing. Maybe he was trying to manipulate the oil futures for some of his Billionaire buddies.


It’s a Veloza Rafter…

Image result for black looter TV on raft

Meanwhile Keep your eye on the NOAA PHONY CONE… and old Phony Trump.


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