Somebody needs to tell Trudeau…  As if being a pawn in Trump’s scheme was intelligent. CANADA got suckered into one of Trump’s petty disputes and is now holding the bag. It doesn’t matter how self-righteous some right-winged Canadians have become or how Xenophobic. You lost. Suckered into a Trump scheme, Canada richly deserves its fate. 

Canadian law should have dumped this Extradition case long ago as political. In fact, they never should have gotten involved in the mess in the first place. You don’t kidnap the children of Foreign Dignitaries. But Trudeau wanted some Trump points. Like an abused child running back to beg affection from the abusive parent. It’s pathetic. Then there was the eyebrows thing. From smoking pot with Obama to smoking an exploding Trump Cigar. It was a lot of fun until it wasn’t.

There is not one legal scholar anywhere, that sees any merit in the US Case or the Canadian Extradition. This has been strictly pushed by Trudeau trying to garner favour with Trump and now begging Biden. Trudeau is to blame. He thought he could leverage this between the US and CHINA. He loses on both counts. Canada is enjoying a recession that will only get worse. 

So what is it that Trudeau didn’t get?

First: This is the first time in world history where an individual has been held for the alleged criminal act of a corporation. The crime is the claim of fraud. Not espionage but fraud. In fact, there were NO CHARGES at all when Canada kidnapped Wanzhou. Trudeau arrested her on an extradition warrant with no charges. Trump’s administration fumbled and finally came up with fraud, a case they can never prove. 

Second: She’s a woman. Trump had a long history of bullying women so the optics on this one were terrible. Worse Wanzhou projects a placid benign personality type and cooperates with everyone. Nobody is buying the story she is a shrewd hustler. Everyone knows that Trump did this because Xi is friends with Meng’s father. Trump’s a petty loser so he thought this would get a rise out of Xi. And it did. 

Third: Trump’s big mouth said he “might intervene in the case to get a trade deal with China” which is an overt display of political ransom. This alone should have stopped Canada cold. But Trudeau wanted to game the US and two days after the kidnapping, China swept up two Canadians and charged them with spying. Trudeau created the mess himself. What did he expect, China to do nothing? Was Trudeau smoking pot? 

Fourth: CANADIAN RANSOM. China is holding two Canadian “diplomats” for spying and Canadians want those prisoners returned to Canada. Those are the intelligent Canadians that finally get the math. Canada is a small country, Trump got them into a mess because Trudeau wanted Trump points. Everyone in the world knew how Trump operated. 

Why did Trump involve Canada in the first place? They could have served Huawei USA in Texas with their changes. But they didn’t. No, they kidnapped the CEO’s daughter, a Chinese dignitary’s daughter. This is frowned on internationally, as egregious conduct. 

Then there is the double standard of US Extradition. 

Recall the case of Warren Anderson, CEO of Union Carbide. The Indian Supreme Court issued a warrant for his arrest charging him criminally for Bhopal. The US refused to extradite saying there was not enough evidence to support the charges.  That is the opposite of what the Canadian judge is saying. She claims Canada should not look at the validity of the charges but only the extradition. In fact, it appears that Wanzhou’s Canadian Councel has gone a step further and stipulated the arrest was legal.

Legal? No charges and it’s legal? Remember there were no charges initially. Trump’s DOJ fumbled screaming to the press this was espionage then watered it down to fraud. They know they had no case.

Can you ride a bicycle backwards?

Crown prosecutor Robert Frater claimed in his rebuttal on Tuesday that the extradition request must always be assumed under the umbrella of good faith. How then was India’s extradition request denied in the Warren Anderson Bhopal incident, denied for lack of evidence? The presumption of good faith is a sucker’s hayride.

There was no good faith at all from the Trump Administration. They were on a united attack to take down Huawei no matter what. Look at the efforts they went to across the universe of US allies to get them to block Huawei. The 5G Achievement which remains unmatched by any US technology carries with it the potential to own the future of the Internet of Things. The US is like a bum at a dumpster complaining about the menu. 

Frater also claimed that Trump never use the words “Ransom” or “Bargaining Chip.” Trump never used the words, “Attack the US Capital” but somehow he got impeached for insurrection.  And let’s go even further, Charles Manson never actually killed anyone. 

To refresh your memory Mr Frater:

“If I think it’s good for what will be certainly the largest trade deal ever made – which is a very important thing – what’s good for national security – I would certainly intervene if I thought it was necessary,” Trump said.

Trump also said the White House had spoken with the Justice Department but had not “yet” heard from Xi. 

“They have not called me yet. They are talking to my people. But they have not called me yet,” Said Trump.

Assuming that Trump is a self-proclaimed genius, this clearly shows an association of Trump using the Meng Wanzhou case as a pawn to coerce China. The use of the term “my people” shows Trump was intimately connected with the case. If the case had no political overtones, why is Trump expecting a call from Xi? 

Yes Mr Frater, words do indeed matter even the ones you choose to ignore.

Oh, and Mr Frater, I trust you did attend law school…. 

An Unlawful Search and Seizure of Meng Wanzhou’s smartphone and Computer are fruits of the poisonous tree. And we understand that these illegally seized items and passcodes were shared with the US FBI and that would be distribution to a foreign nation. And her right to legal counsel was violated the entire time while the FBI coppied the data. Canada Stinks; insufferable spineless poodle. 

Why would the FBI be invited to Canada to share in the fruits of the poisonous tree? What exactly was Canada’s motive in that deprivation of rights, both Section 8 in Canada and the 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments of the US Constitution? That sounds like a Canadian fishing expedition. 

Thus from a simple extradition request, Canada finds a way to steal phone and computer data and give it to the US FBI. 

What were you looking for? I know what you were looking for. The alleged PowerPoint presentation that supposedly links Wanzhou to Skycom and HSBC. So, if you extradite, you have just terminated the Wanzhou evidence of fraud. 

As the US Government said in the Warren Anderson extradition request from India, there is insufficient evidence to extradite. 

Then there is the small Country Shield Policy of the USA. 

The US loves to bully small western countries like Australia and Canada, using them as a shield against China in this case.  Let the little countries do the dirty work and take the brunt. In both instances, the US is exerting political-economic pain on Australia and Canada. Both countries are in recession by being squeezed in the middle by US Political policy and China. 

“Beijing doesn’t have a problem with Australia being a U.S. security ally. What it has a problem with is when Australia uses that alliance to attack China,” said James Laurenceson, director of the Australia-China Relations Institute at the University of Technology Sydney.

Australia has been the lead attack poodle having been the only country to fabricate the Uhygur’s forced labour story. Click here for more. Further Australia has promoted the COVID Origins investigation fiction, another fabulous Trump harassment idea picked up by Biden.

Australia banned Chinese tech giant Huawei Technologies from its 5G network in 2018. In every instance, Huawei gets attacked by miniature poodles.  For honourable mention, Australia is attacking China over the South China Sea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. For their efforts, China is going to crush them economically. 

Not to be left out of the action we now have Canada kidnapping the daughter of Huawei’s founder. Once again an attack on Huawei by the west, on behalf of Trump. And why would Canada get involved? Trump put Tariffs against Canada a NAFTA trading partner, to leverage Trudeau to do his dirty work for him. 

China is going to make an example of both poodles, Australia and Canada. There is no question at all over China’s anger over the Wanzhou kidnapping. Canada and Australia have their necks on the chopping block. 

What is the yield here to Canada and Australia? Economic destruction? China is already the largest economy in terms of GDP PPP and much larger in the future. China wiped out the US farmer after Trump’s moronic tweet where he promised the US Government would backstop soy contract losses to China. That triggered force majeure and all 65 mmt of Soy Contracts were legally voided by the Chinese. But Trump knew all about trade and commodities; the pea-brained gynus. Didn’t Canada and Australia observe this first hand? 

So what does Trudeau do? He puts on his most slippery pair of shoes and tries to cross a busy eight-lane freeway to impress Trump and Biden. What was the Trump Biden response? To lay more Tariffs against Canada. Biden shut down the Keystone XL again. 

I have news for Australia and Canada, China is ramping up. It may be worth noting that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson cautioned, “nobody wants to descend into a new Cold War with China.” Yet here is Australia and Canada slurping for Trump and now Biden, the composite president Joe Trump. 

Dealing only with the reality, do the math: Once the screaming right-winged xenophobic Canadians tough guys back off their emotional Trump styled untethering, what reality now exists thanks to Trudeau?

Facts: Canada is holding Meng Wanzhou as a temporary hostage and China is holding the two Michaels as permanent hostages. 

What is Trudeau to do?

  1. He can appeal to Slow Joe Biden to drop the Extradition. But that alone, does not get the two Michaels back. Joe should have done this in January. But instead has morphed into Joe Trump and Joe Loser and caused serious harm to the Canadian economy.
  2. Trudeau can hope Slow Joe can make a prisoner exchange deal with China. That is messy because Slow Joe wants to be Trump and continue antagonizing China. Joe is using Meng as a negotiating tool and body shield. Joe doesn’t care about this case. He just wants to continue with the Trump antagonism of China. for a leverage pawn. That’s how mobsters think. 
  3. Trudeau must realize by now that Slow Joe is unreliable. Canada is 8 months out on this thing with Biden in charge. He stopped the Keystone XL. He slapped Steel, Aluminum, and wood Tariffs on Canada.  And China has blocked the sale of billions in agricultural products from Canada with no end in sight. Canada remains in recession. Biden is only making things worse for Canada. So Trudeau has been kicked and punched by two US Presidential clowns in a row. 

  4. Trudeau could try to make a deal with China for a prisoner exchange but then the Canadian xenophobes, roughly 2/3 of the population except for Quebec, might not let him be Prime Minister forever. And he’s done such a good job of bringing Canada to its knees. 
  5. Trudeau can try to get the silly Canadian judge in the extradition case to stall which is what she is doing now. But what’s the point? Stalling has only made things worse for Canada. Biden is not lifting the tariffs. He’s not restarting Keystone. He is spitting in Canada’s face. 
  6. Things get worse for Trudeau if the silly judge rules Meng should be released. Trudeau then has no guarantees that China will release the two Michaels. Further, Trudeau’s government has already let it leak, that when this is over Canada will more or less take the hard line against China. That was a really stupid thing to leak. But that is sort of a Joe Trump styled idea to threaten others in advance. “If you do this or that, I won’t like you.”
  7. If the silly judge extradites Meng to the US. Then a trial will last for years. China will continue to hold the two Michaels for as long as it takes. Meng will have much better legal counsel in the US. Arguments by Canadian Counsel amount to fluff once they stipulated the arrest was “perfectly” legal. I added the Trump pleonastic emphasis. The DOJ loses virtually all their cases to a handful of big Washington DC Firms. Steptoe is her firm and she will win the case. I prefer the top DC firm but they are all good. 

  8. If Meng wins her case in the US then China can assert further revenge against Canada and Canada will have no leverage to get the two Michaels returned. 
  9. China wants Meng Wanzhou retuned to China. However, China doesn’t like xenophobes. Australia and Canada, both US poodles who are the pawns of US Antagonistic foreign policy and can be crushed economically by Asia and nobody would care. Between Biden and Trump harming the Canadian economy to confront China the world’s largest customer, is just plain stupid. Trudeau the pothead got you into this mess.

There are no other options. I have read the poll that suggests Canadians want the Court to settle this. What Court is that that will settle this Trump mess? Judge Judy?

The key is attitude. For some inexplicable reason, Australia and Canada like to spit in the faces of their largest customer. I guess they learned that winning technique from Trump and his 6 Bankruptcies. Customers don’t like this and they usually take their business elsewhere.

Right now Australia is facing the potential of China cutting off virtually all Australian exports including Iron ore, Australia’s largest export. Don’t feel sorry for Australia. The Australian Government has gone out of its way to antagonize China. They wouldn’t let a Chinese company purchase a mine in Australia. Australia went full-on Xenophobe. Called the Chinese every foul name in the Xenophobe book. Pathetic childish response. Moronic.

Canada is in even worse shape. Canada has but one customer, the USA. But even when they play poodle for the US, Trump and Biden harm the Canadian Economy. There is not enough time for Canada to build an east and west coast port to the Atlantic and Pacific to open up their markets to the world. Canada has one hideous customer, the USA. When they have the opportunity to sell to Asia, they blow it with their Xenophobia.

What should Trudeau do?

It is very simple indeed. He ought to resign as an incompetent. But if he insists on punishing Canada, Trudeau should blame the whole mess on Trump’s political revenge against China. Simply say Trump was holding Canada Hostage and the Biden Administration has continued to pressure Canada, with tariffs and economic leverage.  

Trudeau should say that is not acceptable behaviour of an ally. “We may be small,” he could say, “but Canada deserves better than to be bullied into doing Trump’s immoral dirty work.” Of course, Trudeau will have to overlook his prior Trump slurping statements and endless foot-dragging. Then we have those old blackface photos. Is Trudeau even capable of understanding the big picture?

Trudeau should pardon Meng Wanzhou and give her political asylum in Canada. 

He should ask China to return the two Michaels as a showing of good faith and Canada and China can work on improving relations and restoring trade so this kind of unfortunate situation won’t be repeated.

Trudeau would have to be sincere and polite. He’s unreliable and flakey. I would never trust Trudeau. There is a thing in ASIA called FACE. And if you want to deal with Asians, be polite. Then again Trudeau is French and that may well be the rudest of all Western nationalities. Visit Paris sometime, that’s all it is. Wait until the French Olympics in Paris. Should be a real eyeopener for rude. 

BTW did you catch the video of French Marathon runner, Amdouni knocking over an entire row of water before taking the last one? Who was his Trainer Le Trump?

If I were Trudeau I would also express that the conduct of the United States to establish Tariffs outside of NAFTA is a violation of NAFTA and Canada should sue over it. And that perhaps Canada has but too many eggs in one basket and has subjected itself to economic abuse from Trump and Biden. To remedy this Trudeau should remind the world that CANADA is opened for Businesses. And instead of being the most useless Canadian politician in history should lay plans to build a port to the Pacific and Port to the Atlantic. A port to the Pacific would be more useful but the Xenophobes would oppose it. They prefer isolationism and protectionism. 

That is Trudeau’s ONLY OPTION if Canada wants to see the Michaels again.  

The deal could be settled tomorrow.

There is one more option. Trudeau can do nothing, which is what he is doing now, and just let nature take its course. He excels at doing nothing but he’s great at smoking pot.

Remember he and Obama smoking pot at the Nuclear Arms Summit meeting, the giggles and grins while others looked on and wondered what was wrong with Obama and Trudeau.

If Joe Biden’s interaction with the Chinese so far is indicative of what to expect. Expect the two Michaels to spend decades in prison. 

This is my opinion Canada and you won’t like this. 

If I were China and returned the two Michaels, the US and Canada, and even Australia might start to think that kidnapping daughters of important persons is fair game. It opens a whole arena of bad conduct, all started by Trump; a man of impeccably low moral character.

This has always been a resisted area of international law. Turning family members into kidnapped hostages is bad form and has always been avoided because of the potential to start real wars. Imagine if Ivanka Trump were kidnapped and forced to stand trial for illegally obtained Trademarks and charged with fraud. Or substitute the flophouse Botticelli, Hunter Biden and kidnap him for fraud. This is NOT DONE because it is bad form and regarded as unconscionable conduct. 

Trump figured his daughter has Secret Service protection so he was not going to be stopped by morays of common decency. 

Now you have Kris Wu, a Canadian singer, arrested and charged in Beijing with rape. Canadians appear to be barbarians. Add that log to the fire. 

It is difficult to comprehend where Canada is going with this Trudeau character. I understand from polls now that 2/3 of Canadians are Trumpers of sorts, Xenophobes, protectionists, isolationists, that sort of thing, and I am all for that for any Trumper nation. If you are a xenophobe nation, you need isolation very badly. 

Of course, I don’t include Quebec in that they are only about 1/3 Trumpers. 

Economically, Canada is Socialist. So you are not going anywhere economically but down. But this is the paradox with Trumpers. They act like they are Social isolationists, but Economically they are Protectionists which is a pillar of Marxism. Guess nobody told them. To call Trump’s movement Conservatism is laughably inaccurate. 

So in your self-righteous Trumper Marxism, you can wait on your Canadian Court as 2/3 of Canadians have stated in a recent poll. What you don’t grasp is one way or the other Meng Wanzhou is going to leave Canada and when she does, your leverage to get the two Michaels back is nil. If China returns the two Michaels, then the West may start to adopt the idea of kidnapping the children of foreign dignitaries and business leaders to leverage those with whom they disagree, or just to garner favor from their populist base of morons.

And if you think for a minute the DOJ will win this case, then you don’t know much about the giant DC law firms that consistently beat the snot out of the DOJ and Wanzhou has one of the best firms.  

I cannot grasp what Canadians are thinking at this point. To have stupidly gotten involved in this crazy Trump scheme. What were you thinking? Then to let it drag on as if somehow the variables would change. You don’t look noble, you surely don’t look principled. You look stupid if not suicidal. 


Update: Chinese Court Sentences Announced Aug 11th, 2021

Michael Spavor gets 11 years in a Chinese prison for espionage.

Canadian, Robert Schellenberg, drug smuggler received the Death Penalty. 

Trudeau said this was unfair while continuing his insults against China. 

To which Cash McCall responded, “As Mike Tyson once said, everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

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