Psychological rape is no laughing matter.  It just doesn’t exist unless you’re Roger Ailes. Gorgeous Megyn Kelly has just taken down another White Male Elephant. Face the facts, all men come on to Megyn Kelly. Every man in America wants to do her; every mathematician and every physicist. If you don’t believe it; just ask Megyn.  In the ongoing accusations of sexual harassment by the 78 year old Roger Ailes head of Fox News allegedly hugged Megyn Kelly in an uncomfortable way. Sound the Alarms another man’s second brain is getting ideas. FRANKENSTEIN BITCH MEGYN KELLY BUSTS AILES.



Man Killer Megyn Kelly. Look but no uncomfortable hugging! Dress’in for Success’in.


The Sorry Saga of a Psychological Rapist:

The whole sordid mess began when aging Blondie Gretchen Carlson who was fired after 11 years of constant psychological rape by her boss Rodger Ailes. Poor hot, now not so hot, Gretchen was simply treated like a psychological sexual slave to Ailes. When Gretchen’s ratings dropped, Ailes gave her the hook and took the aging quasi cougar off the air.  Then after 11 years of complete silence as to the claimed day to day advances of Ailes and his pocket puppet, she sues Fox News for X-ual Harassment.

Others at Fox claimed the charges were completely phony. They included Bill O’Reilly, Greta Van Susteren and Sean Hannity who have supported Ailes.


Then comes Megyn Kelly mankiller mantrap:


Megyn preparing for a job interview now doubt. She is getting in touch with her inner slut. But but but… watch that sexual harassment hugging.

Aggressive women are repulsive bullies. Of course they get that way because they never get challenged in quite the same way that a male bully gets challenged. Males have two million years of socialization pounding the crap out of bullies to the extent that intelligent males aren’t bullies. Women bullies have no damping mechanism. They just spin out of control with their menopausal venom.

We know from liberal women like Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Barbara Boxer that women should not be given a pass and presumed to be honest. In fact, in some cases they must be presumed to be dishonest. Megyn Kelly is not an exception.

But the world is such that vanity in particular has a way of crash landing on its own. Vanity destroys the mind with the feeling of artificial power.


Jessica Savitch

Jessica Savitch loved herself a bit too much too. She loved looking at herself on the TV monitor, just like Megyn.  Megyn can look at herself for hours on the monitor and love every second of it.  Savitch was vain and full of self love.  Ah how wonderful.  Her rising stardom and vanity left a wake of disaster in her path. She was a man crusher too.  Her second husband, her gynecologist killed himself under the suspicion that she was having an affair which caused a  subsequent miscarriage.  Finally Jessica was a passenger in a car with her new boyfriend at the wheel who  drove into a canal in a rain storm. She parked her fabulous career at the bottom of the lake.



Megyn Kelly in her after-hours strappy black cocktail dress which she wore while broadcasting from the Republican National Convention. As one pundit apply stated, “She looks like she works for an escort service.” It appears to be the same number she was wearing in the above sexy resume photo above.

Maybe she’s “chumming” for Ailes or bigger game… Murdoch.

Bottom Line for Ailes:

Ailes may have been a show biz type guy but he was no masher. The fact that these creepy vain women claim this went on for years with no supporting evidence and only evidence to the contrary, suggests they are frauds. Why would they stay with Ailes for a decade? Why wouldn’t they move on? After all aren’t they just gushing with talent and sexual attractiveness? They didn’t move on because they are lying. Unlike Bill Clinton or Bill Cosby or any other masher, Ailes has zero history of any issues whatsoever.

Gretchen had bad ratings and her show failed and Ailes had to cut her loose. So she retaliated. As for Megyn, I think Megyn’s photo spreads speak for themselves. Here is a woman that has aggressively marketed her sexuality and now claims Ailes hugged her in an “uncomfortable way”.


The best policy is Gender Segregation:

In the last several years, we have all known male teachers, and doctors that have been victims of phony charges of sexual harassment. None are ever proven but it has gotten to the point that males can no longer practice medicine if it involves a female patient or teach science classes if women are in that classroom. Gender segregation must be demanded by men.

Men have little to gain in any coed situations. In Physics and Math classes, women slow down the men. It is simply unfair to men. In a way, it is a form of sexual harassment in that women disrupt the speed at which male minds configure abstractions. Coed classes may be fine for lightweight to no-weight Gender Studies but not in the sciences or engineering. These are highly competitive male driven classes with an unforgiving social order. Women should not be slowing the train down and then complaining that the environment is sexist because the learning curve is accelerated to the benefit of the more cleaver males.


I cannot imagine any other members of the Fox News Team that would want to be working for Murdoch or with Megyn Kelly. It remains to be seen if the pundits that support Ailes will leave with him. It is in their contracts that if Ailes leaves, they too may leave.

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