The demo was a flop. The watch still sucks unless you’re gay then it is mandatory fashion wrist wear. There is a market for this watch. Don’t blame us, Apple chose that market. Of course there is no app to shut the phone off from texting while driving. IPAD new selling features is simply you pay more for last year’s model. Same features $50 price increase. All in all the big Apple show was a bust. The IPHONE X is not ready for prime time. It’s an Edsel! CONSUMER INSANITY THOUSAND DOLLAR IPHONE BRAND X APPLE EDSEL.


Ford’s first driverless car. The Public hated it. The Edsel was as unmaneuverable as it was ugly. Part Studebaker and part barge, it was also overpriced. It was an IPHONE X with the Apple Gay styling.


As easy to use as unlocking the screen… LIVE DEMO FAIL! ONLY $1000! As Apple said… “Just Swipe it!”


Smart Watch for iphone samsung SIM Intelligent mobile phone DZ09 smartwatch with Camera

The Cost of Gay Pride:  $7 Android Watch above. Compare it to the Apple Gay Wear Watch at $399! The $7 Android Watch is waterproof. Note we tried to match the color scheme of the Android $7 watch with the Edsel. The watch looks cool. I might spring for $7 bucks for this watch. This is an Xiaomi Samsung Android Phone. SEVEN FREAKING BUCKS! Xiaomi is a very good Chinese brand.


We get nothing out of this. We could care less if you buy it or not but the entire ad is worth a read. Compare it to the Apple Watch at $399!

Tell me who will win in the marketplace…

Ask yourself… how in the hell do they make a smart watch for seven lousy dollars let alone sell it for seven?



In the world of American Business what the hell is going on here in Merica?

There is no question that over time cheaper smart phones and Android devices will prevail. Why? Android Apps and cheap Android devices. The big question is breakage. Smart phones are designed to break. They are designed to slip out of the hand and fall into the bathtub or on the ground. They break. There is an entire cottage industry based on selling Iphone LCD and digitized glass replacements.

You can buy phone jackets and cases that claim they can prevent damage from a fall. But most claims fall short. It is now getting more expensive to insure these depreciating assets. A person with a $50 smart phone can be self insured. But how about the IPHONE X at $1000 a pop? It is a reflection of a society gone mad.


Best jobs under the Obama and Trump administrations?

Bartenders. Yikes. Soon we will see Christmas hiring. These are seasonal jobs that pay next to nothing. With the dollar falling that will help exports. We are the largest exporter of weapons systems. That should be a source of great pride. Those companies are hardly free enterprising. Taxpayers pay for all the Boeing R&D and cost overrides and once in production, Boeing keeps the profits. Its the crony Defense Industry.

Then we have the SOCIALS… Facebook, Google, SNAP etc. These companies are basically dedicated to destroying your privacy as well as relationships. Women love texting, men hate it unless they are wearing an Apple Watch.

Nobody in their right mind can figure out how these Socials are going to monitize in the future. I bought that worthless pile of garbage SNAP just because it has 158 million users. Worthless youth squandering its time with this crap. I bought my shares when it tanked a month ago. I am up 25% to date. Its crap for sure but this is American Business these days.


Houses are in short supply and completely unaffordable.

The country has been overrun by uneducated poor from Mexico. These are the leaf blower brigade and they do yard work so the Trump kids don’t have to do a day of work in their lives. These people work hard but they don’t make enough to buy a home and they will not qualify for mortgages. Housing remains under preforming. We think it is laughable that Trump the big nepotistic real estate mogul doesn’t seem to fathom how the housing market works. Without mortgage liquidity, builders can’t build homes and sell them. Why? Because without ample house inventories, the prices go sky high and become unaffordable to 90% of the population.


Nothing is working other than the prevailing wind of insanity…

It’s blowing the consumer into the abyss.


Sucking up to Tim Cook is Jim Cramer. He says we have the Apple IPHONE X all wrong. He claims young people will buy it. With what Jim… mommy’s money?

Cramer claims that we don’t understand how young people use the technology to identify self. He says they play games for the same reason. LOL.

Young people in America are the weakest of the spaghetti links in US History. Not only are they getting shorter and less muscular, millennial males are living at home with mamma through their 30s and beyond. Yeah these guys will effectively deal with the problems of the world when they can’t even support themselves. They just have to conjure up some wizards. They were reared on fantasy that all is provided by mommy. In most cases daddy flew the coop. They are a sorry bunch.

Reminds me of the black guy that needs to identify self. He drive a thumper car with gold spinners. As it stands now this dope is rapidly descending to the bottom of the economic ladder. Asian and Hispanic medium income far exceeds blackie. So what is blackie doing about it? Driving his thumper car pretending he owns the world. Fantasy. Useless Fantasy. The Iphone is a symbol of consumer and financial stupidity. It identifies those of the lost generation.

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