Trump is a RUDE Big Mouth Blowhard, what did you expect from him? The louder he calls Haiti a “Shit-hole”, the more likely this is a distraction from what is really happening. For everyone, such level of rudeness makes discussions of immigration more difficult. Look at Mr. Cheap Talk on the Iran deal. Trump secretly approve the Iran deal a week ago. All the rest was Trump driven blowhard. This way Trump can pretend he opposes some policy while actually supporting it. Trump leads a RINO Administration on steroids and you all remember the aftermath of Bush II. The Democrats swept the house, senate, and White House.



Is Trump so stupid and rude that he just can’t act like a decent person?

A year in and it gets worse every day. Think about his “Shi^hole” comment on immigration. Couldn’t he have said this in another way or not said it at all? We can’t take the world’s poor to solve world poverty. But Trump a product of nepotism who has never known more than possibly a few minutes of hunger has to say something so moronic.  It is all a matter of luck where you are born.


Immigration should be a simple matter. Roll it back to 200,000 immigrants a year no more. Tell the Dreamers to take a hike.

Before reckless Drunk Driver, Ted Chappaquiddick Kennedy opened the floodgates with LBJ, immigration in the US prior to 1968 was 160,000 persons. We now have 36 million Mexican squatters tossing 1500 anchors a day. That is over half a million new “citizens” as a product of two illegals. Of Course, they are Democrats they are all on welfare including Liberal Ivanka’s new Child Tax Care welfare program.

Cut immigration to 200,000 a year. Play it fair, make it a Lucky Lottery. America should not be causing a brain drain of the rest of the third word by allowing Doctors, for example, to come to the USA when they need more doctors at home where they are from. The same applies to engineers and computer programmers.  They would be much more useful in their third world countries lifting poverty than coming here to live like big shots in Los Gatos.

Rural America continues in Decline:

The Government employment numbers are simply false. They are based on the false notion that the 2 million people that apparently evaporated from the workforce in the Obama Recession didn’t want to work. So they simply removed those unemployed and underemployed and ALL SELF-EMPLOYED from the employment numbers.

So in the middle of the worst recession in years, the Government claimed Unemployment was around 6%. 11 years later they claim it is down to 4%. And what happened to all the rest of the people? They can’t find work. Rural American has all but folded. Farms are struggling. Businesses have closed and they are not re-opening.


As the Elderly Population increases the RINO plan is to cut back on Medicare and Social Security.

Americans paid into these programs their whole lives. RINOs and Democrats have their PPO for Life and their own elite Retirement System which they voted in for themselves. They also made laws that allow Cubans that are 65 years old to come to AMERIKA and collect Social Security at $800 a month. These arrivals are not citizens. They may well be Communists coming to live off the fat of the land which American citizens worked a lifetime to earn. This is the way it goes.

You cannot shovel your way through this. And with Trump, instead of a reformer, you have another empty suit who as Mitch McConnell mused, “Will sign anything that is put in front of him.” Trump is not “winning”, he is taking the Taxpayer to the cleaners.

Trump has spent more than 30% of this presidency at his own resorts. The Taxpayer has picked up the bill and last year alone that was $100 million dollars going to the Trump Organization.

Trump didn’t even back his own campaign. He LOANED $10 million to his campaign with interest. Stupid donors, not Trump are picking up the bill. It’s pathetic. He is just a low-class grifter, a scam a minute.







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