O’Reilly should have walked when Megyn Kelly took down Rodger Ailes. Remember Megyn said years earlier Ailes had hugged her and it made her “feel” uncomfortable. But of course she continued to work there for the next eight years essentially a tort waiver. But O’Reilly didn’t move on. No real honor here. He paid a little lip service but nothing where he had to show any real loyalty or courage. O’Reilly has never stuck his neck out for anyone. Basically he was out for himself. In that way he is just like Megyn Kelly. But it sure was a dumb move on his part in retrospect not to get out. It would have made him look loyal even if he wasn’t. Now he gets killed by the same Rats that ate Ailes’s cheese. FOXY NEWS MODERN DAY SLIP AND FALL SUITS MAKE BILL O’REILLY FREE AGENT.


Pinhead is going to get a $25 million bonus for Sexual Harassment.



These are the earth’s six modern day matriarchal societies. This should be feminist utopia but these women live in the stone age.  So much for the natural power of unbridled feminism and the notion that men hold women back. Nobody is holding these ladies back from achieving great things. No glass ceilings in these countries. I am sure they are leading the world in Particle Physics or they would if they wanted to…

I point this out to women that whether they like it or not, Western Civilization are societies built by males. Run the list of achievements of white males but it is so overwhelming it embarrasses feminists. White males account for roughly 99.9% of all American patents. White males have 99.8% of all Nobel Prizes in Math, Chemistry and Physics. They have designed and built everything that is the marvel of modern Western life. There is some reason for this. It is built within the male species. Males Compete in everything all the time. I blame it on the Y chromosome.


Men are on a mission of God. “Go forth and multiply!” Said the BIG MAN.

A normal healthy male not one of Americas proud new transgenderized wackos has a built in primordial requirement to reproduce under any conditions. Without this drive, the entire human race would perish. Due to short lives, males were given the ability to reproduce from puberty to death. Women have a very short window in which they can reproduce. This means older men will continue to be attracted to young females out of necessity, especially if all the young men get killed in Bush Obama Trump wars.

A real saving grace for women is that men have a wide range of acceptable female attractiveness. This male job assigned by God runs 24.7.365 in healthy males. Through cyclones, floods, earthquakes, bad times, good times the male must always be hunting females or the human species would die off.


What about women? Once again I am talking about XX chromosomes not variations of mental illness. Besides same sex couples are not intended to reproduce unless they cheat nature. Let’s also remember ladies that virtually all genetic diseases fly off those X chromosomes in offspring.

I adamantly refuse to pencil in a bunch of gay disclaimers. You are all biologically dead so you don’t count. Why do women wear makeup and go to the gym? Why do they shave their legs? To be healthy? NO! To look younger and more attractive to males. Most women undergo biological death before 40. At 33 they are considered high risk pregnancies.  Their biological window is very narrow. Generally there are only five days a month when women can become pregnant. Their biological life expectancy is a mere 15 years on average. That means a mere 900 days in their entire life when they can reproduce. That is not much out of a life expectancy of 29,200 days.

That means that 97% of the female lifespan is biologically dead. Blame the BIG MAN Upstairs. Be aware that the male must at all times be ready during that brief 900 days when the female may reproduce. While many women don’t want to admit this, a healthy woman seeks males during ovulation in particular.


Without ovulating women falling prey to their hormonal behavior, there would be no such thing as the Jerry Spring Show.


Now lets talk about the Workplace that has become the sacred Tomb of the FEMALE FEMINIST MONK.

Let’s talk about Fox News. Nobody and I mean males would have ever started watching Fox News if they hadn’t intentionally loaded the roster with highly attractive females. Murdoch was selling sex from day one. Where are the feminist screeching that unattractive women are not being hired by Murdoch?

What happened to “Fat Girl Makes Good?” She isn’t sitting behind those glass tables at FOX wearing 5 inch heels and crossing her legs provocatively. Murdoch knew what he was doing. That is how he took market share from the big three networks that had the old grey headed “Deans” of the network news. Murdoch was buying estrogen and selling sex.


Go to any BIG Corporation and you will see the same thing these days:

The executive suits are chock full of hot women. I’m sure this is just a coincidence. But it is not a coincidence at FOX NEWS. This was ratings eye candy. It was intended; the game plan. They were willing to take lesser talent with better looks. And who is the Fox audience targeting? It’s men!  So let’s not go overboard with the claims of woman who have average talent and fading looks and get the ax.


They never earned good looks. It’s not a skill. It is just symmetrical biology.

It is a lot like some bum winning the lottery. It is nice and all but he didn’t earn it. So why should a good looking woman be so stupid to miscalculate their fleeting beauty as a reason for removal from Foxy. We know the bum with the lottery will eventually be broke again. Beauty is fleeting. Take it for what it is.

Once one of these fading beauties gets a pedicured toe hold as they did with Roger Ailes, then the cases pop up everywhere. In fact this new Slip and Fall styled tort is up 26% in the last year alone.


Murdoch is paying out millions and why?:

He has to give the impression that Foxy news is not just a media version of Hooters. I never watch it so who cares?

One thing is certain… Bill O’Reilly can become a free agent in the morning and have offers coming in from everywhere including MSNBC. O’Reilly’s big enough he could start his own network.


YOU WHO… Hannity? You’re next!



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