It is being billed as the “Better Deal” supposedly in reference to FDR’s “NEW DEAL.” But basically it is just more demonization of businesses and the promise of a new Government Agency to oversee pharmaceutical prices.  It also promises to punish pharmaceutical companies for raising prices.  Both Trump and the Democrats may find common ground on punishing big pharma. Trump was blathering and threatening to bring drug prices down. Meanwhile ObamaCare premiums have skyrocketed. Who is overseeing that mess? Government of course. DEMOCRATS UNVEIL BETTER DEAL AGENDA PROMISE GOVERNMENT CONTROL OVER PRESCRIPTION DRUG COSTS.


Trump can make all the faces he wants. Elizabeth Warren is not Hillary Clinton. Warren will run in 2020. Trump has already vacated most of his base by reversing all of his political promises.  Democrats intend to hit the same populist themes.

Once Government took control of your healthcare under Obamacare or TRUMPCRAPCARE, essentially identical in every way, the next stop was bound to be a government takeover of the pharmaceutical industry.

Why have both the Democrats and Trump both gone after the prescription medicine business? It is popular. There are far more losers in American that want something for nothing each and every day. With 35 million Mexican still squatting in America and Trump without a single deportation, they are dropping 1500 Anchor babies a day. And they will all want what is in your pockets. They are after all entitled. That is almost 200,000 new US Citizens and not one Donald Trump Deportation!

The Better Deal as opposed to the TRUMPCRAPCARE being called the Better Care, goes right for the throat of Big Pharma and Biotechnology. It promises three points of attack:


 Think of this as the three pitch forks from the old Frankenstein movies where the town folks gather with torches and pitch forks to take down Frankenstein’s Biotech start up.

Pitch Fork #1: First off what would Government do without an independent agency to punish and impose government fines on Drug Makers? Consider it done!

Pitch Fork #2:  Kill the profit of selling medicines to Medicare patients. Democrats propose allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices under Medicare Part D.

Pitch Fork #3:  If a pharmaceutical company wanted to increase a price of one drug or another the company would have to have a hearing on the matter with the Department of Health and Human Services 30 days prior to any proposed price increase. Government would decided if the private company could increase their drug price or not.

The worst part about this is that TRUMP agrees with Elizabeth Warren on the need to clamp down on drug prices. Biotech and Big Pharma are in a lose lose position.

On one hand you have Democrats focusing on this like never before and Trump with his losing finger in the air trying to game the voters in any way he can. Both Warren and Trump are very shortsighted but they are panderers so don’t expect anything intelligent out of either of them.

Trump has so many hedge fund operatives in his Administration, I am sure they are leaking to their cronies days before Trump blows off at the mouth taking down some stock sector.

Fortunately after George Bush declared his war on stem cells, many biotech companies split for other countries. If you want to clone your dog, you have to go to Korea. Oh and you can’t clone race horses in the United States. It would mess up parimutuel gambling. Oh wouldn’t that be an awful thing. America doesn’t give two craps about studying cancer stem cells but oh don’t clone a racehorse; God forbid! We have our priorities in Merica!

Trump is fumbling so badly over Obamacare his agenda is largely toast. Others have said What Agenda… citing Trump has no real plan other than just winging it day to day.

Tax reform is Dead. A chump change Bush Styled tax cut is all that is left. Democrats meanwhile are taking steps to purge themselves of Nutty Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Chuck Schumer basically told Clinton she’s done. As long as Clinton remains in the Limelight, the Democrats can’t move forward. As usual Democrats are pushing hard for novelty candidates. Most now feel that Elizabeth Warren is the novelty for 2020. Yeah she has two x chromosomes and claims to be a frick’in Indian. Screwball.


CANCER HEAD McCain returns to the Senate: I hope he floats in to the Senate floor on a gurney. Imagine the moment!

Mitch McConnell and the RINOs along with a Screaming Trump are trying to intimidate Republicans into voting for the phony repeal and replace aka TRUMPCRAPCARE. They have already written in their own exemption so no risk for them. That is the perfect way to know how really good this TRUMPCRAPCARE is for you when the authors of it write in their own exemption before even voting on it. Laughable sheep you are.


“Can you guess which one of my glioblastoma fingers is closest to the Nuclear Button?” … a dink a do…


This is anything but a Republican Bill.

It basically installs Government control over all medicine forever along with massive Bailouts of the Insurance companies. AMERICAN MEDICINE IS DEAD! There are NO market incentives in this mess. It is the most socialist bill ever produced by Republicans. The vote will be fun to watch. It will be real drama queen stuff with old Cancer Head trying to sell his vote to bomb Syria.


I was listening to hard core Trump supporter saying that “This was it… all Republicans had to get behind this repeal.”

There you go. That is the logic of people who can’t read. They make perfect shills and patsies for the RINOs. The last time NIXON RINOS shoved earned income tax credits down everyone’s throats and we are still suffering from this Robin Hood redistribution of wealth. RINO Republicans at times are more socialist than the Bernie Sanders wing of the Democrats. At least with the Democrats you expect your pockets to be picked. RINOs always resort to language trickery. You simply have to read the bills that RINOs put through in he dark of night. They are toxic to a free America.


Our view is that this TRUMPCRAPCARE will be defeated.

It is a terrible bill. What is left is even worse because Mitch McConnell will attempt to Fund Obamacare. Midterm RINO republicans will be targeted if they vote to fund Obamacare. Then again the Reagan and Jeffersonian Republicans are few and far between the NEOCON Bush Strain. Welcome to Trump’s Bush Third Term. So get ready for the Next Obama. That’s the kind of garbage that follows a Bush Term in office.


Oh and the update on this jerky senate garbage:

The senate voted down TRUMPCRAPCARE but voted in favor of Repeal with Amendments… AKA TRUMPCRAPCARE III!  I will bet that not one GOP{ senator puts forth an Amendment that Congress should loses its Lavish PPO no delectable all expenses covered taxpayer freebee in favor of TRUMPCRAPCARE III! Any takers? Flatly pathetic.

Pea Brained Trump and his rat’s nest of a family was calling this a great victory… LOL A WIN! As we say… the word WIN to a Grifter means a successful CON job.



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