Our good friend Ann Coulter roared into Janesville, WI, on Saturday to slash away at globalist Paul Ryan. Ryan remained hidden. Apparently the Koch Brothers figure this fleeting infatuation with American Patriotism will be short lived. Primary challenger Paul Nehlen has put up a stunning and smart campaign pitting common sense against the Koch Brother’s Billions. COULTER RIPS KOCH BROS SOCK PUPPET PAUL RYAN.



Coulter Stump Speech for Paul Nehlen:

“Paul Ryan said he never wanted to be Speaker of the House, so I’d like to help him achieve that dream,” began Coulter.



Ann Coulter ripped Ryan’s record in a fast moving sarcastic paragraph that delighted the audiences:

 “Ryan supports the Trans Pacific Partnership so that any job that hasn’t already been shipped to Mexico can be sent to Asia. He supports the DREAM Act, or the Leave No Child In Mexico or Central America Behind Act.”

“He opposes a wall on the grounds that, I quote, ‘America is not defined by its borders.’ What does that mean? So if I’m standing in France or Brazil, does that mean I’m really in America? I’m in Wisconsin today—am I really in Paris? What does that mean? Did he get some bad cheese curds?”

“We have drugs and criminals pouring across the border and Paul Ryan’s response is to give us a nonsensical phrase from a Hallmark card: ‘Our Country Is Not Defined By Its Borders.’ Well, I guess a home is not defined by walls, electricity and plumbing, but we still want walls, electricity and plumbing.”

“We not only have immigrants coming in taking jobs, committing crimes, creating victims of illegal alien crime, we also are bringing in immigrants legally who periodically flip out and murder Americans so Donald Trump has a suggestion for how we should not be at mass breakneck speed importing people whose religion teaches them that they should kill us. There’s 7 billion people in the world, we don’t have to take in any of them. Can we at least not take the ones who some percentage of whom are going to flip out and slaughter large numbers of us?”



He may be held up in his mansion. The house was once owned by the Parker Pen family. Parker Pen was once made in Janesville, but the plant closed. Ryan bought the mansion.


“There is no wind so ill that it doesn’t blow some good luck to somebody.” Uncle Bowley. 

Good for Paul Ryan bad for Janesville and Wisconsin. At least Paul Ryan has a wall around his house. Guess that wall does in fact define HIS BORDERS!



As we have said before, Ryan is the canary in the mineshaft, or maybe just the wren in the mineshaft. On Tuesday he will be the fist to feel the measure of professional politicians resentment by both Republicans and Democrats.  It is true that the brainwashed RINOs and KOCH Bros. slurpers will be voting for RYAN. Undoubtedly RYAN’s family that has enjoyed the political fruits of Paul Ryan helping channel Gov funds into the family road building company will vote Ryan. But that’s about it.

Working Class Democrats as opposed to the ass-sitting collecting variety, would like nothing more than to take down Paul Ryan. It may well happen.


Nehlen has run a great campaign on next to nothing:

Paul Ryan has collected over $10 million dollars from his out of state big interests including the Koch Brothers and Tim Cook of Apple Computer. Oh… is Apple planning to bring a manufacturing plant to Janesville? Of course not. Apple and Koch want TPP to the point of foaming at the mouth.

Nehlen has run a smart consistent campaign against sadly, an household or should I say, globalist name. Ryan may be in for a real blast of anger from the public. The Koch polls continue to claim that Ryan has a commanding lead. But nobody is polling the Democrats that are allowed to vote in this primary. Nor are they polling the new Trump Republicans.

Meanwhile Paul Ryan remains hunkered down in Janesville or has taken a private Jet to the Koch Brothers to wait out the storm.


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