There is more to this Charlottesville story than one hothead driving his car into a crowd. Start with the fact the White Nationalist groups have an absolute Constitutional Right to assemble just as anyone else. Oddly we find out today that a Federal Judge reinstated the assembly permits calling the City of Charlottesville “content” violators of the First Amendment. Once the assembly permits were reinstated by the Federal Judge, it appears that the City called off its Police force from assuring the safety of the assembly. It appears the Mayor of Charlottesville and Terry McAuliffe may have acted in contempt of the Federal Judge order. CHARLOTTESVILLE MAYOR GOV McAULIFFE VIOLATED FEDERAL JUDGE ORDERS REINSTATING ALT RIGHT ASSEMBLY PERMITS.



Calls for Removal of all Founding Father Statues as symbols of White Privilege and oppression. 

It comes as a shock that CNN hasn’t reported that a Federal Judge had to reinstate the White Nationalist lawful permits to assemble after a City Manager withdrew the permits unlawfully at the last moment. The Case was brought and won by the ACLU.

We have liberal government conspiring against the First Amendment and pulling police protection with the intent to promote violence against a group who’s speech they find offensive.

It appears initially that McAluliffe used State Police as a political impediment opposing the Federal Judges order. Two State Police were killed when their helicopter crashed. That same helicopter was involved in a loss of power incident in 2010. The Police shop which was unauthorized to preform the replacement of a deflector may have been responsible for faulty maintenance.

Meanwhile McAluliffe was doing the church circuit praising the officers as personal friends. Though there is no evidence whatsoever that McAluliffe knew either personally.

The Bell copter crashed at roughly 4:44 PM as it was changing course to accompany McAluiffe’s motorcade. It lost altitude and pitched into a cluster of trees. No mayday was sent. Former repairs had been fully examined and approved in 2011.


One could argue that the police did a poor job of keeping the peace.

Actually it appears that the local police may have been ordered by the Mayor to “stand down” if that is the case then the victims and injured will have some deep pockets to bring their lawsuits.


TRUMP Steps into the dog dirt:

Trump is simply not smart enough to have kept out of this local news. This was typical of Obama to get involved and sick the DOJ onto local law enforcement. Obama’s DOJ never won a single case. Now we have Trump blasting off in Twitter becoming the new Obama and getting involved in news stories to which he has no factual information. Its pretty clear that the guy driving his car into the crowd is the major distraction.

What is apparent is that the alt-left protesters came prepared to do a lot more than just verbally protest. They were armed with knives and bats and other weapons. It is clear that the local police who had agreed previously to keep the alt left contained were nowhere to be found.

Everyone should be suspect of Black Lives Matter as a subversive organization:

This is a group apparently funded by George Soros is dedicated to violent confrontation. I have yet to see a single Black Lives Matter protest gathering which did not result in violence. But I have however seen both the Nazi Party and the KKK marching in peaceful assembly where they were generally ignored by the public. I just looked at them as what they were… Democrats. But they were peaceful and minding their own business unlike these Soros groups.

My guess is that the White Nationalist in CHARLOTTESVILLE intended a peaceful assembly. There were groups that showed up to protest that brought coolers full of water balloons filled with urine and feces which were used to assault the White Nationalists.


This is not the first incident in Chrlottesville this year.

In July there was a Southern Heritage Rally at the Justice park where the Robert E. Lee Statue resides. Roughly 1000 persons attended and 50 members of the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan who organized the rally. The Rally was peaceful and lasted 40 minutes.

What occurred was that the rally was interrupted by violent alt-left counter protesters. As the Rally participants were leaving and escorted out by police, many reported their cars had been blocked from leaving. The Police immediately declared the counter protest an unlawful assembly. 23 counter protesters were arrested.

This essentially shows the City was on notice as was the police department that the Alt-Left counter protesters were prone to violent conduct. By standing down local police the City and Police apparently intended to allow the Alt-Left to incite violence.


What should Trump do?

Trump should steal a page out of the Obama playbook and have Terry McAuliffe and the City of Charlottesville investigated by the DOJ. Trump should not take sides. He should simply say that the DOJ needs to get to the bottom of it and an unbiased Federal investigation is warranted.

Trump should keep out of it. He’s not smart enough to add anything useful. This matter must be thoroughly investigated. Public safety is at stake.


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