IRAN already has the Pentagon slush fund in small untraceable bills.  Trump should love this seedy deal. After watching Trump run his mouth against North Korea and Iran, I think it is pretty obvious that Trump is being outflanked. Laughable because of all Trump’s criticism of Obama, Trump keeps pushing sanctions which clearly don’t work. If Trump alienates IRAN, they can start selling their oil and refined nuclear products to North Korea. China would buy Iranian oil too. BLOWHARD TRUMP LOUDER HE TWEETS FASTER HE CAVES IRAN DEAL APPROVAL GUARANTEED.


Trump continues to threaten military action as his first resort and negotiation tool:

Dozens of countries name Trump as the number one reason why they will  seek out Nuclear weapons. A blowhard is a destabilizing force.  No US President has ever threatened to destroy countries other than Trump. In a very short period of time Trump has soured British, Australian, German, Chinese and Russian relations. The British for one don’t want a thing to do with Trump. That speaks volumes.

The last Blast from Trump was pathetic… “Only one think will work with North Korea….” Then then threat stopped. What’s Trump going to do hold his breath til he turns blue? Then that idiot Maddog Mattis claims the “US Military is ready if diplomacy fails?” Read for what?

Mattis are you ready to put 500,000 troops on the ground in North Korea? Think the South Koreans have a stomach for that? Kim Jong Un’s can field an army of 10 million! So what’s the plan Stan? Is the US stupid enough to attempt a first strike Nuclear attack? Laughable moronic mindless blather.

What is the USA going to do, Strike using air power. Trump couldn’t disable a Syrian Air Base with 49 cruise missiles. You can’t stop North Korea unless you put troops on the ground and stopping them is less likely than stopping North Vietnam.


Bottom line war mongering RINOs there ain’t no military options.

Don’t think for a minute that Kim Jong Un could not get lucky and lob a small nuke at a carrier group. The USA could not retaliate. They would be moving the other carriers out of harms way. Kim Jong Un has the ability to lob a Nuke at South Korea. So don’t press the old rhetoric that North Korea is still at war with South Korea and the USA. North Korea might just believe it and they could in that case legally under provocation of the US breaking the Armistice and hit a North Korean City. There is no winning move here.


Trump has no mandate for this. He wasn’t even elected by a simple majority.

His approval ratings are terrible. Trump got elected on a pack of lies. Not one single election promise has been kept. He renewed Afghanistan now in it’s eleventh year of worthlessness. Oh yeah the big blowhard was going to win that one too.

This is a loudmouth that never served because of heel spurs. His daddy made sure of that lining up multiple doctors and x-rays of somebody’s heel spurs. Who knows. The Draft board never certified any of this garbage as authentic. Trump never showed up for a Military physical. It is a much bigger mystery than Obama’s Birth Certificate. But we all know what this was about… Rich Candy Asses don’t serve. Oh but now he is making up for all by being a threatening blowhard.

64 per cent of independents and 22 per cent of Republicans say they don’t think Trump has the stuff to do anything here but fail. In other words, the Base that Elected Trump now thinks he’s a loser. Whereas an astonishing number of strong Bush supporter applaud Trump’s war mongering. Trump has gone full on RINO!


Stay tuned and get ready for TUMP’s Iran Deal Cave time.

He’s been talking “bigley” for months which means he will of course capitulate. Some negotiator. He’s embarrassing himself… not that such a thing is possible.



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