The Largest increase in an otherwise mundane jobs report was the rise of Jobs in Education and OBAMACARE. In fact, Obamacare is one of the three leading drivers of GDP under Trump and its all GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED. Trump failed to repeal Obamacare. Millenials now have proof that Socialism WORKS as Government Employment RISES! Trump touted his policies as the reason for the increased employment. Nevertheless, two million Americans remain out of work under the Government assumption that they no longer want to work. Unless you want to be a bartender, or make beds as a hotel domestic, jobs are scarce. CNBC DRUDGE CELEBRATES JOBS REPORT GOVERNMENT JOBS OUTPACE PRIVATE SECTOR SOCIALISM RISES.




Trump Policies leading to more Government and more Government jobs.

In many rural states and smaller towns, Government is now the largest employer accounting for 75% of employment. To find these kinds of numbers you would have to go to Greece.

Nothing adds to the debt like a government job. Consider a hypothetical town in coastal Florida. We will call this town Palm Bronx since there are so many New Yorkers that have migrated there. The town owns the water company and spends an enormous amount of money on landscaping.

They own nearly 1000 trucks of various sizes and trailers. All to support their landscape infrastructure. Though Palm Bronx is in northern Florida, where Palm Trees died ever five years in a hard freeze, this has not stopped the politicians of Palm Bronx from importing thousands of Palm Trees for $7000 a tree.

Additionally, they have literally hundreds of government employees that are “skilled” leafblowers. Grasscutters and leafblowers are paid nearly $50,000 a year. After a certain number of years, they all receive state pensions. These pension plans are guaranteed by the taxpayers. So this is vastly more costly than what they should be doing which is putting the lawnmowing out to big by contractors; other than the Mayor’s drunken Son in Law.


This is not GDP because it is all out of the Taxpayer’s hide. But under Obama, Government employees were considered part of the GDP. Obama wanted to count those on Welfare since he regarded that as a Government job too. 


This is how far Government has come to perpetuate their Socialist Bureaucratic Fraud. The pension debt will be borne by the Taxpayer in the future. So not only does government employment not count for GDP, it counts for negative GDP as carrying charges for the long-term debt.


Meredith Whitney

Merideth Whitney Cute and Brilliant! Boys Club destroyed her.

Merideth Whitney was RIGHT ABOUT THE COLLAPSE OF MUNICIPAL BONDS… but for one thing…

Whitney built her career on telling the truth about debt and reckless banking. In a boys club, Whitney wielded an ax. She was correct about the subprime collapse. But her one call on the mega-insolvency of Municipal Bonds missed entirely. Most of the boys club glazed over it and laughed at her. In fact, for the most part, her otherwise stellar reputation has been wrecked. It is a shame because she was 100% correct about government debt collapsing. It did collapse but it was propped up by the taxpayer.


Municipal Bonds are tax-free debt instruments which wealthy Americans buy to avoid taxes. That should tell you right there what the outcome will be. Look at Trump’s RINOTAX reform… The rich stuff their pockets.

Merideth was Naive because she is honest.  Compare that to Trump or Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell or John “Keating” McCain. Merideth called for Municipal bonds to default and cities to file for bankruptcy. That was a big call. Why did she miss? Her numbers were spot on!


She missed because the RICH who buy Municipal Bonds own Politicians of both stripes. This is the one-party rule of INCUMBENTS.

Politicians at the state and local level backstopped default of municipal bonds by throwing the burden to the taxpayers. Merideth never expected this. She never expected the behavior of the Federal Government to “TRICKLE DOWN DISHONESTY” to the State and Local Governments. But it did. The Big Wall Street Bond traders laughed her out of the business.


Crony socialism is here. This is not capitalism. Capitalism is the private sector. This is all the foul activity of Government. It is payola for the Rich and the taxpayer takes it on the chin.


But like most brilliant honest people, the earth slugs, the moral misfits, and grifters took her down. But you see Truth always carries history along on it’s broken back.

Thanks to the slime that took her down we can all see clearly. The motives of the rich are simply to take care of themselves as elitist. So we look at the JOB’s report with skepticism. What kind of jobs are these? They are low pay slave jobs. They are jobs of the proletariat. Ivanka Trump, you can be sure, is not making up beds in any Trump Hotel.

No, the rich want you to make their beds and pour their drinks and keep the ice trays full. Over the years they have bought plenty of Government.


Look at Modern Businesses: It’s the same trend.

Elon Musk takes in $4 Billion a year off Tax Credits put in to pay for solar power and electric cars. None of these businesses are viable on their own.

Look at Warren Buffett the guy that claims he is not paying enough tax. He has a solar panel farm that would be broke if the Taxpayer were not footing the tax credits and subsidizing it. Look at Buffett’s train. That is how oil moves from Canada to the USA. Buffett had his pocket President Obama block the Keystone high-speed extension for years. These guys are showing you the future. The future is billionaires living off the taxpayers.


Then you have Trump. He picks out his marginal resorts to claim for a vacation or a working vacation. He fills his resort rooms with Secret Service and his Administration officials.

These rooms are not free. Trump Organization bills at full fare. None of this goes out for bid. Trump billed the chocolate cake for China President Xi at $1000 a slice. Remember Trump laughing about it, “That sure was some good chocolate cake.”


This is a clear conflict of interest but since there is NO SPECIFIC LAW forbidding this unethical conduct Trump sees no problem with it.

Trump did the same thing in skirting nepotism laws. The Federal laws are clear but Trump took advantage of a loophole by not paying Ivanka or Kushner son-of-a-crook a salary. But they are being paid indirectly.

They have a mammoth security detail. Ivanka traps all over the world securing trademarks for her business in an obvious Quid Pro Quo arrangement. Chelsea Clinton did the same being paid $600,000 as a network news personality that worked some 30 hours. Of course, this is what it looks like.


Trump has been marketing himself since day one for when he leaves. Judging by his present status that will be after his first term or before.

He is the most unpopular President in modern history. Even his stalwart fans are vacating him. All he seems to be doing is promoting billionaires and government subsidies.


Manufacturing Jobs is another fraud.

The only manufacturing jobs in the USA are welding shops and jobbers for Defense companies. It is all one-off stuff, not real production. There are no textile or clothing makers. Consumer products are not made in the United States. We make weapons. That is what America does.

Today, for example, a Rocket was fired from Gaza and taken down by a patriot missile. Both were made in the good ole USA. The USA has 800 military bases worldwide. The rest of the members of the UN Security Counsel collectively have 39 bases. Once again these US businesses live off Government.

All Defense system prototypes, all cost overrides are paid for by the Taxpayer. Think about the luxury of throwing all your R&D costs to the taxpayers and giving them nothing in return. The RICH love Defense businesses. Look at Boeing stock. It has doubled since Trump got in. Pentagon money is pouring into these state-run defense firms. It’s payola time.


Meredith Whitney simply didn’t see this. She assumed Capitalism would destroy the insolvent. But Trump’s brain is insolvent. That should tell you how this works and how effective the RICH has been at TAKING OVER AMERICA.


If you think NAFTA is not all part of this big plan you are dead wrong.

Trump said what he needed to to get elected. He pledged to bring down NAFTA. Instead, NAFTA has been strengthened under Trump with Record Earnings and record imports from Mexico and Canada.

Meanwhile Regulation under Trump has actually increased. Northwest Lumberman and Timber cutters are essentially out of business. Trump is all facade as he plays the Billionaire takeover game.


Look at immigration. Trump has deported 3% fewer than Obama.

Hearing Trump talk he’s all about stopping this runaway immigration and moving out gangs and stopping dope at the border. Nothing is further from the truth. But if you understand the real game plan of the Billionaires and politicians it all makes sense.

There are presently 35 million Mexican squatters on US lands. Trump harvest’s 1500 anchor babies a DAY for the future of yard work in America. They don’t need amnesty, those 1500 a day are automatic citizens, here to stay and here to drag you down.

Trump has already given Amnesty to 100,000 Dreamers and is now using the other 900,000 as a ploy to get Democrats to approve Trump’s runaway spending and debt ceiling increases. Trump has accumulated more debt, faster than any previous president in US History.

They want to flood the country with low skilled cheap labor. Trump’s businesses thrive on cheap labor. Who wants to be a hotel domestic at a Trump Hotel? Not many but if you flood the US will Illegals and suddenly give them amnesty then you have cheap abundant lawn care and hotel domestics.


The real plan is to make the Billionaires richer and backstop any potential losses with Taxpayer money.

Remember the subprime collapse were $9 Trillion in real estate was turned over from homeowners to the banks and billionaires. Since then home ownership has dropped to a 70 year low. The nation, especially younger people have become renter rats. This is socialist society. The elites own and the proletariat rent.


With the new RINOTAX, individuals who own property can’t deduct business expenses or local taxes but Corporations can. The whole purpose is to force individuals with rentals to sell to the big players. RINOTAX is an absolute gutting of small business in favor of the large corporations. 


Home ownership will go the way of California the socialist Mecca.

Sacramento is belly up. Less than 12% of Californians own their own homes. The state is plagued by illegal aliens. The Courts are plagued by socialists. That is your future.

Billionaires know they can borrow unlimited amounts from the Taxpayers and never have to touch their own holdings. If anything as the economy collapses, they can buy more hard assets and own more. At present roughly the top 10% richest in America own 80% of everything.

RINOTAX is the direct borrowing of $1.5 Trillion that goes directly to Billionaires and their Corporations. Taxpayers get stuck with the debt. The money given to the Rich becomes their property.


The art of the fleecing.

Trump has taken you apart. This is opening the door to Socialism. Don’t confuse the phony Birney Sanders form of Socialism. Last year after vacating his followers on the Floor of the DNC, he left for New Hampshire and plunked down $600,000 in cash for a summer home on Lake Champlain, cash he never reported having. Sounds just like the whole corrupt mess we’re in.

Keep sending these diseased incumbents back to Washington and you won’t have a country in four more years.


A final look at the numbers.

Employment was great for illegals and Hispanics from Mexico. Lowest ever. Manufacturing now accounts for only 16% of the economy but unemployment was down based on massive Defence spending. The rest of it is all Government employment on the rise.

Wages lagged again. Translated this means that the job hires were low-level ministerial types. The same with manufacturing jobs. Making cement pots is not a high wage job.

This phenomenon is across the globe in debtor nations. The Unemployment in Japan is just 2.8% but wages have remained stagnant for over 30 years. This is also true in the UK.


Meanwhile, asset prices are skyrocketing so the world is becoming more unaffordable. This is creating the forever renter class. 


Despite the enormous turnover in these low-level jobs at over 60% companies cutting costs are not going to pay anything but slave labor and they will do so reluctantly. This trend started with Obamacare the largest tax ever levied against American Businesses. Not surprisingly, the employee, not the consumer is paying for this.

The internet to a great extent has made buying products more competitive and better for the consumer. There is no way for a competitive company to pay high wages in this environment of inflating costs. As the economy moves forward over the next months this TREND will only grow more pronounced.

When it comes to the claim that lowering the corporate tax rate by 15% will change the landscape is pure fiction. Only 10% of all US corporations paid more than 20% in corporation taxes last year. Corporations like General Electric paid only 1%.

RINOTAX is nothing but a scam to pay off billionaires and assist old-line companies that are no longer growing and will never grow. The purpose of Capitalism is to destroy the inefficient. But Cronyism in the Taxpayers pockets is the guarantee of the survival of the Unfittest. Do we really need more dumb as dirt Trump Kids ruling the roost in America? Apparently, the RINOs and Trump think so.






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