At least he’s not Trump. Old Liver spots never says anything important. He plays chummy and never any substance. To call Biden a lightweight is vastly more heft than he deserves. With the exception of the three slurpers, Britain, Canada and France, BIDEN was DOA with his European Malarkey G7 Tour.

The basic “BIDEN PLAN” was to elicit the G7 to cooperate in kneecapping China, and of course, helping the USA to remain on top calling the shots. That sentiment met with a giggle for when the next Trump arrives in the only G7 nation with a history of slavery.

Biden uses words like “compete” when all he is offering is protectionism and virtue signaling.

“Don’t buy those Cheap tires from China when you could buy tires that cost double and are of lesser quality but support local unions.” Biden’s concept is that industry should be an extension of the welfare office. And consumers should pay more for everything. That BBQ is not selling.

The G7 is in bad shape:

Britain and the EU are heading to a trade war. Italy will be the next EU crash dummy economy. Canada destroyed by Trump tariffs, and coming back to Biden like an Abused Child under Foster Care.

Obama did not endorse Biden in 2016. Obama regarded Biden as simply not up to the job. 

Biden has proven Obama was right. Biden has no plan. He is just pushing the old sausage of US imperialism and using the false flags of demonizing China to sell his protectionist views. Britain left the EU to get out of the protectionist racket. Don’t forget the USA hooked Britain into the IRAC war in search of Weapons of Mass Destruction. Britain has played the role of the Duped Clown long enough. British are not interested in a Trade War with China or or any further engagements as Bobby of the World. 

With Biden there has been a sort of deafening politeness following Trump the US Failed Experiment and historic exploding cigar.

But don’t read this as approval. Biden does not inspire leadership. The only thing important about him is that he is not Trump. Don’t say…”Give the guy a chance.” Biden has been the most uninspiring career politician in America. For the Corporation state, Biden has been flatly useless. He has been a total nothing for the last 60 years. He is a placeholder for the next Trumper. 

Biden is Economic and Leadership Malarkey. 


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