This Obama Appointee had it coming.  Should have prosecuted Clintons, and old Tarmac Lynch. The Schmuck COMEY also refused to investigate the Media Leaks of confidential phone calls. For awhile it looked like COMEY was going to continue his antics of FAKE INVESTIGATIONS just to keep in the spotlight. There was clear collusion with Obama trying to stop Hillary Clinton from being charged and tried for Criminal misconduct. The COMEY refusal to charge Clinton was a staged event. Comey claimed there was no intent.  But the letter of the law expressly states that INTENT is meaningless. It says that negligence is sufficient. Jeffery Sterling was jailed for negligence that paled next to Clinton. This could open the door to a full blown investigation into the Clinton Foundation and prosecution of Clinton’s email server. FBI DIRECTOR J EDGAR SCHMUCK COMEY OUSTED OVER MISHANDLING CLINTON MISDEEDS.


When you play politics with the law your days are numbered. Hillary Clinton thought she was above the law. Comey was following Obama’s directive to not prosecute Clinton. Clinton needs to be prosecuted.

Drain the Swamp:

Trump should have cleaned out the DOJ hellhole from day one. Instead he had to deal with Sally Yates and a dozen other Obama shills. Obama’s people are dirty. All of them right to the core. Democrats are immoral scum. IRS is the same. It is chock full of Lois Learners. It should have been gutted. Justice should have been gutted. The FBI should have been gutted. Trump is really show in the uptake. I have said this repeatedly. I do not think Trump is very bright. He vacillates over everything. He flip flops like a beached flounder. Undoubtedly this order came from Sessions that Comey was being too selective in his investigations.


Trump the master of the Tactless:

What I do object to was the way in which Comey was fired. He was talking to department personnel and the media broadcast his firing on national news before he was informed. That’s just rude. Trump is without a doubt the rudest ever to sit in the Oval Office. If there is a taint to this firing it is the way it was done. It was a Trump act of total disrespect. Even his base supporters can’t stand Trump’s lack of manners.

Trump has been rude to the Australian Prime Minister, to the Mexican President and to China President Xi. Trump simply doesn’t seem like he was taught manners. I have never seen anything quite like it. It’s disturbing and it garners sympathy for those on the receiving end of his rudeness.

Hillary Clinton should have been prosecuted. She was given special treatment while others like Jeffery Sterling went to jail for much less.

We want Hillary Clinton prosecuted to the limit of the law. That server of hers was breached! Classified email sent to that boob Wiener. God knows who had access. The FBI and Justice did not follow the law. They gave Clinton a free pass.

Then Trump once elected, decided to be condescending to Clinton. But he soon learned you can’t be nice to the Clintons. They will always view that as weakness. Meanwhile the Trump base was livid over Trump giving the Clintons a pass. Trump lives in La La Land.


Clinton pressed the Russian election hacking story:

It was Clinton that dreamed up the “Russian” collusion story. She and Obama and Rice did it. Just like old times with the fake Benghazi youtube cover story. It was all a fraud. Clinton should be investigated. Obama should be investigated. Rice has already refused to testify. These are swamp dwellers. Trump should appoint a Special Prosecutor to go after Clinton. It must be done in the opened without prejudice. Let the chips fall where they may even if they lead straight to Obama Nixon. This is the swamp and it needs to be drained.

The reason the Drive-by-Media never pushed on COMEY over Clinton.

The Drive-bys thought they dodged a bullet. They knew Clinton was guilty as sin. They accepted the FBI hand slap and were giddy that Clinton wasn’t going to be charged as she should have been.

But the public responded very negatively. They thought COMEY was a sell out and being directed by Loretta Lynch, the tarmack Attorney General by direct orders from Obama. Yeah the filth goes right to the top. So the Drive-bys welcomed the news that Clinton would not be prosecuted and they never looked back.


But you see… Clinton keeps bringing it up. Just like a psychopath that wants to be caught. She can’t resist flaunting her conduct.

Last week Clinton was back on the circuit claiming she lost the election because of COMEY, because the USA discriminates against women, and the Russians. She is simply FOS.

Meanwhile moron Trump puts up with Clinton doing the media circuit and now Obama. Both Obama and Clinton are dirty as sin. They think they have Trump on the ropes. They are causing intentional interference. This has never been seen in the history of the former Presidents. It leads me to believe that a Special Prosecutor has to be brought in to look at Clinton, Obama, Lynch, and Rice.

Name one instance where a former President has meddled in the affairs of a succeeding Administration. It has never happened before. So yes. Obama and Clinton are fearful.

My guess is that there have been leaks at the Sessions Justice Department that have gotten back to Obama. He is trying to create an offensive distraction.

Trump is now going to be on the Defensive.

A dumb guy on the defensive means he will continue to cultivate phony excuses for why he has done something. Sessions will have to tell this idiot to stop Tweeting. The reality is that Trump will now have to follow through for once. He needs a special prosecutor to go after Clinton. This road will lead to Obama and a lot of others. He must let Sessions drain the swamp.


Trump now has a perfect opportunity to screw up yet again:

If he appoints a woman or a politician, or a partisan as the FBI Director, he will have accomplished exactly nothing in the firing of Comey. Yet this is exactly how Trump’s broken mind works.

I want a crime stopper. I want a a serious FBI that is not playing politics or screwing around over this Goddamn Russian hacking fiction over which there is not one scrap of evidence. Lets remember that under COMEY, the FBI investigated the San Bernadino Jihadist killers and closed the case saying they were no risk. They investigated the Orlando killer too and did the same thing. They closed the case saying the shooter of over 100 was not a risk. This is pure incompetence. Whatever has caused it needs to be purged. Heads need to roll.

The fact that the FBI was invisible over the events leading to 911 shows that the FBI is useless. It is now a fat sloppy cow of diversity and incompetence. Government has turned into a liberal crap pile. It is infuriating that Clinton was not prosecuted for her crimes. Inside the yawing mess which is the FBI is the stench of liberal bias. The law MUST BE KEPT! IF you don’t like the laws then elect a congress to change them but don’t allow these institutions that protect Americans to be destroyed by this phony diversity and soft headed liberal selective enforcement. Enforcing the laws of this land is not a hate crime. DO YOUR FREAKING JOB FBI!

WE Want a Crime Stopping Bulldog that doesn’t care or even know the meaning of the terms Republican or Democrat! Incompetence need extraction. This FBI house must be cleaned and sanitized.





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