Finally She has arrived. After five years of NO WOMEN PASSING THE MARINE CORP COMBAT FITNESS TEST BIG BUTCH PASSES. Unlike other grunts, she was immediately promoted to a battalion leader. She will lead her men into combat. Though she has never been in combat, I am sure she will be very good at it. GANG WAY BIG BUTCH MARINE CORPS FIRST WOMAN BATTALION LEADER NIL COMBAT EXPERIENCE LEADS MALE COMBAT UNIT.


Check this out! Black Dude buckling while White Chic easily carries a heavier male soldier on her back. Blackie is actually showing her down! Sorry girls she’s already taken.


Women promotions in combat units are because they are the best qualified to lead. Combat experience is overrated.

For example Army Capt. Kristen Griest was one of three bulldog females who completed the Army Ranger School in 2015. Affectionately called the “Pink Bulldogs” by their male colleagues now subordinates, the course was merely female weight adjusted to reduced the physical demands. Fair is Fair. Besides the Pentagon was looking into making lighter weight small arms for males already. Other than the weight adjustments nothing was different except for separate shower and bathroom facilities. Those Male North Vietnam Soldiers are and were much smaller and weighed less than most women on field hockey teams. Some of those women are real bruisers.


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Some women are just born to bust heads!  Millennial males on the other hand were just born to be wimps.

Big Butch on the other hand demanded the heaviest rifle the Marines had and even considered demanding the old M1 be put back in service.

Ranger Griest of course was immediately made an infantry officer. As the Army put it, “combat experience is not as important as passing the Ranger classroom activities.” No glass ceiling here. Combat isn’t everything. Most Military officers never serve in combat.


Unlike most Conservative Media, we are all for women serving in combat.

Of the 60,000 dead soldier’s names on the Vietnam War Memorial, most are teen aged boys. It’s high time women pulled their own weight so to speak. Women represent a majority of the population and by the numbers it is unfair to have ONLY men fighting all the USA CIA wars alone.


Tin Soldiers and officers of rank never see combat anyway.

They just collect ribbons while all the Teen boy die and grunts do the fighting. Of course Tin Soldiers keep all the perks for themselves. They get the lavish retirement packages. Grunts get NOTH’IN! Let’s give the men a rest.

There is absolutely no reason why the draft can’t be reinstated and selective service applied to woman only until the numbers even up. They gave women affirmative action to get into professional schools and Universities so why not use affirmative action to even up the Combat numbers? Why should men be the only ones sent into combat? Isn’t that sexist?  With more women in combat you will have more female role model heroes and less prejudice against woman. Big Butch is a pioneer and can slap most men around with impunity especially old prejudiced White men.


Phony RINOs cave on requiring Women to sign up for selective Service.

Duncan Hunter of California introduced a phony bill to require women 18 years of age to sign up for selective service. He claimed he would vote against it but wanted to do it to open the “Conversation” to the house of RINOs. The proposal got bumped by other RINOs and that was the end of it.

We think this is Unconstitutional that women are not being treated equally. Besides there are plenty more male pansies in the millennial ranks than you can shake a stick at. Women should rise and take this to the Supreme Court and demand equality or even better hyperequality.


But then again Feminism is a game that does not include real equality. It’s just a lot of noise.

If Feminist wanted real equality they would demand 18 year old women to be treated the same as 18 year old males. It is a case they couldn’t lose in the Supreme Court. So why haven’t they taken that case to the Supreme Court? Because they couldn’t lose. Feminism only works by reducing male equality.


Nobody can tell me that a female pitbull is not equipped to protect an owners property!

A female lion will kick your butt. A female elephant will stop you into a skin bag of crushed bones and quivering protoplasm. Don’t tell me some filed hockey bruiser out of high school couldn’t take most men apart with that stick.


File:Women and guns 04.jpg

Combat Ready! Indo Jungle girls should be an inspiration to American Ladies. Be all you “care” to be…  Men would be useless in combat against an army of women like this. US Women soldiers would not be so easily fooled. They would splatter her like a mosquito on a windshield or find common ground upon which they could share their viewpoints without intimidation in a mutually nurturing mobile military free space over a Starbucks.

Stay tuned for the Adventures of BIG BUTCH as she is Fast Tracked to the Congressional Metal of Honor. She will be quit a role model for little girls.

US Marines Little Girl Recruiting Video… Tattoo up girls!


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