Germany murdered 54 million souls during WWII. Germany wants  you to forget all that nasty business now, as they send a Warship into the South China Seas looking for trouble. Rekindling the bloodlust of 74 years ago. This is just another Joe Biden scheme to antagonize. This is provoking China. This stupidity is an act of war. And for Germany and Japan to be playing in this, is a violation of their probation as history’s greatest War Criminals. Japan and Germany should not be building Naval war capability let alone steaming into the South China Seas.

The world has not forgotten the Wolfpacks of Germany or the Death Ships of Japan:

Howling death of dreadnoughts still echoes in the briny night air of the Atlantic and Pacific. Steel flukes twisted and moored in the sandy anchored tombs. Two hundred feet below the new German and Japanese Warships, rest the drown burned lubbers of these past enemies. Steaming toward China looking for trouble; begging for war. No wreaths of flowers will be spread in remembrance or forgiveness. The utter disrespect of trampling these graves in a smiling lark to antagonize. 

No German and No Japanese should stand on these decks with jovial consort. These are the eyes and the voices of the children of war criminals engaging the hoarse recoil of their condemned ancestors. 

This is a moment worthy of piteous silence. Germany and Japan should moor in the harbor of peace, not lumbering into perdition’s wake, coaxed by a mad Ahab. 


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