UPDATE: As of 2AM Hurricane IRMA is no more. Downgraded to an 85 MPH Tropical Storm. By 9AM it was 70 MPH and speedily leaving Florida toward Tallahassee. The stage had been set by Global Warmist and Florida Governor Rick Scott. IRMA was slated to demolish Florida one city at a time fulfilling the Apocalyptic climate change prophecies of Al Gore the high priest of carbon retribution. Meanwhile Florida Bureaucrats moronically evacuated over six million residents of the east coast of Florida from Miami to Jacksonville three days before the storm fizzled to a CAT 1 as the eye moved to Tampa on the west coast of Florida. FLORIDA KILLS IRMA FIZZLES GLOBAL WARMISTS SUICIDAL GOVERNMENT BUREAUCRATS DRIVING EVACUATION CLOWN CARS!


Global Warmists Suicidal over IRMA big Fizzle… Bureaucrats patting themselves on the back for greatest evacuation cluster fk in global warming history.


“This Storm is a KILLER!” Here we go again!

That was Governor Rick Scott talking about last’s years Hurricane Matthew. Scott warned massive destruction of Floirda’s east coast. Matthew never made landfall. As usual the exaggeration was applauded even though most deaths occurred to Floridians forced to evacuate where they died in car crashes on the interstate.


This year Rick Scott outdid himself.

After stupidly evacuating 6 million plus inhabitants of the Florida East Coast, the storm slowly moved up the West Coast of Florida after chewing up the Coast of Cuba. The storm was advertised by Scott as the greatest storm ever to hit Florida. Scott stood with a sign language translator informing the public on the West Coast to run for their lives. The best part stating that the Government would not be able to save you. To the Florida old timers it was comedic.

Standing next to Scott was an obligatory negro, women and police authorities. It was the Diversity Tribe minus representatives of the Seminole Indians the real Florida Tribe.


6.5 million mostly unnecessary evacuations. What do you do?

Like a good con artist you stick to your story and continue with the help of media to promote dire consequences. You also establish Florida Marshal Law. In several instances Deputies of Volusia and Seminole Counties, far from the storm on the East Coast and Central Florida clamped down. They imposed a curfew stating that Sheriff’s Deputies would decide if your reason was acceptable to be out during the Curfew. No need for Courts in Florida! Throw away the US Constitution in the name of local law enforcement and arbitrary and capricious determinations by high school grads turned cop. Flagler County up near BF Georgia decided to evacuate nursing home residents. I assume they were trying to give them pneumonia and bed sores.


6.5 million evacuees forced from their homes under the color of law!

Because Bureaucrats and empty headed politicians know best… Millions of Floridians jammed the highways out of Florida taking rooms as far North as Buffalo! Florida ran out of Gas, bottled water and snack foods. It was mayhem; fueled ignited and turbocharged by the billowing hot air of politicians and the drive by Media. The Mayor of Miami Screamed “EVACUATE!” but he did it in Spanish of Course, Miami’s official language! Then it was off to the races. The hysterical Hispanics hitting the highways in their high speed buzzbombs. It was a nightmare, a totally unnecessary panic. Dangerous beyond comprehension Rick Scott jumped the gun before knowing the direction of the wind. Mark my words Rick Scott will be giving himself rewards and slapping other Bureaucratic idiots on the back for a job well done. Good God man have you no shame!


None of these nitwits ever considered for a moment why Florida has always survived its many hurricanes.

Rick Scott is from Illinois. He went to school in Kansas City. He’s not a Floridian. No wonder he goes bonkers over Hurricanes. Floridians live with these things. Florida Kids  surfed in them and loved it. Now cops bar the beaches.  A few years back five hurricanes hit Florida in one season. I don’t know a single Floridian that evacuated that year.

Now beaches are close to the surfers and kids are now are forced to wear Obama Peckerhead hats when on their bikes. Wimpy outsiders have destroyed Wild Free Florida and turned the population into a bunch of cream puffs. Now it is a state run by Jack Booted Jack Asses. OH YEAH RICK SCOTT WILL SAVE US ALL!


Lesson 2 keep it dire. Talk of Bodybags… maintain that even with a West Coast Storm, the East Coast is in dire jeopardy. Assume everyone is timid frantic moron. PUMP UP THE FEAR then sell the antidote… Slavery!

Winds in Boca Raton at the time of the real CAT 2 landfall in Naples were a blissful 24 MPH. Sure there was rain in the tropical storm sense but so what. That is expected. Squalls happen in hurricanes far and wide. They clean the roads. The sandy Florida Aquifer loves the water.

In the last rendition of the Global Warmist Apocalypse, Hurricane Harvey rode into Houston as a Tropical Storm. It did next to no wind damage. All the damage done was flooding and likely a Bureaucrat’s decision to release water from the levies. NICE. Oh but but but it was all because of the Storm. It was also because Houston is the Center of the US Oil industry and Refineries. The Wrath of AL GORE is Upon you! [Sung to the tune of The EYES OF TEXAS.]


Global Warmists wanted and were cheering for the loss of property life and limb.

To me this qualifies them as Terrorists. They deserve my wrath. There is nothing so vile as a human that wishes another to be injured, killed or made destitute.

These Warmist creeps cheered Harvey. They cheered the drownings. They will cheer those killed on the Highways in Florida by Rick Scott and his SS Bureaucrats that pushed the panic button and asserted Florida police power and marshal law against the people endangering them under the color of law. That is a Section 1983 Civil Rights Violation. Government strong armed and put citizen’s lives in jeopardy. How dare these people pretend they acted prudently. It is impossible to evacuate the East coast of Florida and six million people on the wrong coast and call it prudent. It is like a surgeon cutting off the wrong leg!


Florida needs a Constitutional Amendment that prevents the State from Moving individuals from their homes against their will for anything involving self-protection or personal safety. Floridians don’t need Illinois Boy RICK SCOTT and the machinery of the Jack booted State protecting them! 


Hang Tough Floridians the Worst is over:

Keep safe… conditions are still dangerous. To out friends down in the Tropic of Cancer you took the brunt and you folks are special and in our prayers.


As for Florida’s Marshal Law:

You have endangered citizens. You bullied them and you can face the consequences.  Mark my words these Bureaucrats will be giving themselves awards for this incredible cluster…FK! Nothing like being bullied around by a bunch of Middle School grads. Pathetic.


Banned from www.wunderground.com by punk global warmists:

BTW CashMcCall was banned for life from posting on the hogwash weather site www.wunderground.com. Why? I predicted that IRMA would thread the needle and go into the Gulf Of Mexico and not the East Coast of Florida as NOAA’s Phony Cone was predicting.  But of course their Global Warmists took great umbrage to this because it did not fit with their apocalyptic Destruction of Miami narrative.

I am not an American Certified weather girl. I did however design and build the first Satellite weather station on the Continent of Australia that provided weather information to the US 7th Fleet in the Pacific. Wunderdickwads knew this. They knew I had familiarity with cyclone model theory. I was polite except when I said…. “Oh if only we had paid our Carbon tax to Chairman Obama… we would never have unfavorable weather again.” I am tired of the Al Gore set. They are unschooled rubbish peddlers.


OH and in the big surprise MYTH BUSTER category: New mobile homes in Florida fared better than some of the older stick homes. Why?

Since Hurricane Andrew new mobile homes in Florida had to be constructed to meet Zone III wind standards. For Florida the newer mobile homes had to meet survival of 110 MPH sustained winds!  That is one hell of a blow. These standards are not only strict but unlike stick houses are actually wind tested. Many exceed these winds standards.

Even in the Keys new mobile homes fared very well. Of course the high school grad that makes up evacuation rules still thinks modern manufactured homes are not safe in storms. But that is why they are working for the Government instead of inventing high tech devices.


Finally a World about the Electric Utility Monopolies of Florida:

By Florida Power and Light’s own numbers there are over 5.5 MILLION people without power in Florida. Monopolies have no competition. So even in areas where the winds were just moderate, power lines are down. In some cases these power companies are using the same power poles from the 1930’s. Nothing has changed. That is why storms take down these utilities each and every time they occur. They simply don’t invest in the infrastructure. But they do raise your rates each year. Welcome to Government business where their is no competition and no incentive to find a way to deliver power that is storm proof.

Even if power isn’t down in many regions, these Utilities provide flickering on off service that only destroys household appliances. May as well live in the old Soviet Union. They had utilities just like this. Government simply destroys competition.


This is from the Florida Power and Outage Website…

Practically all the outages were in places where the Hurricane never touched. Oh sure there were Tropical Storm winds in the east but this is up the entire East coast to the Georgia line! IRMA was a tropical storm after it had hit TAMPA. It had just 70 MPH winds. FPL alone accounted for 3.8 million outages… GOVERNMENT MONOPOLY SERVICE AT IS BUREAUCRATIC BEST! FPL just knuckled under. They don’t have a single County where they provide power where they had no outages. NextEra Energy is the parent company of FPL. The service quality has dropped ever since this outfit took over. Oh but but but they are pursuing “Alternative Energy” ideas…. like solar farms. Their ain’t no sun during a hurricane you dopes. How about providing some simple competent RELIABLE electrical power to homes first. Then you can go pick the taxpayer’s pockets for your solar fantasies. But maybe just maybe you might review the inverse square law and come to realize solar cells are a big fat BUST. Blame God, He place the Sun 96 million miles away! Lean some math will ya?!!!



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