Killing Elephants is simply an atrocity. Don’t claim killing Elephants and Lions is good for the NRA or Conservation. We are Jeffersonian Republicans, a lost tribe of small-government Republicans going extinct at the hands of RINOs. Since the election of the UGLY AMERIAN NEW YORKER, a gosh slob of a man, we have been treated to endless RUDE diatribes against his perceived enemies. Now TRUMP is out killing Elephants the most gentle of all creatures on earth. We don’t care if he is rude, bombastic, and disliked but attacking wildlife because his idiot kids like to kill animals is insane. ELEPHANT KILLER TRUMP SIGNS RINO TROPHY ORDER GOP SYMBOL BLOODIED AMERICANS INFURIATED.

Trump Tough Guy KILLA, “I have no shame…” No conscience either.

Putrid KILLA KILLS ELEPHANT for Tail Trophy. Who could slaughter the most gentle creature on earth so they could fly home the next day with the murdered Elephant’s Tail as a trophy? TRUMP, that’s who! This inept piece of Crap had Daddy Grifter write his “statement” about his Russian Involvement which he sighed as if it was his own work. That pulls DADDY GRIFTER right into the mess. Mr. Tough guy the Park Avenue Pussy, but he can pick up a gun and blow apart an Elephant and feel like a billion dollars… which he gets if RINO tax gets passed. Then he can kill a zoo a week.


Your’e a King, you’re a Killer, or you’re a loser!”  Fred Trump


REGISTERED REPUBLICANS Should drop their affiliation and become Independent. TRUMP HAS KILLED THE GOP ELEPHANT. There could be no symbolic massacre of the Republican party more complete than seeing Trump Jr. holding the tail of a freshly killed Elephant.

It is not enough that Trump’s Swamp writes a Tax Bill that heavily favors Trump and his family. In fact, it is not enough that Trump uses the Taxpayers to pay for his resorts that preform State Functions and fill the rooms. Remember the Mar-o-logo summit with President Xi and his wife? The Chocolate cake was billed at $1000. Nothing goes out to bid, it all goes to the Trump Organization. It is an endless con.

BUT TRUMP has now signed a regulation so that his BIG GAME HUNTER SONs can now bring their Trophies of Dead Elephant parts home to New York City. Enough is enough.

There is nothing innately wrong with hunting if it serves a purpose for containing some species that are overpopulated such as Deer and Wild Hogs.

Most hunters dress and eat their game. But that is an entirely different matter than the Jet Setter Safari Jerks that gets off killing creatures that have already suffered diminished numbers at the hands of poachers since the mid-1950’s.


Do you like watching these Great Gentle Giants Dying? From over 8 million down to just 300,000! They have no predator except man for their Ivory and the Trump Kids for the thrill of cold-blooded murder.


TRUMP SIGNS Exec Order to allow Big Game Hunters to bring their “trophies” back to the USA. Let’s hope the airlines refuse. Then again they will just load up their private jets or AIR FORCE ONE! 

Trump managed to sign the order that allows big game hunters like the Trump Boyz to bring home ELEPHANT TROPHIES. Their ankles and Feet can be turned into ashtrays and door stops. Trump has already signed this. It’s done.


Is there anybody on the planet that thinks Hunting Elephants is cool? My God.


DONALD TRUMP KILLA Jr. BIG GAME HUNTER… “Today I am a man.” The Trump right of passage means Killing big game.


Ivanka could plug and stuff a baby elephant to mount on the wall of her NYC Luxury baby nursery.

Elephants are the strongest animal on earth. Yet they are gentle. The birds roost on their backs and the antelope walk amongst them unafraid.

They eat the soft green tips of acacia and the green-blue water lilies. They are a predator to none and only man has seen fit to slaughter them for their ivory.


What does an elephant eat in Africa? leaves and twigs!

Thanks to Trump, the Trump Kids can now kill some elephants and bring their Ivory Home to Trump Towers.


TRUMP LADS are BIG GAME KILLAS…  Look at them Antlers… you can hang a couple of TRUMP “MAKE ELEPHANTS EXTINCT” hats on them. The “Thrill of the KILL!”


As Fred Trump told Donald over his morning cornflakes, “You’re a King, you’re a Killer, or you’re a loser….”


Actually, anyone that hunts elephants is a TRUMP Sized loser. There is no reason a sane nation would advocate and support the killing of Elephants and re-ignition of the hunting trophy business.

The RINOs pushed this crap through in the dark of night. Where was the opposition? There was none. Not one spoke on behalf of the Elephants.

Of course, you might be aware that the US Military is now gunning down elephants in Chad, NIGER, and Mali. Trump has spread his CIA war to Africa. Click here for our story on the Green Beret killed by Seal Team Six for discovering the Seal Team Six embezzlement scheme. Interesting how that story has been quashed by the Drive-by media.

With shoulder-launched missiles, you can blow an elephant to bits and his ivory will break off from the skull intact. Now our mercenary armies can bring home their multi-million dollar stashes of Ivory.


One other thing I want to make perfectly clear. You don’t have to be a climate fanatic or some kind of crazy anti-GMO vegetarian to comprehend that Killing Elephants, Lions, and Rhinoceros, is an atrocious blood sport and nothing more.

Elephants are highly intelligent sensitive creatures that are terrified of man. Nothing seems fouler in my mind than having the TRUMP KIDS kill a zoo in a couple of hours. Why can’t man just engage in war with his own kind? They drop bombs, and defoliants, start fires and poison the water habitats. They never think of the Elephants with the flaming tar on their backs screaming out in pain.

Why must man turn his murderous nature on the Elephants? Republicans should not be using the Elephant as their symbol not after passing this insane Trump TROPHY Reg.

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Only the Ivory trophies for the rich big game TRUMP KILLAS go home. The remains of these most gentle of all creatures remain strewn about under the baobab trees till they are pushed into a pit and burned. 10% of their population is killed every year. Americans should not be contributing to the slaughter.



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Another TRUMP TROPHY…  The horror… is incomprehensible. Look at the black dried blood from the bullets that penetrated his heart, that spayed out as he was falling against a tree. This is barbarism at its worst.

There is no earthly reason to do this. If the big game hunters like the TRUMP Boyz want to test their metal why not take on the most dangerous of all animals… MAN.

Thanks to TRUMP there are plenty of wars going on all over the place why don’t the TRUMPS sign up and see how they do against ISIS. Oh, I forgot.. they shoot back.

UPDATE: Trump has tried to quash the media outrage and the viral photo of Trump Jr. with the elephant tail in his hand. He is now claiming that he is “considering the environmental issue.” That is a lie. This is not an environmental issue and Trump has already signed this order. He just wants to stop the outrage so he can sweep it under the leopard skin carpet.

Don’t think for a minute that there are not plenty of Americans that hunt, that are not outraged by this. This Big Game stuff is just a blood sport by the rich. They jet in, kill a zoo and leave.

These rich pussies go into the reserves with armed militia. Its an army, they never go it alone. They claim that since they pay a lot of money to kill these great animals that some of the money aids conservation. At the turn of the previous century, there were 8 million elephants. There are now roughly 3 hundred thousand and 10% will be killed off this year.

These aren’t tree-frogs with some artificial environmental claims. These are animals that carry their young for nearly two years who nurse them until they are five. Known for their memories, these animals cry real tears when mistreated or one of their own is murdered.

Trump’s brain is too small to be in a position to decide the fate of any living thing. He is a Tabloid obscenity. His family is cheap gold plated trailer trash grifters, intellectually vapid and completely dead between the ears.


Less and Grater of Two Evils: evil is evil

One more point I would like to clear up for the apples and oranges fallacy set. The sardonic question is always asked would I have preferred Hillary Clinton as president? I just love stupid people. OK stupid, here’s your answer.

The answer is simple. I would have preferred neither. Elections following Ronald Reagan have always been lesser of two evils type contests. In Reagan v. Jimmy Carter, you were voting for one of two moral decent men. I feel the same way about Reagan and Fritz Mondale. Both were moral decent men.

Bush I v. Dukacus

Then we got to the Bush installment. Bush I was a sneaky backstabbing product of the CIA. Dukacus was a wimp. Bush was evil Dukacus was a moron.


Bush I v. Clinton.

Both were evil. Clinton hid his womanizing evil in elaborate ways with Troopergate and the machinery of government. He was an orchestrated predator. Both were evil.


Clinton v. Bob Dole

Dole was a RINO and punching bag. His campaign was lifeless. So we had evil v. worthless.


Bush II v. Gore.

This is where the mental illness set in. Both were evil. Bush was a continuation of the CIA backstabber and Gore was a closet womanizer and stalking horse. The reason Gore lost is that he came across as a bully and anything but a nice guy. The election was an Idiot, and bully.


Bush II v. John Kerry.

Bush II was the warmonger idiot and Kerry was the gigolo, phony swift boat guy and LURCH. Thus it was an election between the idiot and the phony.

By the time Bush II finished with the Republican Party it was transformed into a runaway economic disaster with spending through the roof and a debt to match. These were hardly Republican values. This was full on Carl Rove RINO.


 McCain v. Obama.

This was the bottom of the barrel. McCain was an evil warmonger Manchurian candidate. Obama was the every nobody and empty suit. For a Republican, this was the worst election in the world because of McCain. You may as well have been voting for a Democrat and you were voting for war.

This was the Warmonger v. The Empty Suit… take your pick.


Obama v. Romney

Empty suit v. RINO King plus Paul RINO


Then we came to Clinton v. Trump. Clinton was toxic evil personified. Trump was the loudmouth boorish grifter womanizer. Republicans were sick of RINOs and they hoped that Trump was more than he appeared. He wasn’t.

This was the election of the Evil Witch v. Loudmouth Idiot Incompetent.

The worst part of all this is that there isn’t a new Ronald Reagan anywhere to be found. Meanwhile, Democrats continue to seek out disingenuous novelty candidates with Stalin’s politics.

Unless Scarecrow Trump finds a brain somewhere, he won’t win a second term. His first year has been a study in nepotism and total incompetence. He is the rudest president in US History.


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