NO MORE BUREAUCRATS IN SPACE! The last thing the Moon and Mars need is Bureaucratic control. In fact, Florida Senator Bill “Braindead” Nelson should be investigated for his payola trip into earth orbit. We need no more stinking Government fingers in space. Quite frankly if SpaceX, Blue Origin, Bigelow Airspace, Virgin Galactic, Boeing, Lockheed Martin can get to the moon and then Mars, then let them claim the planets for themselves. If Russia, China, India or even North Korea get there then take the PRIZE! We have enough garbage on earth from politicians we don’t need to push more of that kind of Space Garbage out there. Let space be free for those bold enough to go there and hold it. CAPTAIN JAMES T KLINGON ORDERS MAN MOON MARS MISSIONS NASA FLORIDA SPACE WELFARE.


This guy is a real intellect. Fifth Grader Vocabulary and second-grade math skills. He can’t even outsmart Kim Jong Un.

Ah NASA… the Good Ship Lollypop in Space. Diversity is our cesspool.

Remember all the smiling diversity waiving from the widows of that clinking, clanking, clattering collection of caliginous junk called the Space Shuttle? Remember Bill Nelson’s mission into Space? He wasn’t an astronaut. He was a freaking politician who kept pouring wasted money into Florida and Houston to preserve his political power. A nitwit would have knowns the Space Shuttle was crap. Werner Von Braun said it was crap and he wanted no part of it. Oh but but but Bill Nelson that phony Florida inbred with his slit eyes and frog face wanted his free ride in the Space Shuttle. This is a guy that hasn’t worked five minutes in the private sector that is worth ten to fifteen million bucks. How’s that happen?

Oh and then we had to have John Glenn in the Space again in the Shuttle. He was another stinking Democrat Politician. His estate should be paying for that free ride. That ride had NO purpose whatsoever. USELESS NASA. USELESS DEMOCRATS!

Here look at this. This is something that NASA could never do. Why should Americans take a step backward with James T. Trump and Bill Nelson’s flying circus of Diversity? 


That was Jeff Bezo’s Blue Origin Rocket and it gets better…


This is Musk and SpaceX landing on a drone barge at sea.

NASA NEVER MASTERED THIS TECHNOLOGY. They were too busy sending that phony politician in space who kept pushing NASA in the wasteful direction of DIVERSITY instead of exploring planets. Now Blowhard Trump wants to go back to the moon with NASA with no money! How bloody inspirational. How bout IVONKA in SPACE? Maybe Barron wants to be an astronaut like Bill Nelson!


What is beautiful about genius in space instead of Bureaucratese is they actually accomplish something.

But but but the Saturn 5 was made by all White Men so it was a SLAVE SHIP IN SPACE! LOL. Diversity gets nuttier and more insane by the second. At this point, the USA is so far behind thanks to Bill Nelson and NASA that it would take years to catch China at this point and possibly could never happen. We are way out of the running in catching Russia. One needs to reframe the way they think of the USA these days. We are essentially MEXIMERICA. We don’t need no stinking manned Space program. America is the leading launcher of space toys and 50% of them fail their missions. Whoops… we forgot the batteries. Whoops…

GM made the blurry Hubble lens. One nutty failure after another. AND NO FREAKNG ACCOUNTABILITY! NASA was a bottomless pit of liberal stupidity! Taxpayers have been footing the bill for NASA for years. This is the intellectual bottom rung feeing off the Taxpayers. At NASA great ideas are crushed and Diversity ideas float like cream to the top of the landfill.


How about Lockheed and Boeing?

Sure they only think about launching secret weapons in space. These are not private companies, they are State Run Defense Firms in which the Taxpayer gets soaked for R&D, Prototyping, Cost Overrides and production shortfalls. No problem because 3 out of 4 Cruise missiles at two million a pop actually launch. What is a 25% fizzle rate to the idiot taxpayer? Taxpayers probably think its a discount! “Oh you mean we get three for the price of four?” Nope. Time to keep the creeps out of space. Time to let the younger Americans have at it instead of the old corrupt Grifters in space.


Nope, let real businesses do this.

They will get better results and be more innovative, more efficient and they will serve something more important than Government and its twisted objective. Government turns everything into the Post Office, AMTRAK, or Obamacare. Take your pick.

Whenever I watch Star Trek and listen to the rules of the Federation of Planets, I realize that science fiction has been bootstrapped to the bottom of the intellectual rung… the politician. Why would anyone brilliant enough to create engines that run on dilithium crystals suspend all reason and give control of those engines to someone like Bill Nelson? That’s science FICTION!

Spock then turns Socialist, “Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” One more statement that we could have all done without! 

So the needs of the guy that invented the dilithium crystal engines are meaningless next to the rifraft politicians that want to go for rides in the Spacecraft at the Taxpayer’s expense. But but but how does this help the taxpayers that foot the bill for this lark in space? So essentially Einstein was a big nothing next to Nixon.










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