ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE 3AM RINO PAUL RYAN FEDERAL LAWS PASSES CONGRESS…  THE RINOs and DEMs and Low Tech TRUMP are at it again. THEY are fed by the big TELCOs and Cable Companies and Google special interests. This time they are making it legal for ANYONE to come into your computer and copy your browsing histories. Even the Incognito window will not be immune. If these punks can do this, then law enforcement can automatically do it too. Kiss your Constitutional Right to privacy goodbye. CONGRESS BIG BROTHER LOW TECH TRUMP DESTROYS INTERNET BROWSING PRIVACY.



You are being TRACKED and HUNTED! Just like the Trump Boys killed a Zoo for lunch.

There is something really annoying about LOW TECH TRUMP’s thinking. By now it should be obvious that Trump is no genius. Remember the “very very smart” Wharton graduate had to call Michael Flynn at 3AM to ask Flynn if a high dollar or low dollar was better for the economy! Duhhhhh. Click here if you want to know the answer.


“More fun than a barrel of deal endangered species!” Tracking was easy. Trump Kids had the Endangered Leopard’s Internet Browsing history. Dead Leopards are only for “Closers!”

After Trump’s rousing success with RINOCARE [the word originally coined by Cash McCall BTW at this website] it is on to Tax reform. Holy mother of God what’s that going to look like!  Click here for more.  But first Old Low Tech had to take a voyage into your privacy so Government and large corporations can track and record your browsing histories. They can use, sell and share the data. Then they can bombard your devices with their ads.


Sorry, Trump Steaks are for Closers ONLY!


Talking to RINOs is of course a total waste of Time. RINOCARE proved that in spades. Democrats are Communists so good luck there as well.


A VPN will hide your history from the TRUMP THEFTNET!

A virtual private network (VPN) is the only way to ensure your privacy when accessing TRUMP’s Privacy Theftnet  internet through an encrypted, private channel. We will post a technical article on how this can be done but it is really quite easy. Basically you buy a VPN server usage at a foreign nation preferably Switzerland which has no legal link to RINO DEM Communist America. You link to that server either through tunneling or just link and inside that server is where all your internet traffic remains fully encrypted.


We think we might sue Comcast:

If somebody takes information off your computer, and sells it, then you should have a right to sell your browsing information and collect money from that entity.

There are several legal approaches that can be taken but if something has “value” then trespassing and taking your lawnmower or just using it is a “Taking” and illegal under the 5th Amendment. Clearly you would have to give your permission. That is what this Trump law eliminates. Trump decides for you and your permission is given to these TELCOs by LOW TECH TRUMP.

More simply you have a right to profit from your own information. Trump and the Government is depriving you of your property. Best places to start the suit are in California, Seattle or Hawaii all part of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. A TRO should be filed immediately after TRUMP signs this Unconstitutional Bill into Law.


To get you thinking about privacy… you might want to flush FACEBOOK! If you are not ready to do that and say goodbye to all your superficial FACEBOOK Friends and Stalkers then watch this Video.


How do you beat LOW TECH TRUMP and Company? You turn on your brains and become “THE BAD TRUMP KID” instead of the zombie programmed automaton.

One thing worth noting is that DD-WRT is open source firmware for your ROUTER. The great news is that many of the new high ended routers ship with it! If not you have to find a legitimate porting to your device. More simply you will want to use DD-WRT so seek only compatible devices or hope DD-WRT ports it to your device.

We will start doing technology article so you the novice can follow step by step to achieve real privacy from the TRUMP RINO DEM POLICE and INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX INCUMBENT POLITICIAN STATE!

The First Step is to FIRE FACEBOOK which undermines your privacy at every turn. Remember if all these entities will have access to your privacy you are slitting your own throat by providing rafts of information about yourself.


REMEMBER, your DOG is likely much smarter and more High Tech than LOW TECH TRUMP. Start planning your PERSONAL PRIVACY NOW! TRUMP’s A RINO!


Here is an article on how to set up OPEN VPN on PFSENSE. Click Here for your freaking Privacy LOCK DOWN!

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