TRUMP debt to eclipse OBAMA’s debt with ease.  MORE WEAPONS, MORE WARS, LESS DEPORTATIONS, NO WALL, OBAMACARE INSURANCE COMPANY BAILOUTS. While you are looking away, Trump Dreamer Amnesty moves forward. The waste is endless. The duplicity beyond words. This is exactly why Goldman Sachs is cheering. Every Trump election promise has been vacated and abandoned. This is the Bush Third Term Mission Accomplished on Steroids! Even the Secret Service is broke thanks to Trump and his family’s lavish vacations and travel. But don’t worry, the Secret Service rooms at the Trump Resorts and Trump Organization bills the Federal Gov. at full fare. Nothing goes out to bid. Trump is picking taxpayer pockets like no other before him. FAKE TRUMP RINO DEBT CEILING FIGHT REPUBLICANS OUTSPEND DEMOCRATS ENLARGE GOVERNMENT PEACE THROUGH MORE WAR.





Poor old “Turtle head” Mitch McConnell.

Trump is very very disappointed in Mitch for not pushing through the phony REPEAL AND REPLACE also known as TRUMPCRAPCARE. Now the RINOs are trying to bailout Obamacare. Did Trump just now discover that Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan have their own agendas? As one pundit put it, Trump has no agenda. He’s just winging it day in and day out. He has no moral compass or political compass. He is a man out for himself and his offspring. It is all self-peddling and filling the Trump coffers with Taxpayer money.


Trump wins…  as the president with the lowest polls in history:

This isn’t because of some apparition, the public knows insincerity. I am not talking about the lunatic 25% fringe on the left and right. They feel nothing. I am not talking about them. To the neocon 25% Trump is some kind of hero because he’s rude. That is supposed to be the hallmark of leadership to say the first thing that pops into that empty skull without thought. The ideas Trump conveys are really just popular fodder spewed forth in his illiterate fifth grade vocabulary intended to stir the lunatic fringe. Trumpspeak is National Enquirer Speak. Its Trash talk.


Trump just broke another one of his campaign promises. He just violated the queers he loved so much after Orlando.

Trump did the poll numbers and saw all his LGBTQQ pandering has resulted in zero support. So he decided to attack Transgenders in the military stating that they were essentially unfit for military readiness. I am not a fan of the LGBTQQ set. I also believe that a civilized society doesn’t entertain the notion of women into combat. Though it would be a wonderful way to reduce the feminist overpopulation. I don’t care for the butch dyke exception, the big bruiser than can sling bus tires like they are glazed doughnuts. War is bad enough without pushing women, even women who think they are men, into meat grinders.

“LGBTQQ” (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, queer) creeps are a lot like Blacks. They are Democrats by the stretch of 97%. As if somehow the Party of Slavery “Evolved”  … to steal a Hilalry Clinton expression. Blowhard  has “Evolved too” now realizing that the queer vote will never be coming his way, he flushed them in favor of his angry neocon mob.


Trump claimed the Transgender volunteer was unfit for military readiness: Trump may have first hand experience with this.

Heel Spurs prevented Trump from winning the Vietnam War.  His daddy made sure that Draft Board was informed by New York City doctors with X-rays and full medical files, that his son Donald had heel spurs and could not possibly serve. Trump, thanks to daddy’s preemptive strike was 4F. Trump was unfit for military service. Why is he now fit to command the military? Oh that’s different… yeah I bet.  Don’t tin soldiers have to march in circles for years before they are fit to command?


Trump has tapped into the blood thirst of the Bush era RINO Neocon:

America is blood drained of war. This nation has inexplicably been at war almost nonstop since WWI. The worst of the wars have all been CIA wars: Korea, Vietnam, Gulf I, Iraq, Afghanistan. They have cost many American soldier lives, mostly teenagers’ lives for essentially NOTHING. Those who die in Afghanistan die for nothing. The world is not safer or a better place because Bush and Obama blew up the Middle East. But now old 4F is going to show them all how to do it.

Somewhere along the way old men and the Tin Soldiers decided that teenage boys should die for the political whims of the foul politicians. The politicians and tin soldiers speak in eloquent platitudes about service to your nation, the bravery and honor of war. But they don’t tell you about real war.

They don’t describe in vivid blood red detail. They don’t tell of the mournful cries of a Teen boy dying in a rice paddy with his legs gone seeping blood. As his life ebbs away there is a chortle of sea birds and this boy, this child of America is sobbing and crying for his mother. The politicians that throw your children’s lives away don’t tell you about real war. Instead they are wearing lobster bibs at the Viceroy and could care less about the deaths they have caused. They won’t be going to war and their children products of nepotism won’t be going to war. Elites don’t bleed for their worthless causes; you bleed for them.


Those Neocon RINOs love war. What is wrong with them? Oh that’s right they have never gone to war.

They love to plant the flag deeply on foreign soil never thinking for a moment of the dead teenagers who will be planted in the same soil like rows of corn as far as the eye can see. This is not honorable. This is foul. Let those who invent wars pick up weapons and fight them. If Trump wants to fight so badly in Afghanistan, why doesn’t he pick up a gun and move to the front line?



The RINOs will have no trouble at all approving it and unleashing torrents of more borrowed money and drunken sailor spending. Trump’s non budget is already at the at 4.5 Trillion level adding  nearly two trillion to the debt each year. Bush started it by being the first to hit the three trillion mark. Obama drove it to 3.5 trillion then came the big spender Trump. He is up to 4.5 trillion and headed to 5 trillion! Republicans have far eclipsed the Democrats as the Biggest Borrower and Spenders in History. Republicans are making the Democrat’s Junker Clunker and Home Insulation frauds look like good well managed programs.





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