Imagine the trouble MSNBC is going to have getting rid of Megyn Kelly.  Golden Parachutes aside… Women make their own glass ceiling. The Fabulous Gender Card! The Female CEO experiment has for the most part failed. Oh But but but they are such good role models for young girls.  How come young men don’t need this role model crap? The FEMALE CEO experiment has certainly failed at IBM and Yahoo. Both Ginni Rometty and Marissa Mayer are way overpaid for driving their respective companies into the ground. Rometty is the highest paid female CEO in America at $19 million a year cash PLUS OPTIONS.  IBM WATSON SAYS CEO GINNI ROMETTY MUST FIRE HERSELF.

Perhaps it is because these women view this job at the top as political instead of strategic. Both have bought over 50 smaller companies each to grow the businesses. But none have worked out. None have added a dime to earnings. It is a total bust strategy. More simply they don’t know a good business from a bad business.



Worse, in order to hide the dirt under the carpets, both these broads [to use THE Sinatra term] have used their respective war chests to buy back stock giving the illusion that stock price reflected the health of the companies when in fact earning were dropping. Dan Loeb had the good sense to sell into each and every one of Mayer’s buybacks. Drukenmiller dumped IBM very early. Buffett however got sucked into the Rometty scam up to his eyebrows. Last week he sold 1/3 of his stake. At one point he owned $13 Billion in IBM stock. Uh Oh.


THE CEO JOB isn’t just ministerial.

It requires creativity and risk taking not cheer leading! These are two areas were men are simply superior to women unless you watch a lot of TV.  Sure IVONKA has a clothing line but how does that compare to Karl Lagerfeld, Francisco Costa, Alexander Wang or Raf Simons. It doesn’t.

Same could be said of the great chef’s of the world. The best and most creative are men. The same is true of the greatest artists. The best are men. Best mathematicians, the best engineers, the best physicists, the best computer programmers are ALL MEN. The best surgeons are men. Best heavy equipment operators are men. The best warriors are men. The lists are embarrassingly long and overwhelming. But but but that’s just the glass ceiling… is it?


It is not Ginni’s fault. The blame is the IBM political Board of Directors. They just wanted to make a liberal statement. They had to have a woman at the helm. Now they can’t dump her without being called Gender butchers and paying a huge exit fee. They were all smiles the day they put Ginni in charge. Now they aren’t smiling especially after Buffett dumped so much stock.


IBM has always had a strange corporate culture. I call it the anti-genius culture. Most of the employees are stuffed shirts that drink heavily. They don’t take chances. Nobody at IBM sticks out as a super genius. Nope they are all pretty much smiling voting machines that pass the buck and and put on airs. Most are just RIPs [Retired In Place]. In fact IBM has become the modern day Ma Bell offering lifetime employment and retirement benefits to posers. But that concept sort of escapes the purpose of a business which is to make money and create new avenues to make more money. Compare Amazon.


Here you have a wild FOUNDER daredevil of a risk taker Jeff Bezos.

He has simply blown IBM and Microsoft out of the cloud. That’s not even his main business. That was a side effect of self-pursuit by Amazon. How did he do it? He used common sense. It is like the difference between the people who change their own oil and oil filters compared to those that let the instant jerks do it for them. Do you trust the instant jerks or the $3 an hour guy to not cross thread your filter or oil plug. And who will use the synthetic oils with the most zinc? You have to ask for that and you still get the cheapo stuff. I will explain.

I change my own oil and I use Rotella T6 for Diesels in all my vehicles including my gasoline vehicles. Why? Because the Government controls the “allowable” zinc in oil for gasoline vehicles but it allows more zinc in diesel oil and racing oils. The anti-zinc lobbyists haven’t yet been able to shove the good old 18 Wheeler Truckers around. Watson would never tell you to change your own oil let alone use diesel engine oil! Oh my God no! But but but Watson could tell you all about why zinc is added to most synthetic oils. Ah information that leads NO PLACE! I have a neighbor just like this.


Jeff Bezos is a creative male risk taker:

While retail brick and mortar slept, Bezos created the Amazon platform. Originally it was a place where anyone with internet access could find a good deal. Part of that good deal was avoiding state Sales taxes. Bezos single-handedly fought states over this sales tax while all the other online businesses played it safe and cut their own throats. He moved warehouses strategically. Bezos automated them so he could move them quickly somewhere else if needed. He duplicated efforts to provide redundancy. For IBM management to do any of this would have required a ten year study. Why? For one thing the IBMers like to live in the burbs and enjoy the good life. They don’t like living in Bumfreak! They don’t drive pickup trucks. IBMers driver Beamers and Lexus. Ah the good life. The soft life.

Bezos reasoned that the cloud was a better and safer and more mobile place to store things. You see the common theme emerging with Amazon is to retain mobility. They don’t want to become sitting ducks for some hungry state tax department. Amazon could play in the clouds from anywhere on earth. They didn’t need big mainframes at every warehouse. They just needed access to their own cloud.

Since the Amazon business model involved vendors, Bezos opened his cloud services up to businesses and potential businesses, hackers and tech brats. An access account was free for the opening. IBM and Microsoft would NEVER do that! Their clouds were too sacred! They hate the tech brats and hackers. They hate you for changing your own oil. Even now IBM is “working on” a private cloud system to avoid all the smelly tech rats and their crazy ideas. IBM is certainly not the home of any crazy ideas or any ideas for that matter. They are a scavenger herd that follows far behind. There mantra is NEVER BE FIRST! They think being first is a sucker’s game.


Look at IBM’s Watson… it is being blown out by Amazon’s Echo.

IBM has long touted Watson as the future. The future of what? They say artificial intelligence. Watson can store a lot of factoids and can win in Jeopardy but it can’t think. It reminds me of the endless “good students” that I have encountered over the years that were good at memory and regurgitation on exams. In fact that is education in America these days… eat and puke. It spits out bromide.

When I was studying chemistry, I built a host of molar equations that I could use in the oral rat race games. The instructor would give a chemical problem and the Asians calculators would be off to the races. But I always beat them because I had simplified all my equations to do them in my head or with a simple one input variable. The Asian gunners could have done the same analysis I did but they didn’t. They are notorious for working problems by rote which is not a terrible thing unless you are playing the RAT RACE game. I have always relied on the lack of math creativity of the stellar Asian students to catapult me to the top of the class.


But but but you took a shortcut… yes I did.

Life is full of shortcuts including human programming that tells you if you are right side up or up side down. That is why humans can’f fly aircraft in the fog without instruments. They won’t know up from down.


What’s this have to do with Watson and Echo? Echo can order me a pizza. Watson can tell me all about Pizza.


Genius is practical though it has always been labeled wrongly.

The Stereotype genius is unfriendly, antisocial, overly complicated, essentially a nasty nerd. A real genius is very fun loving. They have ideas, some amusing but virtually all have a practical useful purpose.


Think how cool a driverless car will be.

It’s a chauffeur. Your car can take you to the bar and pick you up and bring you home drunk. It can take you to your Foreign Obamacare doctor’s office. And if you are old or lose your vision; nobody can take your keys away from you. “Grandma… gimmy them keys before you kill someone!”

GM ain’t working on this! Their diversity engineering team is still trying to figure out why those Chevy steering wheels kept coming off. Can you imagine the thrill of driving down the interstate and the steering wheel pops off in your hands?


Compare Buffett the Billionaire to Bezos:

What great new fun things has Buffett done with his billions? Nothing! Bezos on the other hand has revolutionized retail and mail order. He is building rockets that are reusable. NASA spending trillions never did this. But Bezos did it on a shoestring! Bezos made the cloud a reality. What has the liberal shill Buffett done with his billions? Has he made life better for anyone but himself? No. In fact his model of the world is a few elites and a whole lot of proletariat; that’s you. He’s a goofball with that condescending sissy laugh and phony modesty. Think of him as grandpa with the head of a great white shark. That’s the real Buffett.


Bezos empowers people.

Amazon has broken the high priced retail hostage taking situation. Amazon has cut into Walmart. In fairness Sam Walton the founder of Walmart was a fine intelligent man. His children are now rich. That’s all they do and all they are… simply rich. They don’t do anything but count their dollars. Gates or Buffett don’t back anything or anybody. They create nothing. Oodles of money and no ideas.

Carlos Slim said it years ago. He observed that Buffett and Gates didn’t really do much of anything with their billions other than intend to send it all to Africa. Slim said he felt the obligation of being super wealthy was to build businesses not just buy stuff. Meanwhile Gates and Buffett are just consumed with liberal politics and the Democratic party of slavery. Think about it…  shouldn’t GEICO want a safe driverless car? How bout Microsoft? Microsoft would be busy trying to figure out how to give government all your travel information. Meanwhile IBM sleeps as their employees plan their fun filled summer vacations and eventual retirements. Ah the luxury to do the most nothing as possible on and off the job.


Bezos built the cloud. Now echo. Now Prime.

These are all practical things seen by a very practical guy that listens. Look at Prime. The biggest problem with online retail loyalty is shipping. Customers want stuff fast and cheap. So Bezos creates PRIME. If you buy a lot of stuff through Amazon, you get two day shipping on most items and you get some video entertainment. It amounts to a shipping club. Did Eddie Lampert the Hedge Fund marvel do this for Sears online? Nope. Bezos dances around the elites with the greatest of ease.

Worse, look at Walmart prices they are all going up! Walmart is slugging down due to Obamacare, the minimum wage and inflation. Walmart Board is now composed of politicians. They could care less about the efficiency of the business. They got their money. Look at Aldi Food Stores. Every market they enter they take. They are killing Walmart.


Then came ALEXA! WOW! Crash goes the Cable phone and ATT stand alone house phone! Bezo is a human wrecking ball!

ALEXA is the Amazon personal assistant.  You talk to your Echo or Dot and it gathers information, plays multimedia and now it can even make phone calls to other Alexa users.

Alexa users who own an Echo, or who have the app installed on their iOS or Android smartphone, can now call or message each other. NOTE THAT MICROSOFT and IBM ARE OUT TO LUNCH ON THIS ONE TOO!

Calls are crystal clear. This is not the old Cell phone experience.  ALEXA lets you send voice messages or text to another user.  The text of course is spoken by ALEXA.


This is the old Bell Video phone that never happened. It was featured at the 1964 World’s Fair.

People had to dress up to make a phone call. Now you can wear nothing like Anthony Weiner.


Image result for Anthony weiner phone photo


Back in the ATT landline hostage taking days, ATT got caught charging Grandma more for phone calls than some new phone service. Why? Because Grandma was loyal to ATT. These giants don’t innovate but the can squeeze blood out of a turnip and slow technology down for years.


Now you have an app from some freaked out nerd so everyone can talk to your Girlfriend in Africa on Video Cell Phone including your Girlfriend. “New world new rules!” Competition is everywhere even where you least expect it! Yikes!


This is the phone answering Robot. Yup voicemail…. Not exactly. This industrial wonder could only pick up a phone and put it down. The Fortune 500 company that came up with this called it Extremely useful.



I had no reason for including this bit of art other than it was an invention from the 1930’s. Liberal Militarized Police Departments in the USA today may want to use to thwart free speech. It could also be used by large Corporations to destroy the competition from small start-ups.


Bottom line: If you are not creative you should not be in control of anything including a website let alone the lives of tens of thousands of employees.

Mere hording is not success. Being a politician is not success. Making the world a better more interesting more fun place is the essence of success. Ginni ain’t cutt’in it. Marissa Mayer ain’t cutt’in it. But they are making themselves rich while destroying their respective companies. Is that a good thing? They will have great retirements. Ginni is making a million and a half each month. Is she worth more than the nerd that wrote the videophone app? And just think what great role models they will be for young girls. “You can be a CEO too!” Then you can go shopping!


What is wrong with IBM? Not much… just everything!

Executives are treated very well at IBM. The more mush they have between their ears the better they are treated. IT’s are treated like garbage. There is no predatory technology geniuses rocking the IBM boat. IBM would rather fire the techno boat rockers than upset their sleeping management. Nobody likes to be disturbed by somebody with a lot of ideas. Besides it takes away from retirement planning.


If you are a hacker or entrepreneur with ideas then IBM doesn’t want you.

They only want to sucker in the fortune 500 types. That is why everyone wears suits at IBM. They like the big shot managers of big dead-between-the-ears companies that don’t do anything but try to buy their way to success. Countless years IBM sold and leased mainframes to companies that should have been buying desktops systems from somebody else.


Now all of a sudden IBM is a cloud company.

But as a hacker, I can’t get an account with IBM. But I can get a free account with Amazon and I can work with all of Amazon’s subsystem software and third party developers. IBM HAS NO THIRD PARTY DEVELOPERS.

So why would I want some cloud presence? I have some technology courses and educational course to teach students how to take standardized testing. For example I have a course on logic games to beat the LSAT puzzles and war games. I have perfect scores on those logic game law school tests. And I must admit that Donald Trump sending his very powerful armada to North Korea by way of Australia was very cagey indeed. I need to remember that for my next War games module.


Can I go to IBM with my small stuff?

No not unless I have plenty of dough on hand and basically don’t need money or ideas anyway. But if I am just good at teaching logic then I have no choice but to make things work on my own. Amazon helps me in a myriad of ways including platforms for marketing my course and getting paid per view. IBM can’t do this. All I ever hear from IBM is how WATSON is going to revolutionize the world. But Watson is useless. A tree program is NOT AI! Watson is FOS.


Watson is not intuitive. Anything that is not intuitive is useless.

Google’s search engine is very useful because it is intuitive. Unlike Microsoft’s Bing which is crap Google makes suggestions both on word usage but also on spelling and frequency. Their searches use probability to prioritize. Also they follow your search logic and often shift back to what Google considered your likely path. Humans think in circles. They are not linear.

IBM has none of this. The Microsoft search engine which Yahoo uses is crap. [Ask CEO Marissa Why?] Laughably Marissa Mayer before she was the CEO of Yahoo was a “spokesperson” for Google. That’s some jump. Anything is possible with a stupid board of directors that get Gender rabies.


Ginni… oh Ginni…. it’s time to go…

Buffett never criticized Ginni by name. Oh no… He’s much too liberal for that. But he did say this:

“I Don’t Value IBM The Same Way That I Did Six Years Ago”

Putting the dots together six years ago was when the board bought into the GINNI Wonderment. Buffett had become a large shareholder two months before the Ginni installment. Thus, Buffett valued IBM before the arrival of Ginni.

To be absolutely fair not all this large company meltdown is unique to IBM. Intel the inventor of the microprocessor somehow got completely outflanked by dozens of microprocessor companies in the handheld space. Microsoft too was asleep at the wheel when it came to handheld software. They are all playing catch up which makes them look a lot like dinosaurs. IBM is the kind of company that gives “neatness” points but they are living in the dark ages. But retirements are good.

It is the IBM Culture of the stuffed shirt that is just is sooooo 1990’s. Babyboomer are perhaps the least creative persons ever born. IBM is the Mecca for the non-creative. They actually seek them out. This is the era of the hoodie in the board room not the Hillary Clinton Gender moralists. Feminism is dying of old age. Reality is setting in. Powerful nerds have scattered to the winds and are now part of the growth side of the small start ups. I knew this was coming long ago.


The gathering storm clouds of Genderism:

I was hanging out in the National Semiconductor clean rooms in Palo Alto way back when. I was there with an Israeli spook who was a great friend of mine. He represented Elta Group. Outside the door of one of the clean rooms stood a tall young good looking woman with a clipboard. She was dressing down a short intimidated little nerd wearing a Cal Tech shirt. She was at his throat over a door being unlocked. It looked like his mother scolding him. We watched this with great interest and wondered how a zoo keeper like this woman thought she was superior to this nerd. It is true he was shy. This is like an elephant being afraid of a mouse. This guy was a CMOS design engineer. I imagine his IQ started around 180. It was clear he was unhappy and wanted out.

National Semiconductor went into a slow demise and this unit was eventually bought by Texas Instruments. As for the nerd he ended up at QualComm as one of their early design Gods. Hard to keep a good nerd down!


The IBM website is a great one way experience:

As a shareholder in this pile of trash, I can’t even send a letter to Investor Relations. Ginni sure as crap doesn’t want to hear from me.  If I could have sent email it wouldn’t matter anyway.  Nobody reads it an nobody cares. IR is the place where they put the hot looking girl that can’t type. She sure as hell doesn’t care what shareholders think. IR at most large companies is the ultimate DEAD END. It is where they have a gorgeous bag of rocks sitting there doing her nails.

But if I have a problem with an Amazon purchase. They are calling me in literal seconds to straighten it out. That beats standing in line at the Walmart returns counter.

If I walked into IBM offices, they would be trying to shuffle me to the loading dock with some serious speed. Yup… in spite of my clear genius and stock ownership they don’t want me even standing in their parking lot wearing my torn up Princeton gym pants. My presence is well… disturbing.

“Hey get that guy away from my Beamer!”


A completely fake commercial…

Watson to Mitch:

Hey Mitch when you left for your five Bloody Mary lunch today, you forgot to reset the Refinery fire alarms. You left one of the cracking towers opened and it filled with explosive gases. You could have burned the place to the ground or worse. But don’t worry I took care of things. At least it wasn’t nerve gas. [Watson laughs!]


Thanks Watson. I owe you one buddy. I guess I’m just drinking too much these days.

Watson to Mitch:

Actually Mitch we analyzed your DNA off your flask you hid in your locker. Turns out you have Native American ancestors. You may be unable to efficiently metabolize acetaldehyde in the brain.

ADH1B*3 allele which you possess occurs almost exclusively in Africans, African-Americans and in some Native Americans, and is found only in extremely low frequencies in other populations.

Don’t blame yourself Mitch. Blame the White Man who can metabolize the acetaldehyde faster in his brain and slower in his stomach. Slow brain acetaldehyde metabolism may contribute to alcohol abuse whereas slower stomach metabolism protects some White Folks and Jews from alcohol dependency.

Perhaps you should consider filing a disability claim.  I will come to court and speak on your behalf as an expert witness. I can puke up data with more force and volume than Mt. Vivacious following a bender.


Thanks Watson you’re a real friend.


Yeah… I’m your Pal Mitch. Knowing an incompetent guy like you may come in handy some day especially in the Options Markets.


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