WHY? Democrats commit the lion share of USA gun related murders. If you banned Blackie from gun ownership, or possession, that alone would reduced USA murders by 50%.  Of course we can’t say that because we would be accused of one big fat Hate Crime. Since Blacks vote Democratic 97% of the time, it is pretty clear that the Democratic Slavery Party has a big edge when it comes to gun murders. GUN CONTROL BAN DEMOCRATS ELIMINATE 70 PERCENT USA MURDERS.


Hey Screech Owl, shouldn’t gun control begin at home with Democrats? If Democrats voluntarily stopped shooting people, there would be 70% less murders in America.

What is it about Democrats that they commit so many murders. The Clintons left a trail of dead bodies from one end of Arkansas to the White House.  More importantly why are Democrat Politicians so intent on knocking down the Second Amendment? Shouldn’t Democrats just make a quiet example for everyone else and surrender their weapons?

Put that gun down OJ!  Knives are OK since you were acquitted of that one, I mean two. 

Why is the Screetch Owl Elizabeth Warren and Brain Dead Bill Nelson of Florida always trying to blame Republicans for Democrats murderous rampages? They are not alone. Here is a Harvard Professor blaming everyone but Democrats.


Look at where this Cat’s head is at!

“This nation is sick. Our cultural anxiety, toxic masculinity, and racial, religious, and ethnic bigotries are eating away at the soul of this nation,” said the Reverend Walton.


All I can say is Thank GOD for NFL Football knee takers! 


But but but he didn’t mention Black on Black Crime which not only is responsible for a majority of all violent crimes but 50% of all US Murders. What about them apples Reverend? How is it that 13% of the population causes 50% of all the US Murders? Looks to me like the problem is pretty obvious and it ain’t “toxic masculinity.”

It the NFL about toxic masculinity too? Or is is about illiterates that have half dozen black children out of wedlock and care only about their own appetites? Why would I single out the NFL? Because they have an even higher murder rate than the national averages. OJ is not on the list. Remember he “never committed those murders” of his x-wife and Ron Goldman.

That’s because Mark Furman once used the n-word so he was prejudiced by finding OJ’s bloody socks and Nicole and Goldman’s blood in the Bronco. Oh yeah…. Furman must have put that blood in there. There you go.


Here’s one for you. If Ron Goldman or Nicole Brown had a gun on them, the masked knife wielding killa might have been shot dead on the street. And OJ would have been proven INNOCENT!  Then OJ would still be doing Hertz Commercials. 

One final thought about Stephen Paddock the “alleged” mass murderer from Las Vegas:

Anyone that thinks this guy just picked up a gun at the pawn shop and went nuts is nuts. There is much more too this guy than meets the eye.

For one thing he was a high stakes gambler. He was wealthy and a savvy real estate investor. One of his apartment buildings netted he and partners $3.5 million. He paid cash for homes and at last count has three of them. One was located in Nevada another in Melbourne, Florida.

Turns out his father was a bank robber and on the FBI 10 most wanted list.

Paddock himself was an accountant and worked for IRS. He was also a Postal worker, giving new meaning and scope to the term “Going Postal!” And there is absolutely no clear answer to his motives other than he just wanted to go out in a blaze of glory. For somebody to do something this insane, there may never be an answer as to why. That must be maddening to the families of the dead and injured.


This is also why the Democrats howling on about gun control is just more noise. And it is so useless.

Nobody suspected this guy of anything. Democrats can say… yes but he was a White Male who liked privacy. So? Oh but he was a gambler. So?

An incident this tragic however pales against the annual Black on Black Murder Rate in Chicago or New York City both liberals hotbeds that have asserted a push against guns. What good has it done? It hasn’t done anything to reduce the murder rate in those liberal cities.


The there was Bill Nelson after the Orlando Shooting. He was lamenting the Republicans not taking action on gun control:

That was dumb but the “what am I going to tell the people of Florida?” was the best. Why don’t you tell them the truth. Tell them that it took the SWAT team 3 hours to arrive. Thank you Government for protecting everyone. Or you might tell them that three of the four doors to that club were padlocked. So nobody could get out. The only opened door was where the Muslim Killer stood. Why didn’t the Orlando Fire Marshall protect those people? His six figure government salary was not enough to protect the people?

Why don’t you tell them that Florida has gun control and does not allow guns in places that serve alcohol. No guns allowed. But there was a guy with a gun in there. He was an off duty cop with a gun hired to provide security. He was in the bathroom hiding out. Tell it Bill… Tell it like it is. It was a total failure of Florida local Government.


What you should be telling them Bill is why a career politicians like yourself needs term limits. It is always the same with these liberal losers. They’re brain dead. 


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