Charlottesville’s got it all today… The nuts are at it. The continuing onslaught of liberals trying to remove Confederate History and Memorials has enraged segments of White Society. Apparently public school education has propagandized history rather than taught history. The simple reality is the US Civil War was by far and away the bloodiest war in US History. Liberals are now trying to rekindle bad blood with this form of blocking First Amendment Free Speech. CHARLOTTESVILLE EPICENTER HISTORY CLEANSING STERILIZATION FAKE SLAVES SNOWFLAKES WHITE RAGE.


“Won’t you be my VERY VERY BEST PHOTO-OP friend again?”


FAKE SLAVES: As I write this I am being subjected to the sound of a thumping car roughly a mile away.

Of course it is a black guy disturbing the peace. Guess he thinks he is in the Congo driving a set of drums. It is conduct typical of modern day fake slaves with $800 Iphones, $400 Air Nike, $3000 spinner rims, gold teeth, and a million dollar drop-outs education. The world is supposed to imagine that this moron has deep philosophical concerns about a statue of Robert E. Lee on some far away university campus.


FAKE EMPATHY: Then you have the Snowflakes both male and Female versions and those that don’t know what sex they are… because they haven’t yet decided.

The only things they have decided on is NO GMO’s even though they themselves are GMOs. No cosmetic products testing on animals. Their politics is decidedly socialism from the 1930’s so free speech doesn’t register in their brains at all. In fact they have come to the incredible conclusion that words can cause real physical pain in the same way as bone cancer. Bone cancer patients should take heart.

One thing is certain about these Snowflake people is they are always centrocentric center of the Universe types. They make scenes at restaurants over the food. Their response to the world is all they care about. They are in the truest sense worthless.


Fake Southerners:

Then we have Johnny Redneck. This guy has nothing to do with Confederate History. His family moved from ignorant parts of Michigan a generation ago and now they have brought their anti-social unkempt and unbathed drug addict selves to the South. When I say anti-social I mean it. Anyone that knows Southern American History knows Southern Hospitality. This late model son of the South Michigan is generally just anti-social drug scum. Anything anti-social appeals to them.


620,000 soldiers died in the Civil War and the US Population was roughly 31,000,000 at the time.

It was a costly war which left scars upon a nation. In fact the reconstruction era was brutal in spite of Lincoln trying to hold back the anger of both sides. In retrospect it may not have been the best Idea to keep the United States together.

I would not enjoy having Barbara Boxer as my neighbor. This is not because she is too good and too moral. The propensity of liberals is to mind the business of others. This conduct is taboo in most of the Midwest. The South has always had the provincial busy-body gossip that minds everyone’s business but her own. Geographically it is a mixed picture.

People with a strong work ethic don’t like lazy shufflefooted losers that are picking their pockets. Since there are more lazy bums than hard working people, the workers are in the minority and plagued with bums picking their pockets.

These are incompatibilities that infuse in all states. Thus a separation of the United States into distinct philosophical regions is impossible. That is why we are at a festering point in America. It won’t be the point of no return because the tipping point is that people revolt.

The liberal will claim they are revolting by resisting provincial thinking. But the stronger and more angry are tired of having their pockets picked and tired of laws that seem to promote psycho socially disturbing behavior which appears to be mental illness. When you tax and make laws,  conduct is no longer voluntary. People in the South generally do not want some atheist Snowflake telling them about morality. It is not immoral to eat GMO cereal and like it.


Why does the Democratic Party and Liberal feel compelled to sterilized history?

Perhaps it was because the Democratic Party was the party of Slavery. There is no zealot worse than a reformed zealot. It was the Party Jim Crow. It was the Civil Rights resistant party. A Branch of the Democratic party even became the KKK.

Each of the Statues in the South and Confederate War Memorials and grave yards were established by people who were Democrats. Suddenly Democrats can’t stand themselves as a matter of history. What they are doing now is no different than ever. They are still dictating to others their version of morality. Blacks are a mere excuse and a poor one at that.


This is the liberal’s war against free speech.

“Silent Sam” on the campus of the University of North Carolina was erected in 1913 to honor those UNC Alumni who fought in the Civil War on the side of the Confederate States of America. Money to pay for the sculpture was paid for by the local chapter of Daughters of the Confederacy. It was not public money.

It is not defiant. It is a war memorial of the vanquished.


Silent Sam by sculptor John A. Wilson

But the new idea, the new sale’s pitch by the Democratic Party is that these statutes are racist. They point once again to the “down trodden” negro wearing $400 Air Jordan Nikes, claiming that these Statues promote racism. [Michael Jordan attended the University of North Carolina. The Nike Air Jordans are a symbol of exactly what?]. Michael Jordan is a black billionaire. Democrats have to pick their downtrodden negros carefully.

Then again it was the Liberals that wanted UNC to adopt policies of Affirmative Action on steroids. It got so bad that a BLACK PROFESSOR had given Black Athletes “A” grades for attending his invisible classes. But you don’t see Blacks that took those worthless degrees or the White Students that earned degrees gnashing teeth over that! Nope… it’s the statue that is racist not the Black Professor with his invisible curricula.

Oh but that wasn’t racist because it involved a Black Professor. That was just Affirmative Action something Liberals hold up as a great achievement. Don’t bother asking Donald Trump about this. He’s the flip side of that same coin, NEPOTISM. Heads you lose, Tails you lose. But nobody complains about that. No, they complain about history and War memorials; because they are empty headed who attended Universities never earning their rightful spots.


Reagan visits Bitburg Cemetery:

Bitburg Cemetery was a Nazi Cemetery. Buried there are 2000 men of the Waffin SS. Their average age 18. Reagan paid a visit to the Cemetery and the Snowflakes poured out of the woodwork.


Reagan Spoke, eloquently as always. How nice to hear a real President speak in real words not Obama petty slang or Trump’s childish adverb chains.


“All these children of God, under bleak and lifeless mounds, the plainness of which does not even hint at the unspeakable acts that created them. Here they lie, never to hope, never to pray, never to live, never to heal, never to laugh, never to cry…. And then, rising above all this cruelty, out of this tragic and nightmarish time, beyond the anguish, the pain and suffering, and for all time, we can and must pledge: never again.”                 Ronald Reagan



This is a 17 year old kid buried there. There are some 15 year olds there too. You can tell from the date that that this kid died during the Battle of the Bulge. This is the purple testament of bleeding war.


Related image

The German people are not digging these graves up in order to sterilize history. They must live with this bloody testament. 54 million souls died because of the ambitions of one man.


We on the other hand have Democrats trying to self-sterilize which is about as insincere as one can be.

The Democrats want you to approve of their knocking down memorials and vandalizing Confederate graveyards. They are sterilizing their past on behalf of the down trodden black slave. Yet it was Democrats that wanted captive slaves in the first place. Why don’t Democrats just write some checks to Blackie.

I am hard pressed to see how a Black person with ancestors that were once slaves benefits from this Democratic deception.  It would be akin to the Germans telling the Jews they are going to get rid of all the death camps so everyone could just forget the whole thing. Yeah, there you go… just forget it.


Look at how Trump fumbles with this…

He makes a couple of Tweets about Hate. Nothing articulate nothing intelligent.

But the best of the stupid was the Black CEO of Merck quits the President’s Manufacturing Counsel because Trump failed to renounce White Nationalist.


View image on Twitter

Merck Shareholders should be enraged.

Mr. Frazier, how does quitting a Manufacturing Counsel show you taking a stand against intolerance and extremism?  Actually it shows your True Colors as quite intolerant and extreme. Trump for his fumbling had nothing to do with the events at UVA.  Trump has at best a fifth grader vocabulary and you suddenly expected him to be more articulate?

Mr. Black man please quite pretending to be a paragon of all that is holy.

You are nothing more than a liberal bigot that hates anyone that doesn’t jump on a crusade of liberal causes. You left that phony Counsel because Trump wasn’t lighting that mop of his on fire over some lunatic that drove a car into a crowd.

“Like it or not, the Constitution, not you and not Donald Trump protects all political free speech. It is also our laws not the mob that prosecutes criminal conduct.”  Cash McCall

Even the stuff you don’t like. But you want censorship. You should go to China. Or were you just grandstanding your Blackness?

Frazier has floundered at Merck with flat earnings and flat revenues throughout his tenure. He is a product of Affirmative Action and Trump is a product of Nepotism. Both appear to be useless panderers.

Here is Trump’s childish Tweet threat:


Now that Ken Frazier of Merck Pharma has resigned from President’s Manufacturing Council,he will have more time to LOWER RIPOFF



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