Everyone Can Make A Million

Our interest at CashMcCall is money; more expressly making money through investment. Ah, the American Dream. Now it is the Chinese Dream, the Indian Dream and almost every nation on earth. 

There are many ways to make a Million. 98% of all Billionaires made their money with stocks and options. Some make it in Commodities. But only 2% made it through real estate or some other means. J. K. Rowling made her Billion with Harry Potter Books. Many do it by collecting art. Some make big money in acting, and some by inheritance. 

Televangelists do well; God Pay Big when the tent goes global. And if that sounded cynical; it was. One of the easiest ways for a rather slimy person is to be a US Politician. At present, there are only about 5 Congressmen that are not Millionaires and in the Senate, all are multimillionaires. 


This includes Bitcoin, tulips, Commodities, whatever you wish. In recent years politicians have decided that they should limit where you can invest and what you can invest in. This is anti-capitalism and we are opposed. It is your money and you should be allowed to do with it as you please. 

While you may be interested in Socially Responsible Portfolios, we don’t care about that here. That is your personal business and that is well and fine but it is not our business. 


Let’s clear the deck and focus. Only 14% of Americans own individual stocks. Many have 401K plans from which they select a mutual fund. But that is not Stock ownership in our view. That is a form of passive investing which in most cases is guaranteed to help you lose money by not beating inflation. Most Mutual funds lose money. 

14% is a small sliver of Americans. And yet 98% of Billionaires made their wealth through stocks. So essentially if you are not in the 14%, you are not in the club. So if you want to get rich, get in the club or start writing books about wizards. 



For many that is a big shocker. Back in the 30s, some people didn’t trust banks so they put their money in their mattress. Since 1913 the buying power of the US Dollar has fallen 95% and is still falling. It is now worth a plug nickel.

That’s not the whole story mind you. That is the package of necessities such as food, shelter, energy, and healthcare. If you look at a powerful computer from the 1970s that cost $150 million dollars, you now have more computing power in a $100 smartphone. 


It is worth what you get for your labours the instant it is paid to you by an employer or someone else. All this worthless talk about saving dollar bills for the future is mindless. Buy some real estate that you can rent that will appreciate. Buy some equipment that can multiply your work output. Dollar bills are to be spent. But how to spend them is the big question. 

You could take a vacation or instead perhaps bought $500 of Amazon when it went public in 1997. That would be worth $240,000 today. 



One of the more amusing ideas by Economist such as Janet Yellen and Ben Bernake is that the Federal Reserve should target inflation at a minimum of 2%. Think of the insanity.

In 30 years the dollars you hung onto will be worth 60% less. You lost more than half your buying power by holding it. 

Perhaps you put it into a bank account at 1% interest. You still lost 30% of your buying power to Yellen. But of course, these clowns act like this is some kind of health food for the economy.

“We are Targeting 2% -3% Health Food for the Economic minimal inflation rate.”

They make it should like a good thing; a responsible thing. But in reality, they are telling you to spend your dough now while it’s fresh or lose a big chunk of it. An economy requires money in circulation. If nobody spent a dime, there would be no economy. 


It is just that simple…


Where is the Caution? It’s pretty simple. If just 14% of Americans own stocks then you have roughly 86% of the NON-INVESTORS setting up the economy to their liking. As Ayn Rand said, politicians are the intellectual bottom rung. In the USA Marxist Protectionism is now a pillar of both parties and the “wealthy investor” is the target for higher taxation. 

Thanks to Warren Buffett’s endless silly refrains that he would like to be taxed more while hiring an army of Tax Attorneys to avoid taxation, he feeds the lunacy. To increase the tax base you have to include the 60% of the population that pay no taxes and you need to reduce government spending. Attacking investors only makes the US Economy a sick old man.

But it also demonstrated the utter necessity of investment to beat the health food of inflation and the double taxation of capital gains.

While we try to break the myths of political underpinnings, and abhor politicians of every stripe, our site is intended to be a news related site that leads you across the spectrum of economic and financial news.

Our views are very simple. Capitalism needs no regulation. The claims that cronyism is Capitalism is propaganda for the Socialist hyper-regulators. Cronyism is in fact the setup of Government installed monopolies. ATT and Comcast don’t compete, they “share” the markets and the consumer gets nothing. Many of you may remember the John Nash biopic “A Beautiful Mind.”

That socialist sharing is called Governing Dynamics. Bottom line… nobody gets the Blonde. And she’s the prize. The consumer must be satisfied with a lesser bargain to keep the reigns of competition restrained and peace with the other poor souls that settled for a lesser bargain. That moves the trader to a lower common dominator.


It also makes one other assumption that is flatly wrong. What about the Blonde’s right to choose her bargain? Governing Dynamics converts her bargain and salability into a nullity.

Likely the other girls liked having Blondie around to attract more males to to the bargain. That would be more choice and the other girls would benefit whether Blondie was hit on first or not.

Every strategy in the marketplace that can close the bargain wins. Deal Breakers and Regulators are useless in Capitalism.

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