China has served notice to Biden. China is finished being Bullied and is going to hit back. Joe Trump has been riding high on the Trump styled antagonism that he embraced. He and Trump went on a frivolous political rampage delisting Chinese stocks. The Chinese companies had violated no rules and were in full compliance with the SEC and exchanges. But inexplicably after losing two delisting cases in the Federal Courts brought by the Chinese firms, Biden expanded the Delisting. What could Biden have been thinking? I guess he thought this would be popular. He gave no thought at all to the damage this would cause the US Exchanges. 

This lunacy of political delisting has no cognizable end.

President AOC could delist Gun Makers from the Exchanges or delist Tobacco companies. The potential, once the precedent has occurred, is endless. Even though the Chinese firms that went to Court and won, Biden persists. The judge in the cases called the Delisting Executive Order frivolous, arbitrary and capricious and lacking in any rational basis. But there is Biden persisting and morphing to Joe Trump. Things have changed this week. China hit back hard. 

China hit back by first attacking the DIDI IPO.

Then moved on to Chinese Educational stocks on the US Exchanges crushing the Stocks. Then in the midst of the mayhem, China decided that any Chinese Firm that wanted to IPO on US Exchanges would need pre-approval. 

China has basically delisted the Chinese IPOs which make billions for US investment bankers, hedge funds and the Exchanges.

Suddenly Biden doesn’t look so smart. And Congress with its Trump Holding Foreign Companies Accountable Act looks downright stupid. This was the last gasp of Trump’s four-year fiasco. The bill is unenforceable rubbish. But that never stops the populist from doing it over and over again. 

The talking heads from CNBC and Bloomberg and around the horn, including Stephen Roach, are claiming falsely that China CCP is asserting control and regulating its big tech into the ground as if the results are incidental.

That is not the case. In common vernacular, China is intentionally punching the bully’s lights out and finally has the attention of Wall Street.

Yes, behind every action by China is an excuse, claiming the businesses are in violation of anti-trust. Or with educational stock China said were increasing the cost of raising a child. That is for your benefit. I assure you that if the Chinese sink a US Naval Ship in the South China Sea, it will look like an accident with a plausible excuse. It was a Japanese mine from WWII.

This always astonishes me that talking heads project the Chinese as angry and asserting control. The CCP doesn’t rule by control.

They stay in power because they have removed 800 million out of poverty and created a 300 million-member middle class. Xi is always calm and low key. Compare that the Trump, who was always unhinged, snarling, flighty, paranoid, obsessed, and always threatening somebody. Trump behaves like a mentally deranged lunatic. 

Trump is the only president in US history to threaten the nuclear annihilation of three countries with his folded arm smirk. These included North Korea, Iran, and Afghanistan. Trump was at his best perched atop the nuclear arsenal threatening everyone.  

From his Golf Course in New Jersey where he charged the Taxpayer $40,000 in golf cart fees each weekend, Trump said, “North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States. They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.” Nutjob. 

Here is Trump at the UN he hated, “The United States has great strength and patience, but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea. Rocket Man is on a suicide mission.” Basketcase. 

There you have it… the United States designed by Jesus and run by idiots~

Just to be sure you understand what a lunatic this was, this week Trump told his flock of brownshirts to boo the US Women’s Olympic Soccer Team. That gem from a former US President. Irksome, Rude, and Pathetic. 

These petty attacks on China, the United States largest customers are flatly insane. Why would anyone antagonize a customer, especially their largest customer? And then under “the run by idiots” banner declare the “Customer is always wrong!” If he is wrong, he is wrong to be buying stuff from you. 

Since China’s attack on the Chinese Stocks that are listed on the US Exchanges, roughly 700 Billion in stock value has vanished. China now has Wall Street’s attention. The question for Wall Street is what has prompted this aggressive response by China?

In the past when bullied, China would complain and walk away. Not any more, and that should worry Joe Trump. Because in the Trump world, the idea is that you insult everyone in every direction, and in the process accept this as a Coprolalia driven by mental illness.

“It’s just the booze talking.”

“He’s just out of his head.”

“And what is that in the briefcase?”

“The Briefcase?”

“Yes, the Briefcase. What’s in it.”

“Oh, those are the nuclear football codes.” [cough] “I’ve got this thing in my throat.”

“I see.”

The Chinese are not buying the Coprolalia. They are going full on “Grasshopper” and want to kick your face in. And they now have all the tools to do it.

Imagine for example China cutting Murica off from rare earth metals. How about they sell $1 Trillion in Treasury notes tomorrow? Suppose they place Export Duties on all Trump Tariffed products into the USA. Perhaps they cut off the 90% of US pharmaceuticals they make, or cut off COVID mask and gloves and PPE? Suppose instead of taking over Taiwan, they merely bomb Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company or start some controlled fires and cart away all the ASML EUV machines.

Why insult the Chinese when they have the USA over six dozen barrels? And worse, the US Xenophobic attacks on China are resulting in Attacks on Asian Americans. 

Joe Biden just witnessed Trump assemble his brownshirt and attack the US Capital. “It was just the booze talking… nothing to worry about.” [cough]. And here is Biden continuing the Trump rhetoric against China. And Trump’s brownshirts are receiving the Biden Radio Signals in the plates in their heads. 

I would be remiss if I did not state that I am shocked by the strength of the Xenophobia in America. I am shocked, but not surprised. That just forces me to recalibrate the math. This Xenophobia has infested both political parties in the USA in spite of the virtue signalling by both sides.

For example:

A Redneck in Texas, as if there is anything else in Texas says, “I hate them Communist Chinese for taking away all OUR US Jobs.” Understand this clown is living three inches from Mexico but all the angst is directed at the Country that makes his Big screen TV.”  Perhaps it is OK to offshore Jobs as long as you don’t sell big-screen TVs or something like that.

Second example:

A New York City Liberal, as if there is anything else in NYC including Trump says, “I hate them Communist Chinese for not treating the UYGHURS nice nice. I am going to boycott Apple.”

So Apple vendors fire all the UYGHURS and then the progressive adds, “See, Apple put human rights ahead of profits.” Meanwhile, the UYGHURS can buy a job in China at present thanks to Joe Biden.

Nothing works in the Xenophobic mind; nothing at all. But the poison spews like a broken lawn sprinkler. 

On Joe Biden’s watch, Asian Americans have been attacked and murdered. Six women butchered in Atlanta in March. 

While Biden was drumming up the tough guy JOE TRUMP anti-Chinese rhetoric, there was a 164% increase in anti-Asian hate crime reports to police in the first quarter of 2021.

Then Biden had the audacity to push through an Anti-Asian Hate Crimes Bill with anti-Chinese blowhard Chuck Schumer. Then it was back to JOE TRUMP’s anti-Chinese rhetoric. Not only is Biden failing with his Chinese foreign Policy, he is stoking the fires of Anti-Asian hatred from sea to shinning sea. Is he stupid or just out of touch with reality?

But it is true that Biden uses some new word combos. 

One of those is “EXTREME COMPETITION.” This cannot be an Olympic term for the simple reason that the Senate Bill to “Make Murica Competitive Again” included 600 Amendments and one of those provisions was that the USA would not compete in the Chinese Winter Olympic Games. So to foster more competition, the Bill bars the US Olympic Team from competing. Schumer xenophobic logic. Going going, goniff. 

Of course, that is another petty insult to China. 

And what exactly is “EXTREME COMPETITION?” I guess we don’t want to use the metaphor “Competition on Steroids” either. Is Extreme Competition where Tanya Harding’s boyfriend, Kneecaps Nancy Kerrigan with a lead pipe to the knee? Nobody knows including Joe Biden. How bout “No Malarkey Competition?” Digest it. I think you will like it. 

In Biden’s Case “Extreme Competition” is PROTECTIONISM. It is all about reducing competition. 

Americans are in fact, racists. Oh but that nice lady from the Midwest doesn’t want to hear this. OK lady, you are a very nice racist, nicest racist in Illinois. “Why thank you, young man.”

The history of the United States is repugnant. From the egregious treatment and disposal of Native Americans to Reservations to the sin of enslaving Blacks, Racism is carved into American DNA with an axe. 

When it came to wars, Americans reserved a special hatred for Asians, primarily because they don’t seem to be able to beat them easily. For God’s sake, Hitler took the Dutch in five days and France in six hours. The US had 59% Marine casualties on the Japanese held Pacific islands. No wonder John Wayne went “Jap Happy” in the 1944 movie, The Fighting CBs.

Here is John Wayne, the Big Galoot, “Cutting a Rug” between slandering “Japs” and blowing up a Jap gasoline depot. The interesting part of this clip is the boozing and smoking… and there is Fred Mertz pawing some chic and Ethel is missing. This is what’s known as “having too good a time” which in the film biz means they shot the crowd reaction scenes separately and the overacting was nauseating. Not to mention Duke’s dancing. 

If they made a remake of this thing using America’s wonderful modern morays, John Wayne’s part would be a Bull Dyke Bulldozer driver who dances with the girl and takes her home that night. Could this American Xenophobe Gender Confused Society get any more twisted? No wonder the American package is a hard sell. 

Then we have the Brass:

Admiral William Leahy wrote, “In fighting with Japanese savages all previously accepted rules of warfare must be abandoned.” Apparently, that includes the Geneva Convention.

Admiral “Bull” Halsey, commander of the U.S. South Pacific Force, a sort of modern-day Rapper said, “Kill Japs, Kill Japs, Kill More Japs.” The Good Admiral did not leave Japanese civilians out of his racial slurs. In 1944 the same year as Duke’s dancing, Bull said, “When we get to Tokyo, we’ll have a little celebration where Tokyo used to be.” Benjamin, “Forget Plastics, go nuclear. That’s where the real future is!”

I know, it’s just the booze talking… Though women of the ’40s found it turned them on especially when their “man” sent them a Japanese Skull for Valentine’s day. FDR remarked that Japanese skulls appeared to him to be underdeveloped. 

With a hundred insulting names they dehumanized the Japanese to the point that the US public was conditioned to relish the idea of dropping not one but two nuclear bombs on civilians in Tokyo and Nagasaki, melting women and their children, into the pavement. Churches in America claimed the Nuclear bombs were God’s will. Americans will justify their demonic killing with a trip to church and a quarter in the offering plate. 

The only lack of discrimination toward Asians was the American public couldn’t tell Japanese from Korean or Vietnamese from Chinese. I DECLARE RIGHTS TO THE GAME SHOW “Whose You Asian” where contestants compete against each other in EXTREME COMPETITION, to guess the Asian’s nationality. 


My other show where I have first dibs is the Asian Internment Camp Show… Reality TV. Take modern Asian Americans and puts them in the California Internment Camps for a week guarded by Redneck Xenophobes, and see what happens.

In his paper, “When Presidents Fear on March 4, 2017” Historian Greg Robinson wrote the following:

On February 19, 1942, President Franklin D Roosevelt singed Executive Order 9066. As a result of the President’s order, over 110,000 Japanese Americans were ordered from their homes without trial and sent to camps under military guard.

Some 70,000 of these people were U.S. citizens of an average age of approximately 18, and the rest were long-resident aliens who were predominantly middle-aged.

They were allowed to take only what they could carry, and were thus forced to sell or dispose of homes, businesses, cars and all other personal property.

The Japanese Americans were first herded into a network of “Assembly Centers,” which were generally disused fairgrounds and race tracks. There the inmates were housed in stables and animal pens. After several weeks or months, the Japanese Americans were sent on under guard to a network of “relocation centers,” camps operated by a new government agency, the War Relocation Authority.

These American-style concentration camps were located in remote desert and swamp areas and were surrounded by barbed wire and armed sentries.

The inmates were housed in hastily-built tar paper shacks, with one room per family. Health and sanitary facilities were primitive, especially at the outset, and food was limited and poor quality.

Although all adults were expected to work, their maximum salary was set at $19 per month. The stark conditions of the camps and the stigma of arbitrary imprisonment led to trauma and conflict among the inmates, and sparked several strikes and riots in the camps. In the end, most Japanese Americans remained in the camps throughout the war years.

The US Supreme Court found no problem with it at all. As refreshing as the Dred Scott decision where Blacks were told they had no access to bring cases to the American Courts.

Korematsu v. United States, 323 U.S. 214 (1944) was the case. Hey, that’s the same year Duke was dancing and Fred Mertz was turning on some boozy floozie. One can only conclude that xenophobia stimulated the libido in White folks. 

And with the smaller physical stature of most Asians, they were ready natural targets for the overstuffed centrocentric American bully. Xenophobia was still building losership in Murica in the 1980s. The Japs were still the main target! 

With Japanese success in manufacturing especially automobiles, two Union thugs from Chrysler, plant supervisor Ronald Ebens and his stepson, Michael Nitz beat 27-year-old Chinese American Vincent Chin to death with baseball bats.

Covered with splattered brain matter, their defense was they thought he was Japanese. There goes the murder one conviction. No intent here, Chin was Chinese, not Japanese. Xenophobes didn’t want to kill the Chinese until thirty years later. 

Oh, and get this. Joe Biden gave a Xenophobe anti-Chinese speech at the GM electric truck plant in Detroit last month and praised the UAW and said the UAW would be the “PROSECUTORS” of Trade. “Get your Joe Biden Louisville slugger on the way out today.” Executives for GM just put on those big plastic Union Loving Smiles on their faces.

There is Joe Biden, asleep at the wheel, as usual, stoking the fires of anti-Chinese hatred to the Trump barbarians and Chuck Schumer. Biden excuses his anti-Chinese spew, by calling it “Competition” and the new term “EXTREME COMPETITION!” That is when he was not calling the Chinese, “THEM” or “Autocrats” and dehumanizing Asians with every gaff and calling “THEM”, “Orientals.”  And of course, kids say the darnedest things. From the mouth of babes flies the bigoted truth.

Hunter Biden the now-famous Flophouse Botticelli, said he doesn’t want to date “Yellow Women.” The attention-seeking apple that keeps falling from that Biden Tree. 

Speaking of Children…  What is Biden getting from his JOE TRUMPISM? BIDEN IS LEARNING THE GEORGE P. BUSH LESSON:

George P. Bush sold out his family and friends to kiss the ring of Donald Trump. “P” wanted the venerable Trump endorsement for Governor of Texas. He could taste that sweet as chaw endorsement. The obsequious sycophant licked Trump’s wrists for two years, humiliating himself and disgracing his family. All while Trump lavished insults on “P”‘s father, Jeb Bush and uncle, “W.”

Today Trump HOMESCHOOLED “P” and endorsed “P”‘s rival, Ken Paxton for Governor, effectively vaporizing this Nixon beard’s political career. As Barbara Bush said, “I don’t think we need another Bush…”

To garner favor from the Trumper idiots, and to not be called “Weak on China”, Joe Biden became Joe Trump.

While during the campaign, Biden said he would end the Tariffs, end Trump’s Trade war and work constructively with China. Biden did none of the above. Instead he followed the disastrous Trump Trade War into the abyss, demonizing China at every turn. Actually making conditions worse and increasing tensions with China. Now Biden is playing hide and seek. His poll numbers are dropping to Trump levels and COVID is back. Unemployment is up and Joe’s happy bipartisan infrastructure clowns have dismantled although where there is a remote sniff of crony pork, the BBQ lovers will find a way to get their stashes. 

Joe got so worried about his midterm prospects sinking, he showed up in Ohio last week to look for some political support but bombed. 

The Gaff machine was back and Joe’s lost his train of thought again. As the fuzzy gaff clouds appear like the afternoon thunderstorms in Malariaville, Joe’s handlers are delegating responsibility for US Chinese relations to a couple of nobodies: Antony “Stink’in” Blinken and Wendy “I’m sure as hell not fun” Sherman. Blinken presided over the disaster in Alaska.

Alaska was the Biden Administration’s first contact with China and it was an unmitigated United States embarrassment.

Actually, it was worse than that. It was roundly criticized by every media outlet in the world as a defining moment of lax unpreparedness. Blinken should have been fired on the spot. Wall Street suffered near-comatose shock watching in utter horror and disbelief. For damage control, Biden came out of hiding several days later and praised his team for putting human rights in front of common sense. 

On Sunday, the “B” Team arrived in China. An Obama retread from the Iran nuclear agreement, it was Wendy Sherman. 

The Sherman meeting on Sunday ended early with China calling it a “Stalemate.” That is a polite term meaning a waste of time in Mandarin. Though both parties said they would still talk. “Now that’s some damn PROGRESS BIDEN!”

In deference to Sherman, expectations were very low.

And China did not respond to her with overt hostility as they did with Blinken. Nevertheless, a fail is a fail. On Monday, China hit the US Markets making it excessively clear they were going on the offensive and had a craw full of Joe Trump and his bullcrap foreign policy. Biden has been in hiding. 

Biden was clearly afraid of Trump during the election and used COVID as an excuse to hide from public appearances.

During the Democratic Primaries, Biden was blindsided by Kamala Harris and called a racist.  He froze, his eyes wandered and Jow was unable to respond. It reminded me of women’s Roller Derby. Double teamed by Elizabeth Warren and Kamila Harris. Biden looked like a drive-by punching bag.

Biden is terrified of Xi. He is also terrified of Putin and Warren and Harris and probably Ann Calvello and the Blonde Bomber Joanie Weston.

Biden’s carefully prepared and more carefully read press conference in Helsinki, minus Putin, showed that Biden has no capacity to interact with live subjects. As for Xi, some Fox News story accused Biden of being a long time friend of Xi. Biden responded a few days later saying he was no friend of Xi. That demonstrates clearly that Biden’s handlers are the one’s responsible for Biden’s foray into JOE TRUMP which of course is political suicide.

Biden doesn’t seem to understand that Americans didn’t vote for Joe and his highly unappealing VP pick, they were voting to offload the worst President in US History. 

The same handlers probably looked at the polling data where 73% of Americans wanted out of Afghanistan. Trump looked at the same data and certainly blowharded over it but did nothing. Nevertheless, Trump supporters say Biden is stealing Trump’s policies. 

As Bloomberg pointed out, Biden may not have the political will to end the Trade War. But if it continues to spiral out of control, Biden will be blown out in the Midterms. Apparently, Biden did not understand that Michigan and Wisconsin voters did not want the Trump Tariffs.

Both states are right to work states so they don’t want Joe Biden pushing Unions. Biden and his handlers must be tone deaf or perhaps they think it is 1932. And Joe is timid and slow. Jane Fonda has made that remark a few hundred times or so to the media. 

With no tangible foreign policy, Biden simply adopted Trump policies. Tariffs have remained in place. In fact, Slow Joe Trump slapped Tariffs on Canadian Steel, wood products, and Aluminum. It’s crazy. Biden is seven months out and blowing the economy and the midterms. 

Everyone thought Joe would rekindle the Iran Nuclear Agreement. But it is not even apparent that Joe remembers the word “IRAN.” Did I mention Jane Fonda says Joe is Timid and he’s Slow. She has a point. Joe doesn’t travel well. He doesn’t like to meet with world leaders, especially on camera. 

Biden had good cover to remove the Trump Trade war but is too slow and too Timid.

Six Republican senators from the farm belt and rust belt, including Ron Johnson from Wisconsin, wrote Biden asking him to remove the Trump Tariffs that are damaging the farmer and small businesses. What did Biden do? Nothing. Nothing at all.

Biden remains tone-deaf.

Of the two dozen studies that show Trump Tariffs are harmful to Americans and American Business and the economy, Joe doesn’t seem to know this. He ran on ending the Trump Tariffs and Trade war, but his handlers walked that back. Biden’s handlers are going to push Joe off the cliff in the midterms. 69% of Americans now think Joe is responsible for the runaway inflation. Joe is hiding and for the last 7 months has claimed the inflation is just temporary. Yet it keeps growing. 

Across the country in farm communities, farmers want the Tariffs gone. Joe Biden likes to identify with FDR. However, FDR ended the Smoot Hawley Tariffs the moment he had the congressional power to do so. Biden needs no congressional power to end them. FDR also was vehemently opposed to Government Unions.

“Joe Biden you are no FDR, but you are Joe Trump.”

Biden’s Trump policies are a dead albatross around his neck. All of the Nancy Kerrigan Styled kneecapping petty attacks on China are irksome. One of the worst is Canada kidnapping Meng Wanzhou the daughter of the founder of Huawei. They are accusing Meng of Fraud. But no longer for violating any Iranian sanctions. The phoney charges are continually getting watered down. This is the first time in World History where an individual has been arrested and charged for a Corporations actions. 

Why did Trump do this? He did it because Trump is a prick. this is how he operates. Look what he just did to the wrist licking Jeb Bush kid. 

Xi is a personal friend of Meng’s father so this act by Trump and Canada was thuggish. This would be akin to China kidnapping Ivanka Trump for bribery to obtain Trademarks. Trump did it and his moron followers applauded it. But it is a two-edged sword.

In Canada, Meng is being held under house arrest FOR FRAUD with an alarm anklet, Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor two Canadian “Diplomats” were jailed two years ago in China and put on trial for spying. The verdicts are yet to be announced.

Put this into perspective.

Meng is not being charged with VIOLATING any Iranian Sanctions but for FRAUD claiming she understated Huawei’s relationship with another company, Skycom, that was doing business in Iran. She and Huawei deny the allegations. Nobody in their right mind would attempt to prosecute this meaningless case. It is all hearsay and there is no evidence to support any of it. But Trump did it just to antagonize Xi. 

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the Chinese Courts were “completely unacceptable,” and lacking transparency” The Chinese might say the same about Meng’s Canadian extradition trial. 

Canada,  except for Quebec is astonishingly anti-Chinese. 

Canada is also in recession due in large measure to Biden’s cutting off the Keystone high-speed pipeline, and Biden Tariffs on Canadian Steel and Aluminum. It is the Canadians that are holding the multi-year circus trail for Meng’s extradition to the USA. 

There is not a legitimate legal scholar, at this point that thinks this case in Canada is anything but political. It’s Trump crap for crying out loud!

Nevertheless, the case is now complicated by China’s holding the two Canadian diplomats. Nobody likes to be bullied. Notwithstanding the arrest of Meng Wanzhou in Canada is 100% politically motivated. Because this has become entirely political a political solution is needed to diffuse the matter. There is NO LEGAL solution. 

As this trial drags on, Canadians are increasingly opened to a prisoner exchange. If Meng is extradited to the USA, then Canadians know, the Chinese will keep Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor indefinitely.

While Canadians may not like China’s tactics, China feels wronged by the arrest of Wanzhou. They are right to feel this way on two counts: One it was all scatterbrained irksome Trump motivated and two, this is the first time in world history that an individual was charged for the actions of a corporation. So there isn’t even a scrap of precedent law. It has Trump stench all over it. And Trump is gone leaving another mess for Slow Joe Biden. 

Canada’s mistake was they got involved with this Trump mess in the first place.

Had Canada kept out of this Trump quagmire, Kovrig and Spavor would never have been held in China. But once Trump opened the door to this obnoxious form of Political hostage-taking, China followed suit. I am not justifying China’s approach but in this situation, why China did this is irrelevant. They did it. 

The worst part about this is the Canadians knew getting involved with Trump would lead to a disaster.

But Canada, like many in the GOP was trying to placate the out of control Trump instead of putting him in his place. In doing so Canada became Trump’s hostage when they should have ignored Trump. Canada became “P” Bush. 

Regardless of views for or against Meng, Canadians are stuck with the unpleasant thought that Trump put this nightmare in their laps and Biden should have dismantled it long ago. But as Jane Fonda says, Joe is slow.

Biden as Joe Trump has been toxic for Canadian interests. This Joe Trump emulation of Trump with Aluminum tariffs and Steel tariffs against US allies is insane. On top of that, he shut down the Keystone high-speed pipeline yet again. With Canada in a recession, Biden playing Joe Trump has made it worse.

Canada needs to rethink this US poodle act and start working on Ports to the Pacific and Atlantic so they can sell their oil and natural resources to other nations instead of getting their throats cut by their only customer the USA.

The US currently has US dollar reserve sanctions on 40% of the world population. You have 800 military bases globally… yeah I know they are just Smartphone service centres. Right.

You are bullying and meddling with everyone, and guess what… China has had enough and is in your FACE and not about to back down. Muricans talked of WAR. Really. You couldn’t defeat the barefooted Army of North Vietnam, how are you going to take on an army that can field 750 million soldiers? Going to send in your elite avocado toast forces? Draft women… Where’s the plan? The Trump plan was to use NUKES and start a few casual nuclear wars. 

Don’t forget that China has hypersonic nukes and you don’t.

They also have old jet fighters they turned into pilotless aircraft. A Benefit of 5G which you don’t have. Each year they get more powerful because the USA is pushing them and threatening them. Nuclear war. Can you even comprehend the insane idea of an insane president with the power to start nuclear wars?

Be aware there is no law that could have stopped Trump from using Nuclear weapons. No Congressional approval is required. No wonder every nation wants nukes and wants to aim them at the United States.

The fact the US uses this innuendo that a Crazy lunatic in the Oval office could do this, could fire off a dozen nuclear weapons with no checks in place makes the USA the de facto enemy of the world.

“The more destructive we [America] look, the less they like us and our program. To the extent that some in our midst talk and threaten potential world annihilation as a U.S. defense measure, we focus undeserved attention on ourselves as being dangerous and even irresponsible—appearing to be willing to risk uncounted hundreds of millions or billions of bystanders as to our selfish ambitions and desires.” Herman Kahn…


“Everyone has a plan ’til they get punched in the face.” Mike Tyson.

The US has never coped with war on their turf. They have instead been content to burn down the Middle East, bomb school busses in Yemen, and march off to Vietnam to destroy the Southeast Asian French Riviera. Are you even aware that they used to speak French in Vietnam? No, you were only interested in bombing them into the Stone Age.

China can reach every major city in the USA. They know where every strategic target is located. And if they take Taiwan first, then you have no chips, no rare earth metals. No smartphones, no consumer electronics, no GPS units. Also, be aware that China has anti-satellite missiles and can take out your GPS. China has their own GPS. 

Go ahead keep antagonizing.

And where do you think Russia will be in a war? Not with you. Just keep it up. Keep demonizing China. China is not going to back down. So you can get along or continue on the present blowhard course and take your chances. The entire world is sick of the US Bully always threatening somebody. China is the First Nation strong enough to put an end to this US mental illness. 

Better read the excerpts of Gen Milley book discussing Trump. And better take a few steps back before you dare threaten any nations with war.

After he lost the election, Trump and his staff wanted to attack Iran. Milley had to explain to Trump that the US would be in an all-out war at that point. He also had to point out the strategic position of Iran which could take out Middle East oil and paralyze the world. Trump of course seemed clueless. 

Trump went on to attack the US Capital instead… with his Brownshirts doing the dirty work. China will not put up with another lunatic like Trump. Biden is running perilously close as Joe Trump.


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