What’s a SPUTNIK?  Yes TRUMP is very low tech. He continues to talk about Infrastructure in terms of Roads, Bridges, and Airports instead of Giabit internet and RNAi. That may be good for the TRUMP Kid’s vacation businesses but it is not good for AMERICA. THANKS to Obama’s total lack of leadership, US Biotech Firms have been flat on their backs. Hillary promised to destroy pharmaceuticals and Biotech. That was real intelligent. R&D suffered.CHINA BIOTECH SPUTNIK MOMENT TRUMP USA CAUGHT FLATFOOTED. Hey TRUMP…  clean house. DRAIN THE SWAMP DON’T keep stocking it with REPTILES!  Apparently Trump doesn’t actually know any smart people.


TRUMP is of course biotech ignorant, though he might like it.

Under Obama the UNITED STATES Lost the entire semiconductor business to China. The handheld game is China all the way. The US firms like INTEL got blindsided and Microsoft fell on their face with their Nokia phones. Their ideas weren’t bad they just got out maneuvered. Suddenly CHINA has taken the leading edge in yet another American Brain Trust Business, BIOTECHNOLOGY. CHINA just launched Sputnik and AMERICA BETTER WAKE THE HELL UP!  CHINA BIOTECH SPUTNIK MOMENT TRUMP USA CAUGHT FLATFOOTED.




Hey kid… I’m a Cancer cell. Me and my twin are gonna kill ya cuz your Parents are liberals. But don’t worry, Obamacare gives you Hospice. [Cancer cells engage in hardy laughter]


Lets whip out our third grader TRUMP vocabularies and biology books and explain this CHINESE SPUTNIK. CRISPR–Cas9 is a technique to splice DNA. Splice means cut out a piece or segments of DNA and replace those segments with new DNA. This was discovered accidentally by Japanese Scientists studying bacteria many years ago.

A bacteria was attacked by a virus and rendered the virus inert by clipping the virus DNA or RNA out of the BACTERIA where it had been placed by the virus into the Bacterial DNA. That is not exactly what the Japanese scientist knew at the time. That is what we know now. The Japanese Scientist were clueless.  “What DAT?” They just said they saw some stuff moving around and didn’t know what the Godzilla it was. Give them the Nobel Peace Prize.



Crispr is a technique by which a bacteria could clip out viral DNA or RNA that was attacking its own DNA. The advantage was the Crisper can cut DUAL stranded DNA very precisely. This means scientists can now edit DNA. We are now as smart as bacteria!

How has this been shown to be handy? Recently Crispr was used to remove HIV virus altered DNA from an infected cell. Yes, that is VERY cool indeed! I am sure Charlie Sheen will delight that a $50,000 a year scientist is smarter than a multi-million dollar Hollywood loser. Whoops did I offend Hollywood? How clumsy of me.


But Crispr has bigger fish to fry.

It could be used to fight cancer. HOW? Well, it turns out Surprise Surprise that those T-Cells in your body that are used to fight off Viruses, bacteria and foreign things in the body actually do kill some cancers because they don’t like their looks.  Yup Profiling. Your T-Cells should be arrested for the hate crime of profiling.

Meanwhile these T-Cells that normally don’t touch self, are profiling Cancer cells because though they are self, they don’t look exactly normal in some cases. Thus, instead of stop and frisk, they stop and kill. There are two types of T Cell, T-4 and T-8. T-8 are cytotoxic killers. T-4 can also be killers but they need to be activated by something like a dendritic cell. T-4 cells kill by IFN-γ stimulated M1-like macrophages. Macrophages are kind of like piranha, not smart but very effective.


Back to the Chinese eating your lunch again:

In the application at hand, the Chinese are using CRISPR-Cas9 to splice defective CANCER CELL DNA to prevent them from expressing a PD-1 gene. WHY? Cuz they want to… only kidding.

The advantage of stopping the PD-1 gene is that many TUMOR cells use this to prevent your T-CELLS from dividing. This is called Down regulating. So the Cancer cells down regulate the T-Cells to avoid being destroyed.

The Chinese patient has end stage lung cancer. Meanwhile in America Scientist are still awaiting Guberment approval to work on human beings. George Bush delayed Stem Cells and the Democrats with house, senate and exec, didn’t reverse the Bush Executive order. Oh but they passed Obamacare easily enough. They also exempted themselves.  The good news is that while we lag scientifically now, Obamacare pays for Hospice for all you cancer sufferers.


Here is a list of cancers that express the PD-1 gene:

PD-L1 expression in many tumor types


There are other strategies where CRISPR can be used on cancer:

Cancer is  not some illegal alien such as a virus or bacteria that has entered your body. CANCER CELLS were once normal cells that mutated and became broken in the process of cell division. THE DNA in a cancer cell can mutate in a lot of ways.

A malignant cancer mutation is identified in two ways: One the onboard kill switch of the cell is destroyed and the cell suddenly gets mobile taking cancer throughout the body.

In the biology class where you got that “F” the mutated cell suddenly behaves like a mesenchymal cell instead of an endothelial cell . This endothelial mesenchymal transition is a mutation that allows these cancer cells to travel to distant parts of the body spreading the cancer. This is known as metastasis.


Cancer Cells are immortal:

A normal cell divides a certain number of times then it dies. All cells in the body are programmed to die. This is called Apoptosis. Cancer Cells turn off their own kill switch by mutating and destroying the DNA strand that normally causes apoptosis.

Cancer cells also mutates in areas of the DNA that prevent cell division. So they can divide and multiple rapidly without regulation and kill you. A tumor the size of your fist will take over all the nutrient capacity of your body and you will die.

A Crispr of inserted DNA could order the cancer cells to stop multiplying. They could reinsert the kill switch, they could destroy the PD-gene segment.


Why is this important to the USA?

Well aside from the fact that America has made no progress in Stage 4 Cancer since Nixon declared his war on Cancer in 1971, Americans are dying. Progress has been made with hematologic cancers but almost none with epithelial [carcinomas] and mesenchymal [sarcomas].

We have a system in America where the CZARS are morons and have allocated money to large institutions that never produce anything. Did you know out of the trillions spent by Taxpayers on Government labs, they haven’t produced a single drug or produced a single medicine? It is a total misuse of funds.

Most of the government dollars are wasted on drug approval of useless medicines called cocktails. They are clueless when it comes to what we need right now. We need to figure out the remaining cancer regulators. We know many of them. These are the up and down regulators of cancer. Cancer cells develop immunity to targeted therapies not because they are smart cells but because there are many pathways they may take to up and down regulation. Why do virtually all cancer patients become immune to chemo and radiation? It is because the cancer cells that get killed off allow the mutations that take other pathways of up and down regulation to thrive. In the case of resistant chemo and radiation cancers, the cells have up regulated antioxidants which protect them from chemo and radiation oxidative destruction.


The government is off in la la land.

The idiots that Politicians put in charge are morons. They don’t comprehend a thing. They are stupid. That is why China is moving full bore ahead. We are falling behind. These government CZARS KNOW NOTHING! SMART PEOPLE DON’T WORK FOR THE GUBERMENT.  Smart People in Biotechnology are now working underground under GUBERMENT regulation by the idiots. The individual thinking mind is not a collective stomach. Great work does not come from the collective. It comes from individual inspiration. Innovation comes from people like Kary Mullis not from political types and goody twoshoes types. It comes from genius. We have plenty of genius in America but it is all being chained to the earth by government, government regulation and stupid politicians.


Do it yourself CRISPR KIT…

Who knows… maybe I can design a Millennial with a brain in their head that isn’t allergic to soap, water and toothpaste!


It will cost roughly $2 Billion dollar to use RNAi to discover the remaining target molecules to destroy metastatic cancer which is the leading cause of Death in America.

Think about it. What does Bill Gates and Buffett do with their Billions. They live in big houses with servants and they take there money to Africa for mosquito netting. Neither has the native intelligence to just set up a DDT manufacturing plant in Africa and get rid of the damn mosquitoes. That wouldn’t cost much. Then they could chip in a billion each and do something for Americans dying of cancer. At present we are walking to the fire. But I suppose Gates and Buffett could afford to go to China for treatment. What was I thinking?


“Each company, ruggedly individualistic, does its best to expand efficiently and improve its own profitability. However, our pursuit of our individual businesses, which often involves transferring manufacturing and a great deal of engineering out of the country, has hindered our ability to bring innovations to scale at home. Without scaling, we don’t just lose jobs—we lose our hold on new technologies. Losing the ability to scale will ultimately damage our capacity to innovate.”  Andy Grove

Meanwhile the Future President Trump doesn’t have any ideas about TECHNO SCALE.

The Trump Kids never studied biology so they’re out. At this point it just looks like Trump is pushing for more backward Bush CZARS that will continue the scientific dark ages in America. Bush and his idiotic stem cell phobia pushed US Biotech out of the country. DAT WAS SMART!


The National Cancer Institute does the “most nothing as possible” and oversees the bulk of all Taxpayer money wasted on phony useless Cancer research, has a real budget buster in their Cancer Genome Atlas [TCGA] project. This project stupidly looks for cancer stimulators but ignores those things which are known as synthetic lethals.



One last point and I am not going to be nice about it. If you suffer from Cancer and your doctor doesn’t have you on METFORMIN, your doctor’s an idiot and you are a bigger idiot for having and idiot for a doctor.

Metformin kills defective P-53 cancer cells. P-53 is the gene that controls cell death apoptosis. P-53 defective mutated cancer cells are immortal. There are a lot of studies on this medicine. It is one of the most common medicine prescribed in America. Its cheap and it works. It is a safe drug used for over 40 years for type II diabetics. If you have cancer, get on this medicine. It also protects against cancer so spread this article around.

Maybe we need to do some Crowd funding.


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