Two weeks ago CashMcCall warned that August markets would switch gears and head lower on geopolitical woes. The DOW slammed down over 200 points thanks to Trump and his Nuclear cheap talk. CashMcCAll also warned previously that IBM was going to nosedive. IBM is a popular stock for passive investor and those with 401K plans as well as government pension plans. Not to mention that Buffett has taken a drubbing even with the sale of 1/3 of his stake in IBM this spring. IBM 52 WEEK LOW WIPES OUT RETIREMENT BILLIONS CASHMcCALL WARNED. Since our call to Sell IBM,  it is down almost 10% and it is going lower. We think it could go as low as $78 dollars a share. That may be what it takes before the moronic Board of Directors gets rid of Ginny Rometty.



The ROMETTY DISASTER: All in the name of Gender Wonderfulness.

Last earning were yet another revenue disaster for Female roll model GINNY ROMETTY who has delivered an unprecedented 21 CONSECUTIVE QUARTERS FALLING REVENUES. That is a feather in her cap. No other IBM CEO in history has done this. They actually grew the company. Those that didn’t were removed in quick order. But not Ginny Hey little girls if you want to be CEO’s of a great big stupid company you might try to make some money. Though apparently to the board of IBM that is less important than this moronic GENDERISM political appointment crap.


What is wrong with this company? Oh just about everything!

We have cataloged it before. It has the curse of the Female CEO. In a nutshell high technology is male dominated for a reason. Males are better at it. Look at the entire history of high technology. Males have 99.99% of all patents. They built and lateralized it. Don’t argue that the ladies were not given the chance. For the last 25 years engineering schools have bent the admissions standards and promoted women. Government has promoted Genderism and even incentivised it. But there has been no yield. Each company that has opted for this kind of genderism has destroyed itself.

Had Rometty been a male she would have been cut loose after her third year. But but but we have to play this insane gender game.

Look at Microsoft. They are useless.

They have entirely missed the handheld market. Somehow they could not integrate smartphones and tablets to their windows software. They just have failed at it. Android has annihilated them. They are completely out to lunch as to the handheld world. The old hungry Microsoft with its competing male work groups would never have missed the handheld world.


Look at Google:

They are immersed in a controversy over one of their white male engineers that implied in a memo that diversity wasn’t working out so well. Who the hell would care? The guy gets fired for voicing an opinion, over which he was given no advanced warning.   Then Google responds through some “Get this” Diversity Vice President [laughable] made some kind of bullcrap measured response that diversity is wonderful yadda yadda yadda. Google BTW is 70% male. Want to look at the future look at NVDIA. It’s 84% male and percolating on all cylinders.

This is technology not the rest of the world. Kaiser Permanante is 75% female and just 25% male. Men aren’t screaming about the pink glass ceiling there are they? Tech is different. It is a realm of combative male genius.


Sell stocks with Female CEO’s.

That is a gross generalization but that is how markets work. This female CEO thing is idiotic because the Female CEO is handled with kid gloves even when she nosedives a company for 21 consecutive quarters. Objectivity is getting replaced by genderism. Businesses only exist if they make money. Shareholders are the owners and they are being shafted. It might be deserved with Buffett who is a mindless liberal. But he has really taken it on the chin this time around.


The workplace should be about merit not politics:

Large firms seem to evolve into quasi socialist operations. This should never happen. The Board has a fiduciary duty to shareholders not to the fashion of Diversity or some other quasi transgenderism nonsense.

When the Board infuses policies like this, the really smart employees bolt for companies that have a future. IBM is not one of those companies.

Get out of IBM STOCK NOW. When the big mutual funds and pension funds start unloading this is going to feel like a freight elevator with a snapped cable in free fall.


CashMcCall has no IBM holdings of any kind, no stock futures, options, common or preferred shares and no intention to obtain any positions in this operation.

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