TRUMP ASKED FLYNN TO TALK TO RUSSIA… Uh Oh. That was back when REALITY TRUMP was holding the ring kissing ceremony at TRUMP TOWERS. Kiss the RING peasants!  Or was it the evening when Trump called Flynn at 3 AM to ask if a high or low dollar was better for the economy. Wharton must be proud! Doesn’t matter now. The General is on the warpath. Trump Administration rocked by General’s artillery fire. Will testify against TRUMP and the whole Trump Administration. I wonder if son-of-a-crook will get indited. Hope so. Meanwhile, without blinking, Mitch McConnell announced he had enough RINOs lined up to pass the Senate RINO TAX nightmare. IMPEACHMENT DRUMS MUELLER ENCIRCLES FLYNN TURNS STATES TRUMP De Dumb Dumb.



Understand the basis of the problem here.

The US Government rightly or wrongly imposed sanctions on Russia prohibiting various economic and political interactions. We were one of the only opinion posters that said it was a bad idea. Sanctions never work because they are unenforceable. We did not think rekindling the cold war over Ukraine was remotely intelligent. But but but… there has been no bigger advocate of Obama styled sanctions than TRUMP. Trump has talked about starving the people of North Korea to death. Trump has even suggested using Nuclear weapons to kill all North Korean citizens.


But then again, Trump always feels that laws and policies don’t apply to him and his family. They are privileged. But whatever you do, don’t call his kid autistic.

For example, the Federal nepotism law is clear. Nepotism is not welcomed in government. They left in a very thin exclusion for First Ladies in that they could be part of an Administration as long as they were not paid. So Trump skirted the law by not paying Ivanka and Kushner son-of-a-crook a direct salary. This was exactly what the nepotism law tries to avoid.

Nevertheless, Ivanka is galavanting all over the world securing her clothing line Trademarks in a blatant quid pro quo arrangement. This is sickening. But it points to the large issue of Trump’s lack of character and fitness. This is a blatant conflict of interest but Trump is only interested in skirting the law on a technicality. He thinks that makes him cleaver. It just makes him a slime.

What is really remarkable is how disorganized Trump has been.

Starting with his first blast of trying to stop Muslim travel. He, Kushner son-of-a-crook and Rudy Guliani crafted the first Executive Order without an Attorney General. They were in a big hurry.

The results of that mess speak volumes of Trump’s disorganization. Most of his close staff were crackpots and family. Essentially he hasn’t gotten anything done. Members of his own administration have called him lazy and at least two have called him a moron. It demonstrates the level of micromanagement and pure entropy of Trump.

Not even a year into it and he has had more administrative turnover than any president in history. He also has the lowest poll numbers in history.


So who is in the lurch here? KUSHNER son-of-a-crook and grifter’s son-in-law: Guess Nepotism wasn’t such a great idea after all.

Yup, it is the recently invisible Son-of-a-crook, Jared Kushner that is now becoming the focus of interest. KUSHNA, as we call him, is part of the Nepotistic TRUMP KIDs fun couple. He is married to IVONKA who has kept her last name TRUMP perhaps in anticipation she might have to dump Kushna! All eyes are now on Kushna since he was the “Presidential Advisor” who told Flynn that Trump wanted Flynn to make contact with Russia. That’s one story being floated. With Trump, there is no such thing as being as being forthcoming. Look at his Bill Bush Interview. Trump now claims it was fake. One lie after another. He doesn’t care.

Will Kushna take the Fall for Trump? Or will Kushna take down Donald Trump Jr, the Elephant Killer?

One thing is certain, somebody is going to do some talk’in. This is only the beginning. The Big question for now is will TRUMP PULL A NIXON by firing Robert Mueller as Nixon fired Archie Cox?

A one-year resignation would certainly cap off the year with some Trump style.It caps off a pretty good week.Nikki Haley told the people of North Korea that the USA would annihilate every living being in North Korea.  Russia stepped in immediately and essentially said that won’t happen and said Nikki Haley was essentially out of her mind.


As the stock market was diving over 300 points following the Flynn announcement, Mitch McConnel stepped in to save the day claiming the Senate had the RINO votes to pass the Senate Tax Reform Nightmare.

Bob Corker was the ONLY Republican to essentially tell the truth that the Tax Reform Bill was essentially garbage and would bury Americans in debt.Always like to remind the elderly that this RINO TAX bill has a 1/4 Trillion in Medicare CUTs in it. So you might want to call Marco Rubio in the state with the most Elders.

Apparently, Marco is good with the automatic Medicare CUTs. He’s good with it as long as 65-year-old Cubans can come here and collect $800 a month from Social Security even if they aren’t citizens and never worked a day in the good ole USA. Yeah, Marco is your man.

The dumbass elderly in America vote 99% of the time in favor of incumbents. Yeah, they do a lot of deep thinking before casting their votes. No problem, Millineals will cut em off just like the RINOs.





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