Hanoi Houseboy McCain Milks POW HERO Card Again

It is election time again and John McCain wants to remind voters in Arizona that he’s a POW Heeeeeerooooo.  His definition is that anyone apparently held captive is a hero. Most think of a hero as somebody that actually saves the lives of others. John McCain never saved anyone’s life. In fact, his history may have cost lives and a lot of valuable equipment.  Hanoi Houseboy McCain Milks POW HERO Card Again.





If you don’t agree with John McCain’s claim to heroism, then he has a knee jerk reaction that you are harming all vets. That’s right, McCain has got this shift of argument called the fallacy of generalization and solicitation to a science.

The simple fact that John McCain claims to have been shot down and “captured” is his take, mostly from his autobiography. If you don’t believe it, he and his North Vietnamese captors preformed a “reenactment” of his “rescue / capture” for the cameras. How phony is that… a reenactment?  Those photos don’t have the disclaimer that they represent a reenactment.





John McCain was upset with his Hanoi celebrity status so he says but he never protested it to his captors.  But according to his book, he often lamented that he received better treatment than his fellow POWs. In his own 1999 autobiography, Faith of My Fathers, McCain uses the term “Crowned Prince”, a name he claims was given to him by his captors at Hoa Lo. I wonder if McCain felt the same way about getting Naval Flight training when he was 5th from the bottom of his class.

In fact after McCain’s capture reenactment, he gladly made a tape recorded confession that was broadcast day and night throughout the POW camps and North Vietnam.


“Your attention please tonight’s presentation will be the ‘Confession of the Crowned Prince’ staring John McCain.”


Of course McCain spent most of his days laughing and playing cards with his captors and was rarely seen by other POWs in the camp.  He was enjoying the good life compared to other POWs and actually had something of a propaganda broadcasting career rivaling Tokyo Rose.

What is stunning about these claims is that his captors claim when he was rescued, McCain had spoken a few sentences of Vietnamese which he had committed to memory. He essentially told his captors that his daddy was a Naval Captain and his Granddaddy was a rear Admiral and he would be an important political prisoner. It is likely that McCain named himself the “Crowned Prince.”


crowned prnce

Here is cocky 5’5″ tough guy McCain war hero who never hit a single military target but destroyed four expensive military aircraft with incompetent undisciplined flying.  At the near bottom of his class at Annapolis, the “screw up” got Naval Flight Training but washed out of fighters and side-channeled into Bombers. He was then placed on an obscure AFB where he would spend This is called the “Wrong Stuff”. He was noted for being undisciplined and trouble followed wherever he went.

He’s a nasty little man of 5’5″ tall. He’s also a mean drunk. We have all known the guy that has a few two many and wants to fight everybody, meet John McCain. Tough as nails with a few drinks but couldn’t lick a postage stamp. Most of his fellow serviceman avoided McCain primarily because they were afraid that scapegoat military nepotism authority would always look for a scapegoat for McCain’s outrageous conduct.


Today McCain is tossing out his POW Hero cards in every direction on the election trail. Trump just received another one. Apparently John McCain’s Hero Status ain’t cutting it in this years election. John McCain is arguably an unlikable man in many respects. His public displays of rudeness and bombast are legend. For a 5’5″ man he has the temper of 2000 pound water buffalo on a bad day. So quite naturally the public is a bit uncomfortable with calling McCain a hero.



Here is John McCain being released from POW camp and awaiting transportation to the United States. This photo was taken March 14, 1973. McCain was given a treasure trove of medals:  Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart and Distinguished Flying Cross.

Notice McCain has no crutches when leaving Vietnam but once in the United States, in order to garner sympathy and “torture” hero statues, McCain deployed crutches as a stage prop whenever he visited Washington DC.



“I want to grow up to be a Republican politician just like you Mr. Nixon.”

Much of the John McCain hero status comes from two directions: McCain’s own somewhat fictional and uncontested one sided autobiography on the Subject of his captivity, Faith of MY Fathers released in 1999 just in time for the presidential election.

The second powerful force in McCain’s hero portrait comes from his actual Father and Grandfather, who were towering military figures both 5′ tall Naval Admirals and members of an elite class of professional military families that unfortunately for them had a “screw up” for a child and grandchild. They would do what they could to protect the family military enterprise.

For example, John McCain attended Annapolis. He finished 5th from the bottom of his class, awash in demerits and disciplinary problems. He bested his father John McCain Jr. who graduated 19th from the bottom at Annapolis and who was also awash in demerits. With Daddy and Granddaddy looking on; young Johnny wasn’t about to get tossed out of the academy.  So McCain pushed the limits. If he wasn’t 5’5″ he may have been a bully like Mitt Romney in prep school. Instead he was just an undisciplined unlikable hack.

McCain applied for Naval Flight Training usually reserved to the best candidates at the top of the class. McCain broke new records by being the lowest ranked in his class ever to get Naval Flight Training. It pays to have some family in very high places. It was just another unearned privilege.

As several military writers have noted, McCain was born with not one but two silver spoons in his mouth. McCain would leverage these family ties his whole life. Whenever he ran into some kind of ethical dilemma, he would back everyone down by changing the subject with the collective sacrifices made by his family in the service to the nation. It was the modified “hero” card being tossed about and refined for future use.

In flight training McCain proved to be one of the most costly pilots in Naval history having destroyed two planes and damaged a third through reckless negligence and not following procedures. He was determined to be an undisciplined and difficult. For the years after graduation from flight training in 1960 until 1967 McCain was sidelined at obscure airfield as a trainer lacking the right stuff to be a fighter pilot. McCain took the backdoor in by moving into attack aircraft, essentially bombers. He was already planning his political career and knew he would need some promotions. That also explains John Kerry’s scratch free collection of four purple hearts, none of which required any medical treatment. John Kerry War Hero! Remember his famous line when he ran for President… “Reporting for Duty” and then saluting. Where do these losers come from?

By the time John McCain entered the war in Vietnam he was a not so youthful 31 years of age and relatively inexperienced but still emotionally immature. He was not a fighter pilot.  Some say he brought his bad luck to the Aircraft Carrier USS Forrestal.

On July 29, 1967 it was widely reported that McCain suffered near fatal injuries when a Zuni rocket was “somehow” released on the deck of the Forrestal by a parked F-4B Phantom II bomber piercing and igniting fuel tanks of an A-4 Skyhawk #405 piloted by Lieutenant Commander Fred D. White. McCain was in an A-4 Skyhawk #416, next to White’s aircraft but in the opposing direction of the rocket’s skid path.

McCain claimed he exited his aircraft by climbing down the nose. He then says he turned to go help White but the explosion knocked him back to the ground. McCain was then taken below deck where he watched from close circuit TV. He had a shrapnel fragment in his leg and chest. His injuries were reported on official records as minor.

The Zuni rocket fired from the Phantom II and struck White’s fuel pod on the right side of #405. McCain escaped out of #416 said in his autobiography that he had to roll to put out flames and after doing so headed back toward White to offer assistance but an explosion knocked him down. White was killed in the explosion.


Unsubstantiated reports that were never proven but were rumored was that John McCain was hotdogging his A-4 Skyhawk as aircraft lined up for the second bombing run of the day, jumping it forward to “scare” the pilot of the F4B-Phantom II, causing the pilot to accidentally fire the Zuni rocket. Let’s hope this is not what happened.

What is up for consideration is that apparently McCain, released his under wing bombs without authority to the deck while jet fuel poured from White’s aircraft ultimately resulting in those bombs igniting.

McCain was not regarded as a skilled careful pilot though an investigation laid blame on the bombs themselves, not the fact they were place by McCain in a river of flaming Jet fuel. Daddy and Granddaddy were making sure that their “screw up” didn’t get blamed for burning down the carrier.

There were concerns from the ship’s Captain John Kingsman Beling who had been reluctant to take delivery of the 16 AN-M65A1 bombs from USS Diamond Head, an ammunition ship. These are the bombs that ignited from the fuel tank fire.

These bombs were made of an older explosive called composition B which had a lower flash point and higher compressive capacity. Beling had a PhD in Physics from MIT so he knew these bombs did not belong on a carrier.  Nevertheless he capitulated and took delivery because he did not want the bombing schedule disrupted.


Why waste time on safety when you have lucky charm John McCain on board?


Capt. Beling enjoyed the publicity brought to the Forestall by having a distinguished member of the royal McCain family.

After the conflagration Beling was reassigned under several commanding officers that held him privately responsible for the fire, even though he had been “officially cleared of wrongdoing” based on an “electrical malfunction” in one of the Phantom II under wing rocket launchers; a malfunction which never occurred previously of since then.  He was reassigned to Iceland. That’s the Navy way. The public is fed one story but the inside story is well known, everyone walks away a hero even if they walk away wearing snow shoes.

As you will note from this remarkable film footage, everything that could go wrong with procedure and training went wrong. There is no question the sailors demonstrated tremendous bravery under terrible conditions but they also demonstrated poor training and a complete lack of discipline and that cost lives. McCain observed everything from closed circuit TV below deck enjoying a cool soda and some pretzels.



Without an aircraft and ship, McCain volunteered for service aboard the USS Oriskany an Essex Aircraft Carrier hybrid built in 1947.


The Oriskany had suffered a devastating Magnesium flare fire in October 1966. In this incident a parachute flare was ignited by a sailor and he stupidly tossed it into a bomb storage room instead of throwing it overboard.


44 crew members died including many pilots. The Oriskany was docked for most of the year for repairs. A new voluntary crew was assembled which included McCain family heir apparent, John McCain. For a ship this always meant better duty and better food. Oriskany had a reputation as something of a runt ship for “bad boy” pilots with something to prove.

Shortly after his arrival, having flown only 23 bombing runs, McCain is shot down by enemy artillery during a bombing raid of a Hanoi power station.


McCain would claim in his book and throughout his political career that he was shot down by a SAM missile. This is flatly false. He was shot down by triple AAA.


McCain in his book gives a heroic picture of himself as having been signaled at 8000 ft that a SAM was heading at his aircraft. McCain at that point was expected to preform a known and effective evasive maneuvers. He instead elected to “do his own thing” and claims he stuck in his dive to 3500 ft where he released his bombs. Then McCain says he rose out of the dive and was hit by the SAM and his wing was torn off.  McCain then claims he went into an upside down spin and ejected.

The fact is that McCain was not hit by a SAM but by AAA which does not tear wings off aircraft. He had failed to take evasive measures if under a SAM alert showing his lack of discipline once again. His bombs were released on civilians having missed the target entirely. He was inexperienced and undisciplined.

When he ejected, he failed the cardinal rule of procedure which is keep your arms at your sides. Instead McCain must have flailed his arms in a panic and managed to sustain three fractures in one arm and a fractured leg.

Even though he lost yet another plane because he didn’t follow proper protocols and procedures, he still was in the service of his country as was the sailor that threw the flare into the bomb storage locker. I am just not comfortable with the word “hero” in these circumstances. Does a hero do undisciplined stupid things? Is the sailor on the Oriskany that died when he threw the parachute flare into the bomb storage locker and cost 43 other lives a hero?

That depends if hero means the mere act of serving one’s country then these men are all heroes. It is a special olympics definition in which everyone who serves is a hero whether they preform their duty to the letter of perfection or recklessly. I don’t buy this. A hero saves lives sometimes sacrificing their own life in the process. Those that die unnecessarily are unsung heroes. John McCain and John Kerry expect the red white and blue carpet for their self-serving service but neither save anyone else ever.

This is the two headed serpent definition that John McCain uses when he tosses his “hero card” on someone that dares to disagree. McCain will include the entire McCain professional soldier family who has selflessly and heroically served the high seas since the US Revolution.


McCain’s POW hero card; don’t leave Hanoi without it!


In 1982 McCain, a new resident of Arizona, decided to run for congress. He was attacked in a local newspaper by a voter who dared to write a letter to the editor suggesting that McCain was a Carpetbagging opportunist. McCain responded with a letter of his own.

Listen, pal. I spent 22 years in the Navy. My father was in the Navy. My grandfather was in the Navy. We in the military service tend to move a lot. We have to live in all parts of the country, all parts of the world. I wish I could have had the luxury, like you, of growing up and living and spending my entire life in a nice place like the First District of Arizona, but I was doing other things. As a matter of fact, when I think about it now, the place I lived longest in my life was Hanoi.


Col. Nathan R. Jessup USMC comes to mind.

McCain was rescued by a Vietnamese civilian and pulled out of Truc Bach Lake. McCain, fully conscious immediately disclosed in perfect Vietnamese that he was the son of the Commander in Chief of Naval Forces [the highest ranking military commander in the Southeast Asian theater] and the Grandson of an Admiral.

McCain was taken to a hospital and treated for his injuries. The story of the captivity as a POW widely varies from McCain’s autobiography and accounts by other POWs in the same facility. McCain claims unrelenting physical torture through out his five plus years captivity. Other POWs say this was not true that torture was mostly mental not physical and existed only in the first and sometimes second year of captivity but not with any regularity and to a great extent became non-existent in the last three and one half years.

There is no question that McCain turned.  McCain became something of a celebrity by his captors making audio and video productions that were used in propaganda by the North. They are now sealed records by the Pentagon. Why are they still sealed? The war is over. We know the Gulf of Tonkin incident was a false flag. So the entire war was an unethical mess. Why are these McCain tapes and videos sealed? Who are they protecting now?

McCain’s political persona of the events of his captivity are most certainly embellishment just as being shot down by a SAM is more macho by far than being taken out by AAA because of a failure to follow some basic flying maneuvers.

McCain accepted a Bronze Star for physical and mental duress suffered under captivity. All the other POWs received essentially the same.

McCain admitted giving information to the enemy but excused this by asserting that all POWs broke and eventually cooperated. McCain claims in his autobiography that he eventually refused to cooperate and was beaten three times a week until released. Other POWs that served with McCain in the camp maintain this is false.

What we do know is that after McCain’s captivity, enemy intelligence improved and Operation Rolling Thunder not only became less effective but American aircrew losses went sky high eventually causing a reassessment of bombing tactics used in Vietnam. North Vietnamese did not figure this out on their own. They had a “songbird” that gave them detailed information about how bomb targets were selected and the tactics used to deliver those bombs.

Thus we are left with nagging questions. Most profound is “the way” in which McCain rolls out the POW hero card reflexively when he feels cornered.

I ask these questions to the War Hero John McCain:

Does a hero desert their wife  that stuck with them while they were being held captive in a Hanoi POW camp because the wife, a former runway model,  got disfigured in a car accident?

Do heroes write that their aircraft was shot down by a SAM missile when they know the official report said it was downed by artillery fire?

Do heroes intentionally defy orders, lose their planes and miss the bombing targets all in one afternoon, and collect a bronze star, silver star and distinguished flying cross?

Do heroes get everything handed to them and respond by abusing the privilege? Your daddy and granddaddy were both Admirals in the Navy yet you finished 5th from the bottom of your class at Annapolis, yet somehow miraculously,  you got Naval Flight Training; then destroyed three planes.

Does a hero fail ejection protocols and then sustain multiple arm fractures and a leg fracture because of that failure and then claim the injuries were a result of POW torture and collect full military combat disability?

Does a hero speak to his captors in perfect Vietnamese and say, “My daddy is the Commander in Chief of Naval forces and my Grandaddy is an Admiral and I am your political prisoner?”

Does a hero claim he was offered early release from captivity but selflessly chose to remain with his fellow POWs when that was never a decision up to him but exclusively his senior exec officer?

Does a hero claim full military disability for physical and mental injury then pass his 1974 Naval flight physical and keep on collecting disability and flying for the Navy?

Does a hero befriend Charles Keating Jr. of Lincoln Savings and Loan Association fame and receive $112,000 contributions and take vacation trips and flights on Keating owned aircraft? Does a hero step in and hold private meetings with Federal bank regulators on not one but two occasions to prevent them from closing down the criminal operations of Lincoln Savings?

Who knows but others have wondered…

There is something about John McCain over which a canine of good character might have some uncomfortable suspicions.


A real hero, Joe Foss, WWII Ace and winner of the Congressional Medal of Honor tried to board an Aircraft in Phoenix in 2002 with final destination to West Point. Foss was detained by TSA for attempting to carry a sharp object on the plane.

The sharp object which TSA said they needed to confiscate and destroy was General Foss’s Congressional Medal of Honor inscribed on the back by President Roosevelt in WWII for taking down 26 enemy aircraft. There’s a joke in here somewhere probably something like…

“Who’s Roosevelt?” or “Are you trying to make this 27?” Though I don’t know if TSA employees can count that high. 

We do know that Vietnam was an unusual war. It was started from a false flag event that reported the USS Maddox, an electronic surveillance ship, was attacked on August 2 and again on August 4th 1964 by North Vietnamese torpedo boats in the Gulf of Tonkin. This initiated the “Gulf of Tonkin Resolution” which gave Lyndon Johnson a free hand to turn an event that never happened into the Vietnam War.


Sort of reminiscent of weapons of mass destruction…



It was in a way a point of demarcation from trust in the elite professional military class to a realization that the claim of honor when blindly followed can result in 60,000 war dead, and hundreds of thousands of wounded American men. It stands as one of America’s darkest moments.

Of all the POWs returned, several commanding officers attempted to file court marshal charges against several POWs for aiding the enemy.  John Warner of the Joints Chiefs said no.  The really big dirty secret of the false flag was still being kept from the American people at this time.

McCain admitted to aiding the enemy. But once again John Warner refused to hold any POWs accountable. They were all given medals and hero status.

But that hasn’t stopped the public from questioning the character of John McCain some playfully like Al Franken and Trump; some more seriously. The simple answer is to have McCain release his sealed war records and his taped audio confession.  Let the public decide Mr. McCain if a songbird is a hero or traitor. Let the people decide.

The great uproar over Trump’s not showing sufficient respect for McCain’s war heroism has reached hysterical proportion, mostly with McCain tossing out the hero cards on everyone that can’t stomach McCain.


The John McCain “hero card” throwing competition is at hand.


Hanoi Houseboy McCain Milks POW HERO Card Again.

Senator McCain… RELEASE YOUR AUDIO CONFESSION TO THE PUBLIC AND LET VOTERS DECIDED IF YOU ARE A HERO OR TRAITOR! Every time McCain tosses out his POW War Hero card he opens the door to his hidden sealed military file. We want the Truth Mr. McCain, not your brass polished lies. And when somebody tells the truth about you, they are not attacking ALL VETS… They are attacking just you.

One final point… Why doesn’t any other POW run around screaming “I am a hero?” or claiming to be the voice of all Vets? The sorry state of the VA and other Vet issue all occurred while John McCain was a US Senator. Yet he has never done a thing for them. But attack his claim to hero and he will crash the symbols and pound the drum that you are not showing enough respect to all Vets. McCain is warped and unfit to be a US Senator. He is just using the Vets once again to try to get re-elected. Nobody should be voting for this creep. He’s no hero.

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