Rubio and the reprobates all wanted to delist China. DIDI IPO took them for a soaking. Now China has moved in and will basically stop all Chinese firms from US IPOs. The US exchanges and Bankers and Goldman and hedge funds are sad. But why be sad? You went along with peanut brained Trump and Biden on this political delisting farce… so stew you losers. This has caused irrepressible damage to the US Exchanges. Who ever heard of any instance on earth or in the history of the USA where two peanut brained politicians delisted stock traded businesses for political reasons, not for any violation of the exchanges or the SEC. These two idiot destroyed the integrity of the US Exchanges forever. 

And remember these now sad players, these investment bankers, insider traded all of Trump and Joe Trump’s political delistings. They knew this lunacy was coming weeks before Trump signed his foot-long signature on his absurd Executive Order, and they took full advantage and not one of them piped up saying that delisting stocks for political reasons was a very bad idea. They were self-dealing and didn’t have time for that. Right and Wrong means nothing to these self-dealers.

Its slippery slope politics. The US dollar reserve was weaponized first by Obama, then Trump took it to a new level by sanctioning 40% of the world population, the Executive Order Delisting, and then Biden, mindless Biden continues the insanity and amplifies it to not “Appear Weak to China.” You don’t appear weak Joe, you appear STUPID to the world. 

Those Delisted Chinese companies violated no laws and broke no regulations. But those firms are now gone, delisted by the collective goldfish intellects of Trump and Biden under the false claim they are Chinese Military Companies [whatever that lunacy means] and on behalf of the Uyghurs. And we will get to that losership momentarily. That’s turned out to be a real bust. 

The companies are delisted but their products still sell in the USA. Companies make profits by selling products, NOT STOCK! But listening to Trump and Biden you will think Trump Tariffs are paid for by China. So this was Trump and Biden intentionally attempting to annoy China with the Nancy Kerrigan kneecapping stupid policy and in the process damaging American Investors. The US is only capable of annoying others with petty nonsense. They haven’t won a single trade battle with China or any other nation in the last 20 years and quite frankly, the US looks like an immoral cesspool. 

When all you have is to be an annoying loser, then you lose. 

This is a bipartisan speciality. Toss in a little Marco Rubio and Elizabeth Warren, stir in some Schumer, and Rick Scott, the biggest Medicare fraud in the history of the USA and you have yourself a kneecapping lead pipe ready for action. 

The Chinese play GO and they have now cut off the money pipeline of Chinese IPOs in the USA to the Investment Bankers and US Exchanges that were raking in the dough. China has struck perfectly. 

So now you get to play it Joe Trump style. That is the exploding cigar you just lit.

China is decoupling from US financial markets. And bit by bit, they will begin blocking US financial services from entering the largest market in the world. When you play stupid and you thrive on petty antagonism, you get cut off from the money pot. Ask the American Farmer. They bought into the Trump lunacy and are now enjoying record farm bankruptcies. Only now that Trump is gone are these bone headed farmers screaming that the Trump Tariffs should be removed. Of course they are calling them the Biden Tariffs now. 

Every pea-brained redneck in a lifted pickup truck who never owned a share of stonks, celebrated the Trump Biden delisting lunacy. And now Wall Street, and the bankers and hedge funds have lost their golden Peking duck. US financials may as well start with a fresh round of layoffs.

Do you dopes in America have any clue the damage Trump Biden, JOE TRUMP, has done to the US Exchanges? They delisted stocks for political reasons, not any violation of the rules. In fact, in their feel-good Ex Post Facto Bill of Attainder, they tried to change the rules retroactively. How stupid. How bloody stupid and Unconstitutional. And how reckless to use the US exchanges as a political weapon. And you wonder why ARAMCO did not IPO in the USA. Why would they? There are no foreign firms coming to the USA. And if you look at the trajectory on Treasuries, you will see the globe is divesting itself of US Debt. But your politicians are raising the debt faster than ever. Who do you think is going to fund this US Debt? Your financial house is out of control. 

What’s next… Will Biden delist gun maker stocks claiming the products are harmful to Muricans. Or will Biden delist Tobacco Companies? There is no cognizable end to this reckless stupidity. 

That is a slippery slope. The TRUMP BIDEN connection is a slippery slope that has destroyed the integrity of the US exchanges. Foreign investment into the USA is now nil. Foreign investment into China is at record levels. 

China’s exports are up 33% so if I were China, I would raise the prices of exported goods to the USA by the identical amount of TRUMP Tariffs and squeeze squeeze squeeze… Want to talk big TRUMP AND BIDEN… China should show you what decoupling really means. China has the power to destroy the US economy almost overnight and it is all because of your debt and your vengeful blowhardism. 

The US is a 12% Trader with “Chiner.” So as China’s trade expands globally, they can and should raise prices on the RICH USA… in order to keep prices lower for Africa and Europe and greater Asia. RICH Muricans CAN AFFORD TRUMP  BIDEN TARIFFS…. So quite naturally, Richen’s in Murica, can afford 25% price hikes too.

Think of the benefits to China’s other traders. China can lower prices to Europe and Africa and South America since the Richen’s in Murica are so very generous. And while you are at it, you can do some virtue signaling over the UYGHURS. 

Remember Do-gooder Joe Biden and the UYGHURS? Remember the cavalcade of politicians on both sides applauding Joe for his virtue signalling and voting for Chinese Sanctions? Sure you do. They said Joe was putting human rights before profits. Joe was running for Sainthood. Then the unforeseen consequences showed up.

Turns out, US multinationals in China, have vendors that used UYGHUR labour. So to steer clear of Biden sanctions, those vendors have now gone and fired all the Uyghurs. Not only are the Uyghurs unemployed, they are UNEMPLOYABLE thanks to St. Joe. 

BIDEN TO UYGHURS: YOU’RE FIRED!  PROBLEM SOLVED. No Uighur employment no claims of forced labour.  Way to go Joe. Give Joe the Nobel for making the Uyghurs unemployable. 

It is just another Trump Biden Exploding Cigar: dumb people do dumb things over and over again. And these two clowns do it day in and day out. 

The capacity of the USA to be nothing more than irksome to China has resulted in China developing self-sufficiency in regard to all US products. China is decoupling from the USA. Now they are decoupling from the US financial world and the US Exchanges. Think about it. If there are no Chinese multinationals on the US Exchanges, then Rubio and The Xenophobes would be out of business. 

DIDI IPO was the sinking of the Titanic. China waited until the IPO was listed, then took it to ground blowing banks, hedge funds and exchanges out of the water without warning. Compare that to Trump and Biden’s Executive Orders that were widely disclosed to the insider traders of Congress, the Treasury, hedge funds, banks and donor traders. Politicians howled over DIDI because they got stomped as ordinary American investors got stomped by Trump and Biden’s ill-conceived delisting Executive Orders. China hit the targets perfectly. 

China is modernizing their exchanges:

There is plenty of capital and liquidity in Hong Kong. The US seems to have forgotten that there are more billionaires and millionaires in China than in the USA. China can launch its giant IPOs from home and the US exchanges can rot. 

With the utter silence of Goldman, Morgan, and the investment bankers, the Exchanges and hedge funds when the TRUMP BIDEN political delistings occurred, one can only assume they thought weaponizing the US exchanges was a grand idea. Jim Cramer the populist said it was good. He got eaten alive with DIDI. Trust is gone. US Exchanges are dead globally. 

Finally the ANT IPO is back on track. Having cleared the regulatory hurdles and properly collateralized as a lender, the ANT IPO will likely launch later this year in time for the Winter Games. ANT was also selected as a testbed for the Digital Yuan. ANT will need the IPO funding for expansion. The best part of all, this is the largest Fintech in the world and it will IPO in Hong Kong. US Exchanges can send their sour grapes over to Rubio. 

China should not allow any Chinese firms to IPO in the USA. The US Exchanges are broken forever. They have been weaponized and China doesn’t need the USA for much of anything. The USA is a mere 12% trader with China. The only thing China should do at this point is attach a 25% export duty on all goods going to the United States on all US Tariffed products. That would include Ivanka’s Clothing line which somehow, miraculously was Exempt from Trump’s Tariffs. Though I think she is out of business now. So China should revoke her trademarks as attempted political favoritism and put a warrant out for her arrest. 





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