Count the loopholes. Hedge funds are delighted. Thier income from carried interest was not touched. And you thought Hillary Clinton was in bed with the hedge funds. Donald Trump is the best one night stand a hedge fund operative ever had. Astonishingly real estate rental businesses got a YUGE windfall. Can you imagine the coincidence? Ask Corker and Trump how that happened. Dirty business. Meanwhile, Cramer and the Goldman crowd are projecting stock markets to go BITCOIN! Meanwhile, Jeremy Siegel who predicted the Dow at 24,000 when everyone thought he was crazy says the markets will sell down after this RINOTAX pushes through. GOLDMAN TRUMPS ADMIN CELEBRATES RINOTAX EXAGGERATES BENEFITS MARKETS REACT SELLOFF.


CNBC may as well change its name to the Goldman Network:

Today Bitcoin Cash and Coinbase were shut down due to apparent insider trading. Bitcoin is a reflection of the Stock Market’s casino mentality plus criminality. Looks like the Grifter is setting the tone.


But before you give TRUMP credit for the economy and markets ask yourself what has Trump done policywise? Nutt’in that’s what!

In fact, if you look at stock markets around the world they are all up by the same relative amount. Trump had nothing to do with that. It is true that Obama stunted the US Economy so badly with Obamacare that businesses left the USA in droves but once established in China they are doing wonderfully well. Those businesses will never come back. In fact to comprehend how money works you have to consider Gross Domestic Product and Gross National Product.

Essentially this means that much of US wealth is moving out of America to buy goods from overseas. These include auto, iPhone and virtually all consumer electronics. The hottest Christmas item this year were big screen TVs. The US doesn’t make a single component that goes into those TVs. Yet the sale of a TV is counted in the GDP but the money goes overseas.


There is absolutely zero analysis that supports the Trump BS of a 7% GDP!

The corporate tax cuts don’t start for another year. The Obamacare personal mandate doesn’t end until next year. The Obamacare business mandate continues permanently.

Think about this. What will happen with citizens and Obamacare? Individuals will drop Obamacare insurance which is up 24% this year alone. That means businesses will have to pick up the additional premium costs which could soar another 50% next year when individuals drop their insurance. By the way, only 1% of the population under 40 actually “needs” health insurance and they know who they are because they have chronic illnesses.

So what is going to happen to businesses because they can’t deduct or expense off Obamacare? They are going to be less competitive. They will have to pass the cost on to the consumers who buy their products. For a Defense company, they just pass the costs to the taxpayer. but for real companies, not State RUN operations, they will have to charge more. So the large homebuilder will charge more for homes. Retailers will have to charge more. Manufacturers will not be able to make products in the USA. Ford knows this. Carrier knows this.

The DEBT under TRUMP is rising at over 10% a year. That is twice the rate of Obama and three times the rate of BUSH II the other pretend republican known now as RINOs.

I can tell you that every time we discuss the economy our reader’s eye’s glaze over. But the economy is the only thing that touches you. With 35 Million Mexicans squatting in the US, your labor will be touched and damaged beyond any capacity to restore it.


Without borders you in America are doomed. Your children will NEVER have the life you have had. In fact, the Babyboomers of today are more impoverished than their parents in just one generation. 

And if Obamacare is so great why has the LIFE EXPECTANCY of Americans, especially Woman has fallen in each year since Obamacare took its grip on 1/6th of the economy?  Nothing pares!



Trump tells you he is tough on Immigration right? Yet he has deported fewer illegals than Obama by 4%! At present illegal immigration is as high as it was at the peak of Obama! Meanwhile, Trump is now working on Amnesty for a million “Dreamers.” Trump has already granted Amnesty for 100,000 of them. Each day with the 35 Million Mexican squatters in America, they offload 1500 new Anchor babies who are instant US Citizens. This is Borders under TRUMP. Insanely, you were better off with Obama than Trump!

Border Patrol who endorsed Trump before the election says Trump Betrayed them! Trump’s talk is cheap… Grifter Cheap!


The above video has already happened.  But look at the idiocy of thinking we can end poverty by immigration. You are becoming poorer.


Trump wasted ALL political capital on this moronic RINOTAX. That is not why you voted for Trump. The reason you elected the GRIFTER was that you wanted the WALL BUILT and the Swamp Drained and Constitutional law restored! That will NEVER happen.

TRUMP has already lost one Senate Seat by first endorsing an Amnesty Lover, Luther Strange in Alabama then Roy Moore the religious nut. A Democrat now owns that seat.

You didn’t vote for Trump to be the new global policeman rubberstamping every crazy CIA occupations. Yet we are still in Afghanistan after 16 years! Trump is weaponizing the Middle East “Like No Other!” And there is no swamp draining. In fact, the Swamp writes all of the TRUMP legislation which he never reads. He rubberstamps it.

Trump is an abject failure. He will not win a second term. I suspect Democrats will take the Senate in 2018 making Trump a very lame duck indeed.

Worse, there is no Reagan on the horizon. It is only RINO Neocon big government warmongers as far as the eye can see.

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