Look at the idiots that wrote the bill.  Graham and Cassidy. Paul RYAN and Mitch McConnell LOVE it. It’s ROMNEYCARE all over again which is essentially Obamacare for the states.  All this bill does is shift Federal Obamacare subsidies to the States. That’s it. It is still the same old Obamacare. Nothing changes. Same old high prices and crappy policies. This is not a repeal of any kind. These games with these RINOs never end. GRAHAM CASSIDY BILL ANOTHER PHONY OBAMACARE REPEAL REPLACE RINO SCHEME ROMNEYCARE RESURRECTED.




Why do these RINOs keep doing this?

Publicity. By setting up the phony claim that Obamacare has been repealed these stinking RINOs expect the base to swallow it hook line and sinker. But this is not a repeal. If anything it sets Obamacare in stone granite and it can never be repealed.


This is similar to the Federal Highway Scheme:

Ever been to Lindsey Graham’s state South Carolina? They have the worst interstates in the country. Same Interstate as Georgia and North Carolina but the South Carolina interstates are simply awful. Why? Because South Carolina just wants the money from the Federal Government. Their road crews are corrupt and the work is substandard and falls apart. Trucks bounce down those roads. Some drivers get seasick from it. Lindsey Graham doesn’t give a crap if health care in South Carolina sucks and is entirely unaffordable. After all it was his amendment that separated the lavish PPO that congress gets from ever being incorporated into this Romneycare garbage. Graham is a crook. I think its about time he came out of the closet.


Why would anyone vote for this crappy idea? They aren’t.

The reason the RINOs and other Republicans are voting for this is the phony reason of claiming they Repealed Obamacare. The only thing they are repealing is the government mandates on businesses and the individuals. However, states could reinstall those mandates. It’s nothing but a scam legislation. The mandates are unconstitutional no matter what that putz John Robert’s said. Government has no right to force individuals or businesses to buy health insurance. With oppressive prices for policies, many young people who don’t need health insurance will smartly forgo it. This will kill the Obamacare scheme.



It is nothing but a phony cover game so these crumb bums can get reelected. That is all these RINO incumbents care about.

Worse Republicans continue to send back losers like Graham, Paul Ryan, McCain, McConnell, Collins and others. These aren’t moderates they are liberal losers that have sold out the base over and over again.

Then you have the Trump excuse. The blowhard wants to declare a “WIN” for repealing Obamacare. But this is not a repeal. It may in fact be much worse. It’s Romneycare. Think about it 50 different states in control of healthcare. People won’t be able to travel out of their states. And which laws will apply if someone from Texas gets sick in New York?


The other reason to vote for this bill is to let Obamacare died its own quiet death at the state level.

This is a way for these stinking politicians to lay blame on the states when Obamacare goes up in smoke. Insurance companies are concerned. This won’t reduce costs in fact it will only increase defaults. Dems know Obamacare is insolvent but they want endless bailouts leading to the frustration of a single government payer. Of course tossing this Dead animal Obamacare back to the states will quash the single payer idea.

Belly up liberal states like Illinois, Connecticut, New Jersey and California will tax their residents to death over this State run Obamacare. Businesses will migrate out of such states. Socialism always results in bankruptcy.



But but but don’t forget that Congress retains its lavish PPO for life and you get ROMNEYCARE and have to pay for John McCain’s Tumor treatment. Why can’t that creep pay his own way? He’s a poster child for getting Government handouts even though he and the Rodeo Queen own a $40 million dollar bottler in Arizona. Of course they inherited it from her daddy. You don’t expect John McCain and the Rodeo queen to work do ya? How dare you think such a thought!

John McCain served North Vietnam in a POW Camp. Meanwhile Joe Foss, World War II ACE was stopped by TSA gropers when he tried to board an aircraft out of Phoenix carrying a “Dangerous Sharp Object” on his person. That sharp object by the way was the Congressional Metal of Honor.  TSA High School Drop Outs didn’t recognize the NAME or the Metal!

This ain’t no Tin Soldier…

Image result for joe foss congressional medal of honor

This is what a REAL HERO LOOKS LIKE…! Marine ACE JOE FOSS!



This is what a phony nepotistic loser looks like… that never earned his way.

Pick’in your pocket like a Gypsy on Steroids!

UPDATE: McCain Flushes Trump phony repeal scheme again saying RINOs should not act alone on healthcare reform. Chalk up another big fail for Mitch McConnell, Paul RINO Ryan and Lefty Trumpelstiltskin. ANOTHER RINO BUST!


Meanwhile Rand Paul a physician says he won’t be bullied or bribed to vote for this Obamacare lite garbage.


  18 hours ago

  1. Calling a bill that KEEPS most of Obamacare “repeal” doesn’t make it true. That’s what the swamp does. I won’t be bribed or bullied.

    Replying to 

    I won’t vote for Obamacare Lite that keeps 90% of the taxes & spending just so some people can claim credit for something that didn’t happen

  2. No one is more opposed to Obamacare than I am, and I’ve voted multiple times for repeal. The current bill isn’t repeal.

    Meanwhile the Grifter is going to try to shove senators into voting for this phony repeal. Amusing because Trump doesn’t even know what the amendment does. He never read it. Maybe Trump should blame Kim Jong Un for his problems.
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