So ya wanna play Xenophobe? If I were China, I would bar all Chinese firms from future IPOs in the US Exchanges. I would give RUBIO what he wants. Feed the Xenophobes. I would feed them like tics till they popped. Jim Cramer just popped. Angry Xenophobic Congress is screaming bloody murder. There is nothing they can do about it. 

China should bar all future Chinese IPOs on US exchanges until all Chinese firms delisted in the TRUMP BIDEN EXEC order are, dare I use the term, “REINSTATED.”

China could, of course, continue to torpedo the Chinese IPOs once they are listed and off to the racists. But that would not be nice nice. And don’t we all want to be NICE NICE to Cuban mouthpiece Marco Rubio… sure we do. How’s the mortgage Marco?  After all, he loves the Teamsters and wants to help them bore into Amazon’s low prices and profitability. Marco Rubio is a Union Man just like Joe Biden and like Joe and Trump is a Marxist protectionist. The NEW GQP! 

Of those delisted Chinese firms BTW, two of them went to Court in the USA and both beat the Department of Defense. So it is likely all the Delisted firms could do the same. But that costs them money. Why should they waste money? They shouldn’t.

Why quibble? These companies can merely take their IPO money and run with no shareholder liability whatsoever due to Force Majeure. The US Gov will have to reimburse shareholders at a 5th Amendment taking.

Ain’t it sweet when a xenophobe plan goes south? Typical Trump Rubio plan. Four engines on fire and no parachutes.

The US Exchanges are the first in global history to delist companies for political reasons not violations of the rules or ipo contracts. That is a slippery slope and China should not feed this activity by providing Rubio and Joe Trump with more xenophobic targets.

While it was demonstrative to torpedo the DiDi IPO in midflight, that is not nice behaviour. A lot of hedge funds, the exchanges, investment bankers and Congressional Inside traders lost money. Better instead for China to just stop the Chinese US IPOs to eliminate the bellyaching by Rubio and his Trumpers, Biden and Jimbo Cramer.

Obama Trump and Biden were the three weaponizers.

The three clowns weaponized the US Dollar Reserve. Weaponized Swift. They Weaponized Trade with Tariffs, including tariffs against US Allies, even allies with a TRADE TREATY! They blocked US tech and European tech to China. Weaponized the US exchanges,

Can you feel the metal pipe to the kneecap? Nancy Kerrigan style foreign and financial policy… Oh but but but the US wants access to the giant Chinese markets…

The US is quite a country now.  Several years ago, A Dutchman bought $28,000 worth of Cuban Cigars that were sold into Germany from Cuba. The cigars and the transaction was a perfectly legal transaction.

The US through SWIFT reached into the German transaction and seized the $28,000 claiming that the Cuban Cigars were sanctioned by the US. The US claimed that by using US Dollars, they had the right to seize the Dutchman’s money. What did Germany and the EU do about it? Nothing at all. They took it as if they were a family of abused children. 

I believe the Chinese have cause to stop all Chinese firms from US IPOs. Remember the US Exchanges are the first exchanges in global history to delist firms for political reasons that have not violated any rules or IPO contracts. This is a slippery slope and really dumb. China should not subject its companies to these kinds of arbitrary and capricious attacks. 

China lay in wait for DiDi to torpedo the IPO with maximum effect. They did it by pulling the app used by DiDi to solicit customers, not by a direct strike at the IPO as they did with ANT. They just made DiDi worthless overnight. Absolutely brilliant.

It combines a lot of packaged US revenge motifs… Trump banned Chinese Apps, Trump Biden ordered Delistings for political reasons. In the case of DiDi, China, torpedoed the company’s app, to strip bankers and hedge funds and the Exchange of their greedy engorgement of the largest Chinese IPO since Alibaba. It was simply brilliant and slammed right into the correct targets.

The Chinese are very good at strategy. They will likely pass a rule that any Chinese firm that wants to IPO in the USA must first seek approval from China. That will end the xenophobe complaints and it stiffs Goldman and JPMorgan with a hatpin to the eye. Remember these investment bankers and hedge funds and exchanges were silent when Trump and Biden start the delisting game. Now Goldman and JPMorgan and the US exchanges are delisted from Chinese IPOs. The irony is sublime. 

If China does not feed the US Xenophobe and instead decouples from IPOs, that ends the profits and punitive actions that xenophobes can take against future Chinese firms. It is a perfect response. 

After Trump Biden’s delisting, the Chinese should not allow any Chinese IPOs in the USA. If China had delisted US companies on the Hong Kong Exchange, the US would have screamed foul.

This will quiet down the xenophobes. If not, China can sack any Chinese Company on the US Exchanges without any advance notice whatsoever. US politicians like arbitrary and capricious action for themselves but don’t like being on the receiving end.


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