UP DATE: UH OH! Will Charleston be demolished?  They should remove those Confederate statues ASAP! IRMA path projections continue to move east offshore threatening Charleston, and North Carolina. Still politically aimed at Miami and Palm Beach specifically Mar-a-lago of course will get 10 to 15 ft storm Surge. “It’s gone man,” said one gleeful Global warmer. Run for your lives screamed the Mayor of Miami in Spanish. Surprised he did not start crying for a truckload of body bags like the former jailed mayor of New Orleans. Then again if he wanted body bags he would be screaming for that in English. It is times like these that perhaps reminding citizens that the University of Miami mascot is the hurricane. Miami has had hurricanes for as long as there has been a Miami. Oh but this is different this time! Yeah right. IRMA GLOBAL WARMIST GIDDY OVER MIAMI TRUMP HOUSE HIT POTENTIAL.


“Once they declare an evacuation for Miami, NOAA will never unhinge Miami from claiming  a direct hit until the last Mitch McConnell minute. Then they will pat themselves on the back for protecting everyone that has evacuated.”


Some Millennial males wearing flip flops, mandatory footwear for Bernie Sanders socialists,  set up a card table next to the Home Depot hot dog vendor. “I wish they would leave,” said the Bikini clad Vendor. There was a sign on their table which read, “IRMA The Inconvenient Truth Arrives.” While patrons were buying hurricane supplies as far up as Georgia, some elderly were considering the idea of dumping Jesus in favor of Al Gore, the golden calf of the apocalypse. One old codger took out his BP Credit card and shredded it to the glee of the Warmist attendants. IRMA GLOBAL WARMIST JUBILANT APOCALYPTIC DENIERS EXTINCTION STORM MAY MISS FLORIDA.


Hurricane Harvey was better than a tent revival for the Warmists.

Who says fear doesn’t sell…  In Orlando Florida, Bill Chang said he was buying bottled water. When asked why he did not just fill bottles with Tap water, he said he needed batteries for his LED flashlights because Florida could be without power for months. He thought he would have to evacuate and could take his bottled water with him. “This things a killa!”, he added.


SIR Richard Branson said Hurricane Irma was a sign of the effects of climate change on the world.

He said: “The damage caused by Harvey all over Texas is a tragic and costly reminder that our climate is changing and that we are not doing enough to tackle this enormous challenge.”


Of course Branson flew to his private Necker Island by Jet to ride out the storm with the flamingos. Another case of do as I say not as I do. Why not show the world you are sincere Richard and ground all your Airline’s jets? If you had done that you might not have caused Hurricane Harvey to happen! As you say it is a matter of cause and effect. You caused it more than some guy that drives a honda.


I just love these headlines….

Denying Hurricane Harvey’s climate links only worsens future suffering

Repent or suffer!

Houston, We’ve Got A Problem. It’s Called Global Warming. – Forbes

Repent or burn!

Scientists say warming makes storms, like Harvey, wetter – ABC News

Repent or get soaked


Repent or drown!



We will start with the fact that most Spaghetti models are garbage.

The best model for accuracy by far is the ECMWF and it is projecting a course toward the Gulf of Mexico along with UKMET and Canadian model CMC. It is still early to pin these down but it is unlikely that Florida’s East Coast will be hit. So far IRMA has elected the path of least resistance and is threading through Hurricane Alley without bumping into anything. That may change in on day as it starts to stumble on some tiny islands.

The European models continue to reinforce the notion that IRMA will head west rather than northwest. This is not making the American Global Warmists happy. They want this hurricane to Hit Miami full force and slam into Donald Trump’s Mar-a-logo in Palm Beach and rip the roof off the joint. For the Warmist weather is about REVENGE!

Last year when the Warmists missed their revenge with Matthew which never made landfall in Florida they have been hoping for the next storm of the CENTURY. While they enjoyed the damage caused by Harvey, it was essentially a giant rainstorm leaving them with a thirst for something really awful.


War of the Models: This is new!


Yes it looks like IRMA is cloning itself but it’s not. That is Jose the illegal hurricane and he’s going out to sea or up the see Chris Christie.

This is the war between the Europeans and the US Models. Canada by the way is closer to our model in that we think Cuba will be impacted and the storm will fizzle to a tropical storm.

The lead antagonist in the above graphic are NOAA and the NHC forecasts. NHC is forecasting IRMA to go through the Straight of Florida and affect mainly the keys and west coast of Florida. NOAA true to its form as a political organization much like PBS and is steering the storm slam damn up the center of Florida. These have been less accurate in the past than the Europeans.

The Europeans who have the most accurate models both the ECMWF which is the most accurate and UKMET which is less accurate but highly ranked both show the storm hitting Havana. The Canadian model shows the storm dropping below Cuba. ECMWF shows the storm hugging the West Coast of Florida and possibly striking Tampa. But this is quite early. Some lesser known spaghetti tracings are going after Charleston, South Carolina.


So where is this thing going?

The models diverge so far apart they are useless. At this point if this storm doesn’t hit Florida then terrified Floridians will be eating a lot of junk food they bought for the shelters and wondering why they went berserk.

There are two basic claims here. The Europeans claim this storm goes west Hits Havana and essentially turns into a tropical storm. The NOAA and NHC are showing some traces up the middle of Florida and several others offshore that are aiming toward Charleston.

So what’s the problem here?

Politics. You can’t work at NOAA unless you vow obedience to AL Gore and the Global Warming Religion. So year after year NOAA and the NHC predictions look dire next to the reality. The Europeans do better because they have better math skills and are more interested in weather than politics.


Let’s explore each of the three alternatives:

Storm goes to cuba and dies. It then turns to Florida with 70 MPH winds up the state falling apart along the way hitting next to nothing.

Storm rides up the middle. This is very unlikely and just political crap. But the Storm hits the coast hard but by the time it gets up near Orlando it is a Tropical Storm or Cat 1. Hits just about nothing but the lowest point of the coast.

Storm rides out the ocean off shore distant enough just to cause some beach erosion and surf for the Florida starved surf rats.


THE LATEST FORECAST: Spaghetti models shifted right due to Jet Stream. 

This means the Surf Rats in Florida will likely have a really great surfing week. I may have to partake. But what this also means is the mass hysteria of Florida will move up to South Carolina and North Carolina. Some have suggested Georgia might be impacted but we doubt that with the very large move to the East. This would really anger the Warmest. Not only is it likely now that Miami will not be hit but that Mar-a-lago will not be impacted either. It is still too early to call but by tomorrow, or the next day we can hopefully declare Florida will not be impacted by this storm.


Click here for a JET STREAM Animation that shows why IRMA will turn.


Our view is that this will leave the Global Warmists’ thirsts for destruction unquenched. They may have to wait a few more years for an earthquake or a tornado. It doesn’t die here; these people are idiots. This has turned into roaring insanity. The Government feeds off it. Politicians feed off it. Media feeds off it. Grocery stores feed off it. Global Warmist feed off it. Home Depot feeds off it. Even our website feeds off the idiocy.

Good Luck America… the idiocray is upon you.

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