Now Trump is slurping. Lamar Alexander the RINO scab that voted against the Obamacare Repeal Only is calling for GET THIS TENNESSEE… funding OBAMACARE BAILOUTS!  LIBERAL Lamar wants Obamacare subsidies bailed out for two more years minimum. In other words this creep wants an Obamacare Bailout. Tennessee needs to bail on this old gleep. The Grifter Trump will go along with anything that allows Trump to claim an Obamacare repeal. Trump is hopeless. DEAD HORSE BEATING TRUMPCRAPCARE IV MARK CUBAN FREE LUNCH SOCIALIST HEALTHCARE.



This guy talks even more than Trump! How bout a break?


“You’re a King, You’re a Killer, or You’re a Loser!” Fred Trump

So eat that with your freaking cereal every morning and you will know why Donald turn out to be such a Loser. Maybe it was his heel spurs that caused it. Trump could walk an 18 hole golf course but he couldn’t march in a military uniform.


Meanwhile Know it all Smiling knot-head Hispano Mark Cuban the stylish every-shill has suddenly turned his attention to Healthcare.

He has concluded that if health insurance is eliminated you would save 50% on medical cost. And if you eliminate Doctors and medicines your health care costs go even lower. How about NO Government Healthcare at all? Now that would be cheap.



From the Walmart / Target formularies, a doctor can easily treat 95% of all illnesses. Walmart Target prescriptions are $4 each. That is freaking cheap.


What about Labs? Medical Imaging?

They don’t generally cost too much for various lab panels but you have medicare and medicaid price fixing and Doctors can’t compete. We even have new hand held chemical analyzers. No private clinic doctor can use it or bill for it. Medicare and Stark laws destroyed this for doctors with the one exception… RADIOLOGISTS. Turns out Stark had family members who were Radiologist so they can set up their Radiology Centers with full Government approval. There is NO COMPETITION ALLOWED!

Are you with me CUBAN?

ONLY 2% of Americans Under 40 need Health Insurance. 

Why? They don’t get sick. Those that do get sick are chronically ill and we know who they are. Accidents are not included in this group. People who get in car accidents have car insurance to cover them. I drive the largest 1 ton pickup truck ever produced to assist in my personal protection. That is insurance to tip the laws of physics in my favor. Plus I don’t speed and drive like a blithering idiot.

Accidents in the workplace get covered by worker’s comp. And the Courts provide tort suits for the tortfeasers.


So where is the abuse in the under 40 set?

Obstetrics! The government has set up a bunch of laws that no person may be turned away from any Hospital that accepts Medicare or Medicaid. Are you getting this CUBAN? This means that any illegal, or any woman that is in labor can go to any hospital under any condition and be treated for NO COST.


Being pregnant is elective.

These women are not victims of immaculate conception. They are products of their own recklessness. Kids are expensive. So why are they having kids? Because you subsidize them. When you Subsidize corn as in ethanol and you get more corn. Subsidize wheat and you get more wheat. Subsidize green energy credits and you get scammers like Elon Musk and Tesla. There is always somebody out there gaming the system.

Look at Blacks… Mr. Cuban.  97% of Black kids born are born out of wedlock and go immediately onto the welfare rolls. That is insane. Why are these women having children when they can’t afford them? They are gaming the system and living off welfare and being paid like a beef subsidy per head.


And CUBAN, Insurance Companies don’t have a flipping thing to do with these abusers. These abusers have Medicaid! And on top of it all, they are the most litigious of all patients and the biggest abusers of the Emergency Rooms.

TRUMPCRAPCARE I, II, III is attempting to reduce the Medicaid rolls by putting these Medicaid patient’s on TRUMPCRAPCARE with the Government paying insurance companies for policies. WAKE UP CUBAN… SMELL THE CUBAN COFFEE! 


America is chock full of bums. Quit subsidizing the bums and their numbers will drop. 

If that is not human enough. Go ahead and treat them. Then run down Mommy and Daddy and bill them blind for the rest of their lives. They can afford spinners for their cars. Take the spinners in Court and get paid. Blackie would soon learn to use birth control. So will Billy Bob in his hijacked 4×4. These women did not get pregnant on their own. Make the genetic parents PAY. Quit picking the taxpayers pockets. That is stealing and immoral.


And when it comes to Illegals that toss anchors: ARE YOU READING ME CUBAN?

Ban Anchor citizenship and BILL MEXICO for the medical CARE. Bill it like a NAFTA Service. Hospitals would have the right to Sue Mexico through NAFTA.


As normal people age, the potential for major diagnosis rises.

This could break anybody but a billionaire. This is why major medical insurance that covers hospitalizations should be available to all Americans and even illegals. This is the only form of insurance that could pool risk effectively for Americans between 50 and 65. At 65 they get Medicare coverage which is NOT INSURANCE but covers Hospitalizations with Part A.

Cuban doesn’t get this so I am going to explain it to him!

Insurance is all about pooling risk. If you want to take all comers to hospitals, then you have to have competitive major medical that crosses all state borders. The state monopolies have prevented competition. Major Medical should be available everywhere for roughly the same cost to risk measured individuals.


What about pre-existing conditions? Major medical insurance doesn’t care.

Major medical views the landscape as flat. They need numbers to make it cheap. It can’t be cheap in Wyoming unless Wyoming joins the rest of the Marketplace. Let me also say that RINO senator John Barrasso of Wyoming is a total TRUMPCRAPCARE shill pushing Obamacare and Obamacare bailouts.

Barrasso is a former Orthopedic Surgeon so he is suddenly an expert on Healthcare. That is absurd. He knows nothing about Healthcare. This stooge fed off Medicare his whole career. I don’t need any Orthopod to set a kid’s broken arm or a child’s greenstick fracture. No… this guy just wants the old lady with the broken hip on Medicare. That is the butter for his bread. He is like any other subside recipient; he just wants his easy money government check with no competition. You won’t catch that clown debating me in public.

Since Obamacare two big things have happened: 75% of private doctor’s offices have closed shop AND the life expectancy of Americans including Females has dropped for the first time in history.

That just shows you how well this Obamacare taking over the medical profession and the machinery of medicine has worked. It hasn’t done anything other than subsidize the the working poor for insanely overpriced non-competitive Obamacare polices that also mandate such insane things as gambling addiction and sexual reassignment surgeries. That is elective crap. Why is this even in policies?


The simple rule in Healthcare is that anything the government touches turn into crap.

The largest lobbyist in the government are insurance companies. Politicians on both sides wanted either Obamacare or Romneycare which is essentially identical. The last beneficiaries were the people of America that are paying for all this crony garbage.


One more thing worth noting. To those that love the British and Canadian and German one payer systems:

Every medicine, every surgical procedure distributed by those one payer systems was invented, perfected, and manufactured by Capitalism in the United States. Every claim to increased life expectancy in the world was due to American Capitalism lifting up the medical care of the world. Without American Capitalism none of the one payer government healthcare systems would have anything of value to offer patients.

Penicillin was discovered by the British. But they didn’t know how to manufacturer it in large quantities. They had to come to America and to American Capitalism. That is how the world got Penicillin. All the penicillin derivatives were invented patented, made and distributed by American Capitalism.


The irony of it all is that Cuban made his money through American Capitalism and yet every time he opens his mouth he flirts with Socialism. He thinks that’s cool and contempo. Though to his credit he does view Trump as a buffoon. Trump is a product of inheritance. Cuban achieved it on his own with a bit of luck of course. He should be the strongest advocate of Capitalism. But for some unknown reason some Billionaires like Buffett and Gates leaned quickly the best way to remain on top was to prevent others from getting there. And there is no better way to block the success of other if you can destroy capitalism and embrace socialism.


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