Hillary Clinton’s attempted hostage taking crisis is over. DONNA BRAZILE OUT ON HER FAT BLACK CHEAT’IN GENDER SEAT’IN Michele Obama. But the best news of all is “DING DONG… the wicked Witch is DEAD!” No more Hillary Clinton and no more of that hideous ugly duckling Chelsea. Ain’t it sad… I can hardly control my euphoria. This is also a signal to Bernie the FAUX Democrat to stay home and shut up. It will remain to be seen if Perez can restore some discipline and honesty to the failing party. HILLARY CLINTON OUTED BRAZILE UNEMPLOYED PEREZ DNC CHAIR DEMANDS RESIGNATIONS.


I feel tired just looking at her!

Perez cheered the TRUMP Bumbling of the RINOCARE bill.

Its not like Obamacare is going to thrive on life support but Democrats for some reason particularly enjoyed watching TRUMP flailing in defeat. There is something enjoyable about watching the self-proclaimed Art of the Deal Closer fall flat on his face trying to sell Obamcare Jr. to the Republcans. RINOs had already bought into it. Oh excuse me, this was only phase one of the secret phase 3 plan.  Well there you have it.  Meat with honor… the Nixon Secret Plan to get run out of Vietnam on a rail!  Yeah, those secret plans always work great in phase 3!


So what’s the gimmick with Perez? It’s a Hispanic gimmick.

He’s a member of the New Preferred Minority. So kiss the old hags of the feminist gender wars good riddance. Kiss blackie and the BLM bowel movement good riddance. Strike up the mariachi music your new replacements have arrived.


But but but what about Elizabeth Warren?

Yup…she’s gone too. Elizabeth Warren is really nothing but a nag. She has yet to produce one piece of legislation. All she does is nag. So that spotlight is over. Feminist are, how do I say this tactfully? Ok, feminists are marching death into elder ages. It ain’t pretty and it doesn’t sell. Elizabeth Warren is just now starting to get her hunchback. When she leans forward and drops her jaw at a hearing, you can hear for vertebrae cracking. Sometimes death is a blessing. Bottom line, Broken Feather is gone the way of the Buffalo.

Whether Perez is draining the swamp remains to be seen.

Trump is draining the swamp too but only so the RINO mudfish like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan can take a breath. Once Trump drains the swamp, he says he wants to embrace Democrats.

Trump did so poorly with Conservative that he and the Mudfish think they will have a better time of it with the Democrats. Trump’s carrot colored hands are offering Democrats some carrots  of massive infrastructure spending. It has a lot of Democrat favorites like High Speed Rail bottomless pits, and bridges to nowhere which are sure to attract democrats.


As Uncle Bawley once said, “There is no such thing as a wind so ill that it doesn’t blow some good luck to somebody.”

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