The Ink was not even dry on the COMEY firing when Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s went public saying that Hillary Clinton threatened her son with an IRS Audit. CIRCA reported that “While secretary of state, Hillary Clinton made a personal phone call to pressure Bangladesh’s prime minister to aid a donor to her husband’s charitable foundation.” This of course would be illegal under US Law. The Clinton Foundation or Hillary Clinton has not responded to the charges. HILLARY SMOKING GUNS APPEAR FOLLOWING COMEY AXING BILL CLINTON TERRIFIED.


But Thanks to Trump you won’t need Saving

CIRCA reported that The Office of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina confirmed that Mrs. Clinton called her office in March 2011 to demand that Dr. Muhammed Yunus, a 2006 Nobel Peace prize winner, be restored to his role as chairman of the country’s most famous microcredit bank, Grameen Bank”


Follow the Clinton Cash!

The bank’s nonprofit Grameen America, which Yunus chairs, has given between $100,000 and $250,000 to the Clinton Global Initiative. Grameen Research, which is chaired by Yunus, has donated between $25,000 and $50,000, according to the Clinton Foundation website.


Sajeeb Wazed, the son of Prime Minister Hasina, and a permanent U.S. resident, claims that between 2010 and 2012, he was repeatedly pressured by Clinton State Department officials to ask his mother to end the investigation into Mr. Yunus, and threatened with an audit or other action if he did not comply.


Hillary Clinton consistently threatened Trump over his taxes. Trump was audited.

Obama had been know to threaten opponents with Tax Audits. An IRS employee that would make such threats would be immediately fired on the spot!  This is all part of the greater swamp. Once Scumbag Lois Learner was exposed and IRS showed it was a fully political unit controlled by the Democratic Party the Swamp proved to be widespread.


So what’s the bottom line?

Bottom line is that in spite of felonious immunity deals granted by the Obama Regime, these will not apply universally. Clinton got no deal. Huma’s deal was breached when Wiener’s computer had classified emails on it. Huma lied. So a new FBI Director could open the investigation and prosecute.

Remember too that “intent” is not part of the espionage laws. Negligence is sufficient and Jeffery Sterling went to jail for misplacing a single email.

This also opens up the Clinton Foundation and the State Department granting favors for pay.


Democrats are calling for a special prosecutor for the FAKEY Russian connection.

They ought to be careful.  Sessions could appoint a Special Prosecutor to go after Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. That would be a good idea to avoid the charge of bias.  Further, in the Russian fiction, all roads appear to be leading to Obama, Clinton and Rice anyway. Libs should be very careful. After all these were the same three stooges that concocted the Benghazi youtube video cover story and cost a US Ambassador his live. Clinton got caught lying there too.


The Russian connection has not revealed a single named Russian or Russian group:

The “unnamed” sources to date were all Obama Regime partisans that he appointed or were hired by those shills he appointed.  The FBI claims to be investigating but they have nothing. The FBI has become a sad joke on Americans. Their incompetence to properly investigate terrorist has led directly to multiple Terrorist Attacks on US Soil. Don’t even mention 9/11. The FBI was fully asleep at the wheel of that one. The FBI needs to be gutted.


Will Trump do his job and drain this swamp?

Not a chance. That’s the sad part about Trump.  Trump has no moral or political compass. We continue to repeat that Trump is no Reagan. Reagan was very effective at getting things done. He could think and Reagan was always polite. Reagan Republicans and Jeffersonian Republicans may have differing opinions but one trait they all share is politeness.

The neocons by comparison are rude bullies, tough guys. John Songbird McCain is a prime example of a hothead. He perfectly matches the temperament of most modern day Democrats. The 5’3″ John McCain has always been a rude guy. He was noted for it. He was a pint sized tough guy that couldn’t hold his liquor. His daddy was a Captain and Granddaddy was a Rear Admiral so nobody was going to discipline this screw-up. Even in the POW Camp his captors called him the “Crowned Prince.” His fellow POWs called him “Songbird.” McCain may be the only POW in history to gain a lot of weight during his captivity. But whatever you do, don’t call John McCain “Tadpole” because he goes berserk. Tadpole McCain, the angry little man.

Trump is the same. He was a rich kid with no friends. Trump never had to deal with other men that weren’t beholding or employees of his father. He was always spoiled. The sons of the wealthy usually are dicks. Look at Mitt Romney a prep school bully. In America that’s like royalty. This gives Trump the right to call women pigs and to blow off at everyone with his Twitter account. Can you imagine Reagan behaving is such an undignified ungentlemanly way? Never. Trump is a special case of rude.


Ann Coulter readily admits that Trump is rude.

She maintains that the Republican base sent this rude messenger to Washington to do what other RINO republicans hadn’t done. Trump was sent to oppose the liberal agenda with matching rudeness to the Clintons or Elizabeth Warren. The trouble is that the messenger sent to Washington has no compass so his administration is rudderless. One day he is firing missiles at Syria the next he is considering Amnesty for Dreamers. These are the policies of Tadpole McCain. They are not Republican virtues. They are the views neocon globalists, warmongers and big Government Big Brother types. Nothing more rude than a neocon that wants to bully everyone in the world.


The SWAMP is just another name for SOCIALISM and TRUMP is NO CAPITALIST!  He believes in price fixing and market controls and monopolies. That’s Socialism. He has no interest in draining any swamps. Socialism is the enemy and it is practiced by both political parties in the form of Crony Capitalism which is Socialism.


Eventually the USA will not be the world’s largest market.

By shear math,  capitalism will center on Asia. China already buys more cars than the USA. China is now the largest agricultural producer. America’s farm production is falling. Corn is being grown for ethanol which is an economic bust. It causes food costs to rise because resources are wasted on Ethanol production. Land is removed from growing food.

Ethanol in gasoline just raises the cost of gasoline and destroys the engines that use it. Ethanol costs more in diesel fuel to grow and process it than the energy it yields. Even Al Gore says it is a terrible idea.

What has Trump done about it? Nothing. He doesn’t know much about anything especially the mathematics of energy. When it comes to Capitalism and economics, Trump is just dumb. This isn’t capitalism. It is the State mandating fuel formulations. It is Socialism.

The Europeans have never benefited from $7 a gallon gasoline. It has permanently thwarted their economies. Economies run on energy. That is the easiest way to determine the health of an economy. Africa uses less gasoline than Indiana. Indiana is wealthier than all of Africa.

Bullying others will ultimately result in being severely bullied. The USA has a lot of problems because it seems hellbent on becoming more European. Europe is lazy. The Asians are industrious. The French are socialist and pressing hard for age 50 retirements and 28 hour work weeks. Socialists are lazy. The USA is not far behind. Laziness is the single worst trait a human being can have let alone cultivate it as social norm.


Here is another example…  Germany doesn’t need Air Conditioning. Their anti-Freon Nazism only affects you if you live in a hot climate!

Quite naturally Germans can be Freon Nazis. They have a few hot days in August and that’s it. Northeastern States in America are the same. They are liberal states. They make good Freon Nazis too. But States like Florida, Texas and Arizona would be uninhabitable without Air Conditioning.

Yet the Socialist US Government came up with that cockamamie hole in the Ozone nonsense blaming Freon for all of it. Then the cost of everything from Asthma medicine to air conditioning tripled in cost. Worse the new Freon substitutes are less efficient costing consumers more to operate their air conditioners. Couple that with Obama killing the coal industry and forcing power plants to use natural gas has tripled the cost. Thus hurts Capitalism. It is Socialism. It accomplishes nothing but control over the masses.


“Ozone Hole” Hoax A Dry Run For “Global Warming”

Socialism is dedicated to destroying your mind and making you a lazy complacent punk.

Socialism in its many forms is the enemy. Trump doesn’t comprehend any of this. Sad he is in a position to fight it. Instead he squanders all his capital on petty squabbles and Twitter scraps. He is simply not the right guy and he won’t accomplish much. If he continues as Obama to rule by executive order that can all be undone in minutes once the opposing party takes control of the White House.

Is Pence the right guy? No he is a neocon RINO Bush type.


Democrats don’t do this. They are all Socialists.

Democrats just fight over gender, race and sexual oddity. Their Triple Whammy would be a Transgender m>F Black multiracial Hispanic. That is the insanity of the Democratic party.

Republicans have been demolished by the Bush Family starting with Poppy Walker Bush. That is when the spying on Citizens and long distance protracted Middle Eastern Wars took off. This was the Neocon in full bloom.

But compare their incredibly stupid wars and recessions with the accomplishments of Ronald Reagan that did not engage in any long distance protracted war and created and economic boom.

But all the neocons do when they think of Reagan is point to Reagan’s rebuilding the military. They don’t talk about the Berlin Wall or leading Russia to Democracy. The Bush family squandered the Reagan Economy and the Peace Dividend. American was going great under Reagan. Incomes rose. Poverty at the lowest level in US History. But then the Bush Dark ages of Warmongering and CIA Wars began.


If Trump weren’t so God Damn Stupid, he has a model of governance to follow: Ronald Reagan.

Instead this rude petty fool is in hot pursuit of the Bush Third Term. It is incomprehensible. We are in for problems. It is still to early to tell if Trump has improve the Court. Obama stocked the Federal Courts with Liberals and this has changed the entire complexion of the court to Partisan Political rulings.

I read all of Gorsuch’s opinions and was hard pressed to find anything Conservative about any of them. He is not even close in strength to a Scalia, Alito or Thomas.  He looks to me to be a Kennedy type or worse possibly a SouterII. Trump went RINO to try to appeal to Democrats and it didn’t work. Gorsuch is the first Justice in History to sit on the bench with just a simple majority. This is supposedly the best thing Trump has done to date. The rest has been massive fumbling.


It is all very unfortunate because The Clintons as an enterprise of corruption need JAIL.

Because of the Clintons and Trump giving them a Pass, America has become more corrupt. When corruption on the scale of the Clinton’s gets turned a blind eye, everyone suffers because it is now opened season for the next shyster or grifter. The Bush years and the Obama years were long hard awful trips into the dark ages. Trump is not making things better.


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