Uh Oh! JUST LIKE IRMA, early spaghetti models are expecting MARIA to turn north before hitting FLORIDA. But will it turn?  We’ll know more on Wednesday at 8am when Maria a CAT 4 slams head on into Puerto Rico. IRMA missed Puerto Rico but knocked out power on much of the island. This buzz saw is going to be a direct hit across all of Puerto Rico. Some spaghetti models show the storm could enter the Gulf and head toward Galveston or Houston. Others have it making a bee line toward Chris Christie the hurricane magnet. Others show it turning north and tracking the cost of Florida. One thing is certain, Gas prices are about to skyrocket along with pharmaceutical prices. HURRICANE MARIA FOLLOWS IRMA PATH GASOLINE SHORTAGE THREATENS EVACUATIONS SENIORS TERRIFIED.



This little gem is from Please note this was identical to IRMA’s first spaghetti models. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of confidence. Government doesn’t know anything about this hurricane’s direction.

Gas prices and shortages… Thank George Bush.

Since the Keystone Pipeline was constructed it intended to consolidate most all US Refinery capacity in Texas. This was a stupid idea. For one thing the US does not need and should not want Canadian shale oil. We have plenty of our own oil coming out of the Dakotas. Unfortunately our Shale is being transported by Warren Buffett’s trains and new pipelines from Clown Trump are going to connect the Dakota basin to the Keystone. This makes Dakota Shale a hostage of Texas refiners and the only place they can sell their oil. In fact it makes most all gasoline dependent on Texas refineries.

With hurricanes prone to travel toward the Gulf of Mexico,this causes most of the Eastern seaboard INCLUDING FLORIDA, GEORGIA, NORTH CAROLINA to be without gasoline. The continental gas pipeline can’t run when the pipeline is not filled with gasoline. Thank Bush. He wanted Texas to control gasoline in America.


Dakota should have its own storage and own refineries.

Shale can’t make any money if they are dependent on Texas refiners and Buffett’s trains. They need their own end to end systems and to be independent of George Bush’s Texas plan. Sadly Obama was right. We don’t need the Keystone because we don’t need Canadian oil. That was all a part of the Bush NAFTA plan too. With the exception of a handful of people in Alberta, most of Canada is a liberal socialist state. They resent selling oil to the USA even though the Keystone is Canada’s way of getting the oil refined in the USA so Canadians can have gasoline. They are global warmists so we should help them by turning their cars off.


Trump is even dumber. He released the strategic oil supplies. WhY? Maybe Goldman told him to do it!

What’s the point… the refineries are closed. They can’t refine oil when they are closed. We have no short term shortage of oil. This is a gasoline shortage. Trump by the way is regarded as a terrible driver. He knows next to nothing about oil and gasoline. He drives as often as Hillary Clinton who doesn’t drive. Oh but I am sure that if Trump wanted to, he could drive a race car at Daytona and WIN!


Remember it was Trump that insisted on keeping Ethanol in your gas tanks. Why? Midwestern RINO Republicans fed by Corporate Corn Farmers. Trump has no moral or ethical compass. He’s a grifter.

Even Al Gore says Ethanol in gas is idiotic. But Trump knows everything. He is a thousand steps ahead of everyone else. So he released the strategic oil and what happened? Gasoline shortages happened along the Eastern Seaboard. And worse, Trump manipulated the oil futures markets causing oil futures prices to drop to the spot markets even when there were few buyers. I am sure that Goldman made a killing. This manipulation will ultimately result in higher gasoline prices even with less expensive winter blends. Oh but Trump’s a business genius who went to Wharton. Trust me, in the oil patch he looks like a moron. The only place this Grifter looks sharp as a razor is when it comes to feeding his marginal resorts taxpayer money.


Remember IVONKA and KUSHNA’s Aspen Vacation?

Ski Rentals alone for Secret Service were $25,000 a day! None of this stuff goes out to bid. When the Secret Service and bureaucrats stay at Trump Vacation facilities, they are billed at top rates. This never goes out to bid. Taxpayers pay pay pay. Where is the public outrage? This is a massive conflict of interest involving Trump and his whole grifter family.


Expect gasoline to jump over $3 a gallon along with Diesel. Jet Fuel will go even higher.

Meanwhile Russia, and Saudi with OPEC are cutting oil production. So the dream of George Bush to hold America hostage by Texas refiners is a dream come true. Of course the idiot of idiots Rick Perry out of Texas is heading up the Department of Energy.

Old People are terrified of Florida and their Florida Retirements:

Look at what happened to the Nursing Homes in Florida. The power companies which are State Monopolies haven’t invested a dime in better lines or underground power. Every time Florida has a hurricane vast stretch of the state go without power. So dozens of Nursing homes lost power on the East Coast of Florida and ten to 20 elderly inmates dropped dead from the heat and lack of electrical power. Remember the storm hit on the West Coast. Winds were not that high on the East Coast. It is Florida’s love affair with government.

Cable went down too along with internet services.

Once again all monopolies fell flat. Only those with cell service allowed to tether had hot spots. T-Mobile encourages tethering while ATT blocks it unless you pay them more. People with ATT should switch to T-Mobile. ATT is useless in a hurricane.

Everyone else relying on cable during the storm was effectively blind. They didn’t know where the storm was or where it was headed. And they missed Governor Rick Scott give his “Government cannot save you” speech. And they miss the diversity lineup and the guy signing on TV. Since most deaf people read captions just fine, this was just RINO Liberal Theater from tent revival days. It was laughable. Rick Scott playing for the deaf vote! Most people who are legally deaf don’t sign anyway. How come there wasn’t somebody signing in Spanish? Or at least two sets of subtitles? After all isn’t diversity our strength?


You gotta love this interpreter. It looked like he was Mocking Scott. Please note there were no subtitles unless you had subtitle TVs which everyone has. 



All this panic has turned the Elderly against Rick Scott and Florida Retirement.

The bungled evacuations, the missed storm prediction and the forgotten Nursing Home Elderly, made Scott look like a dufus. Rick Scott’s latest bit of spin is that the Florida Population is growing too fast. Blame Rubio and Bill Nelson for air lifting Cubans and Haitians to the Florida year in and year out. Welcome to diversity paradise.


“If only you old folks has paid your carbon taxes to Obama, you would be enjoying perpetual fair weather.”

                                                                                      Cash McCall



We are still waiting to find out how many Elderly broke hips, shoulders or died at the Rick Scott Shelters. If they stayed at home they would have been just fine. If they went to the Southeast Florida Nursing homes they were dropping like flies. Nothing wrong with the Nursing Home Buildings. Government electrical monopolies patch work utilities just fell apart. Soon Rick Scott will pass another law that Nursing Homes need massive generators. When in doubt blame the private sector.


Round two is about to begin with Maria. Only now the State of Florida is out of gas… and out of snack food and bottled water.

Image result for shelter life magazine

What the heck? Looks like the Rick Scott sign language guy just scored with your wife in your shelter!


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