The old gleep turns 80 on Monday.  Everybody drops DEAD and JOHN MCCAIN may be on God’s short list. At 80 years of age the Senate lifer who doesn’t believe in TERM LIMITS may have to take that up with a higher authority. McCain’s primary opponent is physician Dr. Kelli Ward. She is 47 years of age and a graduate of Duke University. DOCTOR PREDICTS JOHN MCCAIN’S DEATH.

Birds of a Feather: Soros McCain


“You Don’t look a minute over …. expiration”


McCain’s father John S. McCain Jr. died at 70 years of age.  His grand pappy, John Sidney McCain, Sr. who suffered war fatigue checked out at 61. McCain is probably living on borrowed time. However Roberta McCain, McCain’s mother is still alive and is 104. The thought of having John McCain serve three more terms would be pretty awful.

Longevity is pretty complex and runs in families where there are generational oldies. McCain’s got some pretty short livers in his line. His mother is the exception but she’s out there. Her Identical twin sister Rowena lived to be 99.  John McCain may get lucky.

Kelli Ward however points out that 86 isn’t the “average” life expectancy for males. Then again John McCain is exempt from Obamacare and has his own PPO for life so his medical care far surpasses the junk normal citizens get. McCain is pretty complacent about Obamacare since he is exempt. Its for you suckers citizens not for the politician elites.


McCain is no stranger to feeding off the government gravy train:

In addition to his private gov. pension system, McCain has been collect’in full disability from the military because he was too stupid to follow procedures for ejection and wound up breaking an arm and leg when he bailed out of his plane in Vietnam following anti-aircraft fire that took him down. McCain claimed for many years and in his book that he was taken down by a SAM missile but that was false. He was hit by AAA because he wasn’t following orders. And by the way, in his entire career, McCain, a bomber pilot never hit a single military target. Clearly he wasn’t any good at flying. Click here for more on McCain’s self-proclaimed “hero” status.

But of course you can’t say anything about John McCain’s service even if other POWs hated his guts and there has always been the suspension that McCain caused the Lethal Fire aboard the Forestall.



Nobody was healthier than this guy. Buster Crabbe Olympic Swimmer and manatee idol had just gotten a clean bill of health from his doctor. He want on a TV show and said he never felt better. He was strutting around like a rooster. The following day he tripped over a trash can at this home in Arizona and popped off on the spot. He was 75 years young.


As usual John McCain thin skin claims Ward’s statements were “beyond the pale.”

“There are things that happen physiologically with the body and the mind. One of them is control over your anger and he’s already known as an angry man,” reflected Ward.

Yes, McCain is a short fused bastard if there ever was one. When Trump implied that McCain might not be the hero he claims, McCain lashed out at Trump on behalf of all other POWs. This defensive strategy of McCain to defend himself through third parties often seems ingenious. Face it, if John McCain honored vets half as much as he says, the VA wouldn’t have been such a disaster under his angry 34 year tenure as a Senator.

John McCain is unlikable. Ross Perot called him one of the most Callus persons Perot had ever met. POWs serving with John McCain have gone so far as to call him a Traitor. McCain cracked while in captivity and went on a speaking engagement on behalf of the Vietcong in Vietnam.

McCain’s sorry confession was a regular audio presentation at POW camps around Vietnam. Many POWs would memorize parts of it and recite it mocking McCain as a candyass.

In his book McCain painted himself as a hero who suffered day and night torture for years. This was disputed by his fellow POWs who claimed Torture was essentially nonresistant after the first six months. John McCain even thanked his VietCong Doctors for taking such good care of him.

Then again, McCain’s book was written so he could run for the Presidency in 2008. Its about as “real” as Obama’s book in which he claims his mother and father Conceived him following the 1965 civil rights march on Selma Alabama. Of course, this mathematical genius was born in 1961. What’s a pack of lies when you run for President?

Listen to Barack turn on the KFC black talk…


Face it, 80’s too damn old to be running for the senate. He’s been their 34 year and hasn’t done anything useful except get America caught up in Middle Eastern Wars. He didn’t learn a damn thing in captivity.

I am afraid we have to side with the good doctor on this one. John McCain looks like death warmed over. Besides, 34 years is enough. He needs to call it a day.

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