Trump’s placating to Paul Ryan is starting to fray some nerves. The Base that supports Trump despises Paul Ryan, Ellis Bush, Susan Collins, Olympia Snow, Richard Burr, Mitt Romney and others of the RINO persuasion. HEY TRUMP NEED HELP WITH PAUL RYAN CALL JOE BIDEN.




Joe Biden didn’t need any help with Paul Ryan. Biden recognized Ryan as a punk and out-flanked him and beat him to political death in front of 40 million TV viewers. Few have forgotten the spectacle.

Biden is a very friendly guy and liked by peers on both sides of the aisle. But Biden doesn’t like smart alack punks and he knows how to handle them. Biden plays the part of a lightweight that is never too serious about anything but that is deceptive. Biden is a wily and cleaver politician.

Without a doubt Joe Biden’s drubbing of Ryan is what won the election for the Democrats in 2012. Obama had just been obliterated in Colorado. The audience though he was drugged and likely he was. He is a pot head and in Colorado pot was legal. So pot head do what pot heads do and the results were shocking. Romney took Obama apart.

Then it was Paul Ryan’s turn. Ryan had developed something of a school boy numbers guy reputation, though that’s just a phony act. All he had to do with Biden was show that he could hold his own. Many were expected Ryan to beat Biden because Biden never was much for throwing numbers and statistics around. Ryan had a clear chance to nail down the presidential race. Instead Ryan blew it. In fact Ryan did so poorly that it sent the entire Republican party into a massive depression the following day.

Trump reflects back on that by claiming Romney wimped out and couldn’t close the deal. But Romney had had a great debate. It was Ryan that fell apart. Ryan simply couldn’t handle Biden. Ryan lost the election for Romney. That was the turning point in the polls. The Democrats were breaking opened the champagne at the end of the VP debate. They knew that Ryan was simply unfit for the job of VP. Like it or not, the public rarely gets these things wrong.

I will prove it. In 2000 we had Al Gore and George Bush II. There was just something about Al Gore and his stalking horse style in the debates that the public didn’t like. They sided for what they took to be the more friendly arrogant-free country boy Bush. Even Tipper Gore got the message and dumped AL.

In 2008 there was John McCain and Obama. To this day, most Republicans think that if McCain had won, he may have even done a worse job than Obama. It was McCain that suggested that the USA should remain in Iraq for the next 100 years. Obama meanwhile had sold himself falsely as a centrist. So next to the war mongering angry little man McCain, Obama looked happier and more predictable. Of course Obama was incompetent but so is McCain but McCain has a certain direct unlikability factor. I give everyone a pass for voting for Obama the first time but not the second time. Romney got beat by Ryan.

The public did it back with Nixon and Kennedy too. The public liked Reagan and gave him massive landslide victories that have never been seen since. Bill Clinton was preferred over Bush I who was erudite stuffy and pompous. The public doesn’t usually miss.

The Base’s of each party like Trump and they like Bernie. Both Trump and Bernie draw giant crowds. The crowds are enthusiastic. Hillary can’t do this. Hillary is dying on the vine. If Bernie had hit Clinton hard from the beginning and slammed her over the email server, and got his base to the polls earlier, he may have wrapped this thing up. But instead it looks like Clinton takes it with her super delegate insider slime deals.

But if Hillary is indited and she should be, then Joe Biden and Pocahontas Warren will try to win at a Democratic Brokered Convention. But Bernie will be a force to be reckoned with because the base likes him.

To me Bernie is lacking in almost ever category except one; I believe he is an honest person. In this year’s election that actually means something. I believe the same is true of Trump though I believe that Trump’s business style is that of a hustler. I don’t think Trump University was destined to be the next Harvard. But America is the place where people with ideas and gumption can make it. Microsoft’s first product was garbage, but it got better. My view of Trump is that he is a decent man under all the Bling.

As for Ryan, I see none of these virtues. He’s self-serving, arrogant especially for a guy that looks like Eddie Munster. But he is simply untrustworthy. He has caved over and over again on these budget giveaways. The Base gave the republicans the House and Senate and what did Ryan and the RINOs do? They linked arms with liberals establishment types and pushed through the Obama agenda. How is anything Ryan has done “conservative?” In a word, Ryan is not a Conservative, he is a big government RINO in the image of Romney and Ellis Bush.

The Base is furious over Ryan’s conduct of late. In a business setting, Trump would have sent this loser packing but in the world of politics there are games that are played. But the game that the Base is interested in is the GAME OF RESPECT! As it stands now Ryan needs to be purged from the system.

It is impossible to see how Ryan at the Cleveland Convention could be of any worth to Trump. The person running this convention has to be a Trump loyalist, not some two bit punk that could undermine the spirit of the convention. As far as we at McCall are concerned, Ryan was given the opportunity not once but twice to give gracious well-meaning support to Trump and he declined.

If this was Vito Corleone’s daughter’s wedding and Ryan said he could not give his well wishes to the Godfather’s daughter for whatever reason, Ryan’s presence at the wedding would be brief.

The base is very upset right now. They want Ryan gone from the convention. Ryan garners no respect. Most of the stink’in RINOs know better than to show up in Cleveland. Look at Ellis Bush, the Bush pansy; he’s not showing; nobody wants him there. Nobody wants him anywhere. His days are done. Nobody wants to see Susan Collins there or John McCain. All they can do is put an ugly face on what should be a great celebration. Ryan and McCain won’t celebrate that. They simply don’t belong.

Trump really needs to make it so Ryan can stay home. Ryan already agreed to give up the gavel at the convention if Trump didn’t want him.


There is your cue Trump. “RYAN… YOU’RE FIRED!”

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