OUR COMPOSITE RINO BACKSTABBER Sen. Mitch McCain readies a hard left turn over Obamacare. This idiotic Trump fraud called Repeal and Replace continues. Now it has morphed into an Obamacare salvage operation bailout. Of course congress keeps its lavish PPO for life and you proletariat pay for that and the Obamacare bailouts. Best of all… the Obamacare taxes are now being embraced by Mitch McCain and the Rino backstabbers. Its a one party system. FAKE REPUBLICAN MITCH MCCAIN EMBRACES OBAMACARE TAXES BUDGET SOARS 4 TRILLION.


Mitch Ryan McCain the RINO Composite Senator from Wisczonatucky


Meanwhile Trump Spending TOPS $4 TRILLION!

This is not a Trump Bush Third Term… This is a Trump Bush Third Term ON STEROIDS! This administration has completely vacated any and all Republican principles. Republicans no longer have a party. They are a subset of the Greater Democratic Party Cancer. They have bought into everything from Sexual Reassignment Surgery to phony Global Warming.

While you were not looking of course Trump has already busted Obama’s giant budget busters by a long shot. CBO announced that spending by the Trump Bush Third Term had pushed above 4 Trillion! In short Republicans are being backstabbered again. There is absolutely no point in being a Republican. These RINOs are nothing but warmongering democrats popped from the Bush mold.


$4 freaking Trillion!

That is 1/2 Trillion higher than Obama’s biggest budget which were all astronomical. RINOs under Mitch McCain our composite RINO politician are now “Embracing Obamacare Taxes.” Holy Crap. These bums were set to Washington to repeal Obamacare in whole. But now they are embracing it all, lock stock and Taxes.

And you wonder why the stock market keeps rising. It is not good government policies. It is runaway government spending that has markets running white hot. Man when this thing hits the brick wall its going to be one giant mess again.



George Bush destroyed the US Economy. 9 Trillion in wealth was wiped out and then given to banks. Huge swathes of citizens lost a lifetime of savings. The government bailed out the banks.


Same old garbage economy:

The phony jobs numbers continue to rise off low pay services. The place is crawling with Pizza delivery guys. I don’t demean these low pay workers; they need jobs and are willing to scramble for low pay. Its pathetic that they don’t have better opportunities.


Rural America is stone cold poor:

Want to go where the money is? Go to the DC Metro area. Tidal waves of Federal spending flood into tiny businesses and CIA cover ops that serve the felonious needs of the Federal Government. Meanwhile, Rural America crumbles.

In a word, rural jobs have never returned to Rural America following the Bush Great Depression. Obama increased government regulation and started his war on coal. Mines shut down. Last year five of the largest coal miners in America declared bankruptcy.  These jobs are not coming back in spite of Trump’s snake oil to the contrary. He is a photo op guy but completely ineffective.



Trump spends most of his time in the wrong liberal court getting stopped from reducing or cutting EPA regulation. The EPA is still infiltrated with mindless liberals and TRUMP while spending like a drunk sailor has continued to fail to make important strategic appointments.  Trump doesn’t seem to have a clue how government works. And his legal teams are the worst collection of government novice lawyers I have ever seen. They are fumblers.

Trump gets stuck in the DC Court of Appeals that says Trump EPA does not have the authority to halt the ridiculous Obama methane regulation and they must begin to enforce it immediately. The House just came to the rescue and voted to repeal the regulation and the Senate is expected to vote on it directly. Trump will then sign the repeal.

Scott Pruitt is doing a great job but Trump is holding him back. Trump simply lacks focus. Pruitt needs those appointments.


But that still doesn’t put jobs in Rural America.

Most of rural America has jobs associated with Agriculture. Regulation of pesticides and antifungals has devastated small farmers and their crops yields. The nosebleed dollar has killed all US exports. Trump doesn’t seem to grasp this. He asked Michael Flynn at 3AM one morning is a low dollar or high dollar was good for the US Economy. My God this is from some guy that sat on his tail in Wharton and apparently didn’t learn squat.


Fisherman have been regulated for everything from their nets to the wetlands.

Large factory fishing operations from overseas fish out most of the places where smaller fisherman operate. The government, state, local and Federal are pushing them out of business. There is no relief in site.  The Department of Interior needs a complete overhaul. Everything from grazing rights, to water rights to oil leases are a fantastic mess. Interior is one o the most inefficient government wastelands around. Trump is again clueless.


Florida medical marijuana:

The public in Florida voted to approve medical marijuana. The republican legislature immediately set up five large nursery operations into regional state monopolies.  Small growers who have been smashed by the real estate collapse need not apply. This is crony capitalism at its worst.


Even renewable resources are under attack by gov. regulation:

Logging companies are often banned because some bird or fish habitat is claimed at risk. NAFTA has allowed Canada to dump Timber on the USA. Timber owners have no markets for their trees. Pulp factories are shutting down.

Mitch McCain our Composite RINO politician should be convicted of Treason.

Obamacare was the death knell of small business in America. It leaned hard on entrepreneurs. In Rural America people are not lazy like they are in the shufflefooted center cities. They actually create and run more successful small businesses than anywhere in America. Obamacare taxed them to death. It is completely unavoidable to small businesses. So the idiot Democrats thrust the burden on citizens while retaining for themselves the gizzard boiling free lavish PPO for themselves.


That Lavish PPO is never under discussion.

Not a single republican or democrat has moved for the elimination of that free PPO. Oh no… they are elites and you get the garbage insurance and pay for it all. How utterly infuriating.


Self-employment taxes skyrocketed under that black satan!

Not only were small businesses damaged by Obama regulations at every turn, and suffocated by Obamacare taxes, Self-employment taxes were piled on. Obama wanted to kill small businesses. Trump who claims to be business friendly however is clueless and not focused. All these taxes and regulation remains in place. Worse Mitch McCain is now embracing the Obamacare taxes. RINOs now want to retain OBAMACARE TAXES! From pretend repeal to EMBRACEMENT!

Trump celebrates the opening of a coal mine but the Energy policy of forcing coal burning electric plants to covert to nat gas has destroyed the markets. We don’t have a single Blast furnace in operation in America.  What in the hell is that Brain Dead Moron RICK PERRY doing with the Department of Energy? Nothing. He is doing a big fat NOTHING!



Rick Perry now head the agency he said should be eliminated; once he remember what it was! MORON!

Suddenly he is a solar energy jerk. Too bad he doesn’t shut down after five hours of sunlight just like solar panels. It is just more phony Trump playing the liberal green stooge.


Does Trump actually seek out the incompetent?

Sure looks like it.



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