KABLAM! Joe Biden claims Trump Tariffs work. Of course, over 2000 economists disagree. But what do “them eggheads” know? Finally, the US farmer stuck in Trumpsville until their brains swelled, now wants Biden Tariffs removed. The irony of the brainless. But for China, exports are up 34% and US exports are down 12% which shows these Tariffs don’t harm China but only harm the USA. But since Trump intended them to harm China, China should teach Trump how Tariffs and Export Duties really work to cause harm.

Trump’s phase one trade deal is of course nonsense too and doesn’t work. Yellen said the Trump Phase one trade deal hurts US consumers. So what else is new. Everything Trump did harmed Americans. Further, China is not about to buy overpriced goods just to make Trump and Biden happy.

BUT CHINA may have a better solution and Biden could keep his TRUMP TARIFFS which he claims are effective even as the trade deficit skyrockets.

Trump knew nothing about Trade or Tariffs or anything else. He was just a blowhard by profession.  A Trade deficit is primarily a function of savings or more accurately a lack of savings in the USA. The Chinese people save roughly 34% of their incomes. Americans save roughly 1% of their incomes. Because of the high debt in the USA, Americans rely on cheaper foreign products. There is no harm in this other than the Populist idiots that claim China is ripping off the USA… by selling Smart big-screen TVs for less money. How the Populist politicians think is beyond comprehension. It is all unschooled rubbish. Nevertheless, China should help the populists get less for their money and help reverse the US Trade DEFICIT which Trump and apparently Biden claims is a ripoff. Ripoff no more!

To reduce the Trade Deficit with the United States, China should add export duties in the same amount as Trump Biden Tariffs. But only to the US.  In many cases, this would raise the price of Chinese goods by an additional 25% into the USA plus tariffs so as high as 50%. Didn’t Trump threaten to raise Tariffs to 100%. Sure he did. That is what a professional blowhard does. They yap. 

This would be good for China and good for the USA. Well, not exactly ‘good’ for the USA but Americans like easy answers so paying 25% more plus 25% tariffs for a lifted pickup truck radiator might encourage junkyard purchases. Buy Murician and get Americans more accustomed to second-hand products and scrounging in junkyards. That’s practical environmental recycling. it’s green to slog through the mud and urine at the U-Pull It JUNKYARD. The USA is a Rich Country so they won’t feel it too much. And those that aren’t rich, then too bad. You don’t need a smartphone anyway. The GM Board of Directors isn’t calling you for any advice. 

With a 25% Export Duty, China would make more money on Goods going to the USA. This could be used to increase Chinese company profits. Or to reduce prices to Europe and Africa where China wishes to expand trade. For the USA, an additional 25% cost on Chinese goods into the USA would encourage reduced China imports and would improve the US Trade Deficit with China. Trump and Biden Tariffs are just fueling inflation and destroying the US Supply Chain while the trade deficit just keeps growing.

Of course, even with a 25% tariff and 25% Export Duty, Chinese products are still a bargain so the guys driving the lifted pickup trucks would not be heading over to the Aluminum Radiator works for a $1500 custom radiator. I am afraid they would just have to bite the bullet and wait for Joe Biden to build a shovel ready Government Radiator factory next to one of Obama’s battery factories. 

Ask the cornpones of Cabbageville. Farmers aren’t stupid; they are just saps.

Farmers were big Trump Tariff, supporters, until China stopped buying US Agricultural products and the farms went bankrupt. Trump had this all figured out because he played 10D Chess. Tariffs were going to punish China and help the farmer. In other words, harming the customer makes them want to buy more farm products. Get it? No, not really. 

The dumbest Tweet in history, heard round the world. Of course it was a Trump Tweet…

Trump blew up 65mmt of Soy Contracts by Triggering Force Majeure from one of his dumb tweets in which he said the US would backstop the Soy Contracts with China. That immediately destroyed the contracts and made them VOIDABLE by the Chinese. That was the stupidest thing ever done by a US President. The Chinese walked from 65mmt of Soy beans. The beans rotted in the fields and in silos. 2/3 of all US Soy farmers went belly-up. 

Trump convinced the Farmer Sap that his Tariffs would cause pain but eventually the greatest feast in US Farm History.

Think about it. Trump blows up 65 million metric tons of Soy Bean Contracts with China out of raw stupidity because he knew nothing about Commodity Contracts. Then this same dope claims that it is all part of a greater plan that will send every Farmer in America into the land of high cotton. A dumb school child would not have believed Trump. But Murican farmers repeated this lunacy over and over again voicing support for Trump’s farm sense. 

Of course, economists said that Tariffs would turn other nations away from buying US products just as occurred with Hoover’s Smoot Hawley Tariffs.

Famers had to know this. It was just two generations ago that Hoover destroyed the US Farmer. Remember Tom Joad? Remember the dusters? The Republican Congress with the help of Democrat protectionist passed Smoot Hawley Tariffs. Hoover did not want Tariffs BUT SIGNED THE BILL ANYWAY! What kind of a dope does that? A Trump dope! 

The rest of the word responded by Putting up Tariffs against US products. The US began to experience severe food shortages and buying food globally was now prohibitively expensive. Then even more bad luck hit. The Dusters turned US farmlands into wastelands. And the US fell into the Great Depression. The US Government was forced to buy expensive foreign food and counter-Tariffed food to prevent the US population from mass starvation. 

There is not a farmer alive that doesn’t know the damage caused by Smoot Hawley Tariffs.

But somehow inexplicably these Trumper Farmers were brainwashed by the New York City Carpetbagger into believing that Trump’s Smoot Hawley Tariffs would land them all in high cotton, instead of the farm sale auction block. 

I have zero sympathy for the farmer. Farmers brought their misery on themselves. Unlike some city slicker, they actually knew that Tariffs would destroy the farm. They had first hand history of Smoot Hawley and the Great Depression. But instead they got sucked right into the yap of the dumbest snake oil salesman in US History, the Dean of fraudulent Trump University and master of six business bankruptcies. And Farmer bought into Trump schtick, hook, line and “stinker.” 

But who has time for economic history when you are Trump and Biden? Trump and Biden are FAST GUYS, FAST TALKERS, that get FAST RESULTS, in a New York Minute.

Want some cheap advice Farmer John? Treat your customers like Gold. Quit antagonizing them. Quit buying into some jerk that is trying to harm them. The Customer can always buy from someone else, like Brazil, or Argentina. Nobody likes a redneck bigot or a bully. 

Big Shot Trump was in his heyday. Every two weeks he was bellering and screaming and raising Tariffs. He was going to hit 100%. The blowhard apparently didn’t know that 90% of all US pharmaceuticals were made in China. The complete blowhard dope… but man, as Joe Biden would say, was Trump singing his song, his empty-headed song. The same week he threatened North Korea with nuclear war, Afghanistan with nuclear war and Iran with nuclear war. The Heel Spurs said he was the WAR PRESIDENT; he was on a manic depressive roll!  And Republicans were too timid to shut off this loud noise.

The USA is in decline and China is rising. Trump was the perfect barometer to measure the USA losership. All bombast and not a thimble of brains. And the residue of this loser continues. 

Look at Biden. Biden has actually increased Trump’s record-breaking borrow and spend lunacy and has continued with Trump’s destructive trade policies. There is no economist in the world that supports any of this Trump Biden insanity. But the fact remains the USA is in decline and China is rising. So China gets subjected to endless insults by the sore losers. Time for China to up the ante with Export Duties on US shipments. 

With each Tariff increase by the USA, China would raise the Export Duties of the products being exported by the same amount as the Trump Biden Tariffs or better yet a flat 25%. Foreign Multinationals making products in China could ask for an EXEMPTION from Joe Biden. How would this work?

To stop the Chinese Export Duty, the US would have to remove the offending Trump Biden Tariff. So Joe Biden would have full control over the Chinese Export Duties in his shaky 80-year-old liver-spotted hands. 

Thus Apple would have to go to Joe Biden to get an exemption. To do that Biden would have to open up the US markets to Chinese Smartphone imports. Cummins Engine could get an exemption. Joe Biden would have to stop the Trump Biden Tariffs against Cummins as well as everyone else making similar products to have the Export fees removed. In other words, China should not let Joe play favourites. Tariffs removed for all engine part makers or that would be unfair favouritism. China is not going to play the Trump game. 

A special case for Ivanka Trump using the Meng Wanzhou kidnapping standard used in Canada :

China needs to investigate Ivanka Trump’s Chinese Trademarks which may have been awarded under suspicious conditions. For one thing, Ivanka Trump’s Clothing line is out of business. The rush for the Trademarks failed to disclose that Ivanka Trump was going out of business. Further, there may have been favouritism with the promise of political favours. She did after all use the Presidential 747 Aircraft to galavant around the world for her Trademarks. That would be viewed as bribery in China. Ivanka should be arrested and extradited to China to face charges of Fraud, Bribery and Corruption. Ivanka Trademarks should be immediately revoked. 

Also, be aware that Ivanka’s clothing line was EXEMPT from TRUMP TARIFFS. That needs to be investigated in the United States. Now that Hunter Biden is the new gutter Picasso, everyone is waiting for his flophouse clothing line. Undoubtedly he will need some Chinese Trademarks too. I am sure Joe could spare one of the 747s for Hunter.

China should be proactive in regard to the US Trade Deficit.

By laying Export duties at the identical rate of Trump Biden Tariffs, China empowers the Biden Administration to Control both the TRUMP TARIFFS as well as the CHINA EXPORT Duties. It is a win-win-win situation. The US always wants to control everything so here is their big chance. Since Biden is a Union Man, he may want to raise Tariffs to protect Union Workers. Well, China will help Joe by raising EXPORT Duties and assist in the recruitment of every US employee to join the Teamsters or some other Union. Can’t have too much of a good thing; that’s my motto. Empower Joe; that’s what I say!

For example, Cooper Tire makes all its Truck Tires in China:

Joe presently tariffs Chinese Tires which include Cooper Tires. Joe does this to support the Steel Workers Union that makes the steel-belted wire for tires. As of June 7th, 2021, Cooper Tire became a division of Goodyear. Goodyear is one of the very first US multinationals to make tires in China as of 1994 so they are beloved in China. So Goodyear and Cooper could get an exemption by having Joe Biden dump the Trump Tariffs on Imported Goodyear and Cooper tires. But that decision should be left in UNION JOE’s hands and China should simply honour the American Steelworkers Union by giving Joe the power to add 50% more cost to Goodyear and Cooper tires made in China that are imported into the USA. Americas are rich, they can afford expensive tires.   

Consider PPG and phenols:

Trump Biden Tariffs PPG and phenols in the USA. This has made auto paints and coatings very expensive. In fact is has driven many of the small auto body shops out of business. PPG runs 14 manufacturing plants in China so they would be EXEMPT from the Chinese Export Duties as soon as Joe Biden dropped the Trump Biden Tariffs against PPG products. A simple US exemption would not be good enough because that would show favouritism. So to get rid of the Chinese 25% import duty to the USA, Joe Trump would have to END the Tariffs against Chinese Phenols and paint products. But it is all in Joe’s liver-spotted hands. Give JOE THE POWER… that’s my motto!  

Again favouritism would not float it, Joe:

If there was a US company buying phenols from a Chinese Chemical Company for paint mixing facilities in the United States, they would not be so lucky. They would face Trump Biden Tariffs of 25% and on top of that a 25% Chinese Export Duty. Of course, if BIDEN were to drop the tariffs on phenols then the Chinese Export duty would be dropped automatically. This is how China could prove to be Joe Biden’s BEST friend. 

Let’s say Joe Biden or Hunter Biden owned stock in PPG. Then they may want to see other competition in the USA run out of business. This Chinese Export Duty should not empower Joe Biden and Hunter to pick winners for their own self-dealing. 






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